December 2, 2022

Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Part 1] (18+)

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Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Part 1] (18+)

“Bang!!!!!! Crash!!!! Crash!!!!!!!!!

The sound of metal crashing into metal partially brought me awake from the drink-induced euphoria I was currently in. I felt my entire body shaken violently as I was tossed from my husband’s lap back into my seat, all thanks to the seat belt my husband had insisted I don’t take off as I was going about my shenanigans of playing with his dick.

“Argggggg’ I groaned as I felt a slight tremor of pain run through my legs. But I was still giggling despite the pain as I licked the remnant of salty, sweet cum splattered all over my nose and chin. 

I felt a cold draft of air on my upper body which was naked with my full 48DD boobs displayed in their full glory. My short dress was hitched up to my waist in a bunch.

I felt hands on my body as I was roughly dragged out of the car and dumped by the roadside. I was still giggling in my tipsy stage as I watched some men in uniform drag my husband out of our car and give him slap after resounding slap. 

It finally registered in my drunk brain that my husband was being beaten by these guys. I made efforts to stand up and go to him but faltered as I tottered on my extremely high heels and fell back on my naked butt.

I heard voices, my husband’s and those men’s but could not really make head or tail of what I was hearing. Then I felt dragged up by a rough hand and with a little more clarity saw my husband being shoved into a police van with cuffs on his hands. I was dragged along to the van and that was when I noticed that our car had crashed into it. 

The back was bashed in completely and all I could do was giggle and belch out stale beer.

“Ashawo!!!!!!’ I heard one of the guys shout at me “you were busy fucking yourselves while driving and smashed into us. We will deal with you today. Stupid civilians”

‘No sir, please. She’s not an ashawo sir, she’s my wife’ I heard my husband pleading as I was tossed on the seat beside him in the van 

“We are sorry please”.

“Shut up! She’s your wife dressed like this? No bra, no pant? And you couldn’t go and fuck in your house but in a car?” the policeman shouted back at my husband.

‘hehehehehehehehe, we are shorrry sha! I lisped drunkenly at the policeman while unconsciously shoving my hard nipples into his face. His eyes widened as he looked at me lustfully. I watched as he slammed the door in my face and then all was silent except for my giggling and my husband trying to pull up my dress in his cuffed state. Something that was proving impossible to do as I wasn’t helping issues.

I was drowsing off on my husband’s lap when I felt rough hands grab and drag me out of the car. 

‘Leave her alone!’ I heard Tunde scream, trying to follow me out but he was forcefully shoved back. Me, I didn’t have a care in the world as I was pushed to the hood of the car and my legs pushed apart without any ceremony. 

I felt one of the guys grab my taut nipples and I tried to push his hands away because despite the fog in my brain, I still knew he wasn’t Tunde, my husband, whom I could hear screaming loudly in the back of the police van as he could clearly see what was about to happen.


The guy slapped me twice and twisted me around again, binding my hands behind my back. Trying to struggle to no avail, he slapped me again letting me go almost unconscious. I watched, weakly as the drunken fog had almost dissipated after the successive slaps, in horror as the man in the black uniform, spread my legs and I saw one guy each holding each leg in their hands like a vice. 


That was when I noticed that they were many, at least six. I tried screaming but felt a dirty rag shoved into my mouth. The night was pitch black and it must have been way past midnight as we left the club a little before midnight. 

I was like an animal led to slaughter as I was spread-eagled on the hood of the car but couldn’t even squeal because of the rag in my mouth. The guy mauling my boobs tore off the skimpy lycra dress that was already bunched at my waist and shoved his fingers deep inside my surprisingly wet pussy. 


I screamed but no sound could escape the gag. I was helpless, mascara running, and wincing with every rapid shove of his fingers deeper and deeper into my twat. 

The by now hoarse voice of my husband coupled with my panting was the only noise on that dark lonely road.

‘hahahahaha’ his companions laughed as he played with my exposed body. Biting down on my nipples with his fingers still buried inside me, moving in all the crevices of my inner body. My eyes pleaded with him to stop but my body was reacting differently, with my pelvis raising to meet his hands each time he withdraws it.

‘Abeg fuck the ashawo quick, my prick wan burst’ one of the guys holding my legs urged.

I could do nothing as the guy withdrew his fingers from my pussy and undid his belt and trousers, revealing a thick long cock that despite my helpless state, I eyed greedily. He then removed a condom, tore it off and slipped it over his thick manhood. 

This made me sigh in relief as I had been apprehensive about being fucked without protection.


He then slipped his thick prick inside my wet welcoming pussy. Without much ado he began to pump away on me, while pinching and twerking my taut nipples round and round his thumb and forefingers, making them harder and more erect than steel. 

I was still sobbing and trying to keep my composure from the throbbing prick inside of me. This was proving difficult since the cock was reaching places that were sending signals of pleasure inside my brain. 

Slowly, my facial expressions began to change. My sobbing became panting beneath the gag. Instead of tensing and trying to pull away from the cock, I slowly started to lift my pelvis to help the cock inside me. 

The cock was doing unimaginable sweet things to me and I started to roll my head back in ecstasy as the hard cock buried inside me deeper and deeper.

I started moaning behind the gag as pleasure invaded my body. The shouts of my husband had receded to a faint murmuring at the very back of my mind. I could no longer think rationally as the only thought I had was that of the cock in my throbbing pussy and the need to explode that was rapidly trying to overpower me. 


I felt the guy pounding into me increase his pace as he slammed into me faster and faster causing my overripe boobs to jiggle and bound all over the place and the sound of bodies slamming into the hood of the car could be heard. 

I was also close to erupting when suddenly, I felt him tense inside me. 

‘Please let me cum too’ I pleaded in my mind but no, as with one more quick thrust he came with a giant moan, then lay still on me.

I almost cried from the frustration of being almost there but not getting there. I groaned in frustration. Soon the guy was done and got off me.

Without wasting time, another of the policemen took his place and soon I was again screaming inside the gag as my pussy was again pounded mercilessly. 

This second guy’s dick was thick but not as long as the first and while he couldn’t reach as deeply as the first, his girth made up for the deficiency as it felt as if I was stuffed down there with a thick cucumber. 

Because I almost came the first time, it didn’t take long for me to climb to cloud seven with this new guy pounding inside me. My body arched like a bow as my climax hit me and I almost threw him off. 

I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life.

The policeman fucking me looked at my flushed face and an evil smile split his lips as he leaned forward and removed the gag causing me to cough as I was in the throes of my orgasm.

‘You won’t scream, right? He asked

I nodded feebly, knowing he knew I would scream, but from pleasure

He then motioned the other guys to let go of my hands and legs and then continued banging into me unceremoniously.  

I got wetter and wetter and the only sound one could hear was the slapping and sucking of our joined bodies. my eyes were closed and my head moved from side to side as I started to grind back into his monster cock. 

He picked up his tempo digging into me faster and harder and I unconsciously grabbed him around the back and wrapped her legs around his waist. As he drove deeper and deeper into me I moaned and groaned unto his uniform 

“Uhggggggg! Uhggggggggggg! Uhggggggggg! Oohhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Knowing I was getting into it…he started thrusting his cock at different angles, even stretching it out further. This only heightened my humping as I  started yelling, 

“Oh yeah! Oh! Oh! Oh! This feels so good! Fuck me! Fuck me! Use me!!!!”

My words seemed to urge him on as his fucking increased and he couldn’t hold back as he thrust for the last time. As he came, with a deep voice, through the ecstasy he muttered, 

“Yeah take it bitch take it all.” This felt like a trigger as another giant cum hit me and I screamed out, my body lurched into a spasm and I experienced an earth-shattering orgasm. Just at that moment, he gave a final push into my cunt and I could see his cock swelling as he dumped all of his cum into the rubber he had put on earlier. 

Without much ado, the second guy hopped off my still trembling body as the next guy took his place. Raising my head, that was when I saw that my husband was standing beside the car, still in cuffs but with a gun pointed at his head by the first guy that fucked me. 

I turned my eyes away in shame that my husband would have seen my unrestrained reaction to the fucking I just received.

‘hahahahahahaha’ the guy that just got off me laughed while buckling his belt back on 

‘Your wife is such a good fuck. No wonder you lost control of the car and hit us. Don’t worry, we will help you fuck her good. Hahahahahaha’.

If I could turn red with shame, I would have but my body was already betraying me again as one after the other, the policemen took turns using my willing body. I had orgasm after orgasm as my voice turned hoarse from all the screaming I was doing. 

Soon it was the turn of the last guy and he did something that forever changed the course of our marriage and my life.

‘Suck my dick’ says this big tall policeman as he pulls me down from the hood of the van and shoves me on my knees while unzipping his trousers. 

I was by now a mindless cum dump lost in my world of fuck. One of the biggest and longest cock I’ve ever seen sprang out of its confined and slapped me in the face. The cap was thick and glistening and I greedily licked my lips. 

I like sucking dick and had been wishing I could suck the guys off. My mind had been broken by the endless fuck I had received and the fact that my husband was still standing and being forced to watch was completely lost to me.

Like a robot, I flicked my tongue across the cap of the monster in front of me, greedily licking the delicious precum that oozed out of the mamba. He groaned and pulled my head closer, as my mouth wrapped round the cap, licking and sucking greedily. 

After a couple of minutes of sucking on the cap and licking the cock from cap to base, the guy grew impatient and just shoved his cock down my throat! I almost choked but luckily, it wasn’t my first-time deep-throating, so I worked my throat muscles on the cock and sucked for all I was worth. 

Soon I unconsciously had my own fingers inside my pussy as I sucked up and down on the cock in my throat. The guy responded my face fucking me harder and faster and soon I heard grunts and felt the cock growing bigger and knew he was getting closer to cumming. 

I sucked harder but my head was unceremoniously yanked away as the guy dislodged his hard cock from my mouth.

I watched mutely, panting as my own orgasm was also close before the stoppage. The guy turned me around and pushed my chest on the tarmac. It was obvious he wanted a doggie and I willingly obliged. I’m a doggie slut!

With my ass in the air, my knees spread and my ample boobs pressed down on the cold tarmac, this guy unceremoniously shoved his huge unprotected cock deep inside my wanton pussy!

‘Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!’ I screamed as I felt it reach deeper than any cock had ever reached in my life! I mewled with pleasure. 

My elastic cunt spread wider than ever it had before, the silky flesh of the tube straining to absorb the giant girth of the object pushing into it. 

The cop rubbed his hands over my widely parted buttocks. At last, the entire length of his cock lay deep within me. I was panting as it felt like someone had stuck a thick rod inside my love canal. 

His fat, heavy balls, the size of tennis balls, hung low beneath his crotch, resting against my thighs almost to my knees as his manhood shaft laid enfolded in the fiery heat and crushing embrace of my greedy pussy.

He slowly pulled his monster cock back, retreating only a few inches as it felt like a fire was lite inside of me. He pushed forward again, then retreated. Slowly he built up his speed as my cunt muscles surrendered beneath his ferocity.

He humped faster and faster into me, his hands now moving more freely across my soft skin. 

My head fell back and I groaned as the giant fucking me picked up the pace. His enormous cock was thudding down into the end of my cunt-pit with tremendous force, my clit was being buzzed furiously by the thickness of the cock driving over it, my cunt was being ploughed, skewered.

My belly, already cramping and fluttering with the deep and thick penetration, resumed its sensuous dance as my already dazed mind suffered under new assaults of feverish need. I was shaking and trembling as he drove into me with increased movement. I was at the mercy of the cock and its movement was controlling my every action, every thought. 

I was a mindless doll controlled by that fiery hose inside of me. 

Then a minor orgasm swept through me, leaving me breathless. Instead of calming me, down it merely stoked the fires higher. I was burning up with sexual fever, my body bubbling and boiling as my nerve endings twisted and quivered.

A second orgasm hit me, wrenching my reality and making me cry out at its sudden shocking force. My body shook and trembled, and my ass actually pushed back against the monster prong fucking me. I clutched the hard floor, looking for a form of support, seeking an anchor to reality.

My body convulsed and I howled in torment and pleasure. A fireball of sexual ecstasy exploded in my lower belly, sending hot steaming pussy juice shooting out into my body. 

The cop’s fingers hauled me upwards, lifting me off the hard tarmac and carrying me across to the sand by the side of the road. I was dropped back down onto my knees again, and the deep fucking continued, with even more force. 

Now the cop’s fingers, which totally encircled my waist, pulled me back against the rod fucking me.

My body was jerked back and forth like a rag doll, my head flying up and down with the sudden changes in direction, my boobs whipping back and forth. Spit drooled out of my gaping mouth as I stared at multi-colored lights bursting before my eyes.


Another huge cum exploded from me again, my entire body burned by seemingly hot lava, blasting through me. Sexual electricity ripped up and down my spine, causing muscle convulsions. my back arched, causing the cock inside me to slide another inch deeper. 

I then began to bounce up and down wildly.

Something huge and hard and heavy was slamming into my buttocks with terrible force, but the feeling was hardly noticeable beneath the impaling power of the mighty cock within me. I felt hands whip around my boobs, then squeezed them with an awful force and pinch the nipples hard, making me screech in pleasure.

My chest exploded with agony and ecstasy, my boobs burning and throbbing and rippling with sexual electricity. His fingers caught my nipples and twisted them, pulling them downwards, and distorting my boobs. 

The nipples were stretched out way beyond my boobs, rubbing against the rags beneath me, sending me over the wall in ecstasy.

Then I came again, the top of my head blowing off as my body flailed and writhed and danced in madness. My head lashed from side to side and my entire nervous system screamed and flared out. 

Then, just before I lost consciousness, I felt an immense flood of liquids gushing into my cervix. I knew it was his cum directly in my body but I received it happily.

I came to, sprawled on the rags with puddles of cum below me and dried cum running down my thighs. My nipples ached but my pussy had a nice tingle to it and I felt full, really full. 

I stretched lustfully and opened my eyes only to feel the cold hard stare of Tunde, my husband.

Written by Vixen Banks


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