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July 11, 2020
Unspoken Desires : Jennifer’s Story III (18+)

Unspoken Desires : Jennifer’s Story III (18+)

(The real identities of the authors have been changed to protect the writer but the stories are real)
Susan was a 2nd year Biochemistry student in the faculty when I first met her. My course mates were having a lecture in a particular lecture hell I didn’t know about since I was a newbie.

I had already stumbled into two lectures that weren’t meant for me that morning and had just stumbled into the third. The lecture hall was not enough for the students as there were even more standing than those sitting. She was the closest person standing next to me so I tapped her and asked her what lecture was being held there.

She smiled at me and suddenly I felt a flutter in my stomach. She had such a gracious smile, she left the hall to come speak to me outside. She asked my name, I told her. She asked my department and level and I told her, wondering why she needed all that information to tell me what lecture was being held in that hall.

She smiled again and told me that 1st year students hardly had any lectures in the faculty building. Most of our lectures were held in the ETF building which was almost at the other end of the campus. I gave up on going for the lecture altogether, instead of Susan to go back into the hall she decided to shun the lecture and give me a personal tour of the campus, showing me all the buildings and telling me their real names and their short or abbreviated names.

I kept my eyes on her lips while she talked. They were not so full but not so small, just perfect. Her lips reminded me of Chi, my school mother. They both half-smiled with the left side of their lips… their chubby cheeks revealing a beautiful dimple.

I suddenly felt an urge to stop her in her tracks and plant a kiss on her lips like I’d done with Chi. My heart pumped erratically for a moment and I thought I actually would. I somehow managed to keep my lips to myself. I wasn’t even sure if she was into girls like I was. What if she hated lesbians? What if she was one of those girls I had heard about who reportedly ganged up on a couple of girls having sex and beat them with slippers and belts?

I walked around with Susan for a little more than an hour before she asked me what If I would like to go get lunch. I looked at her skeptically and asked her why she was being so nice to me.

She told me it was because I was a newbie and she was bored.  That in fact, I had in a way rescued her from that very boring lecture. I laughed, I told her I would like to go get lunch. And we did. That first lunch together marked the beginning of the long friendship we had together.

Susan treated me like a sister, the more time we spent together endeared me even more towards her. She’d never told me about a boyfriend or a girlfriend and I had chosen not to ask. She had never asked me about my love life and I had never bothered to tell.

One day, when I went to visit her and saw a guy in her apartment. He sat on the only available chair while she sat on the bed with her legs crossed and her stuffed teddy held between her folded hands. She was casually dressed, in a t-shirt and kneelength shorts, and she talked with easiness. I gestured to her that I’d be in the kitchen even though I eavesdropped on everything they were talking about. The dude’s name was Danny and he’d been asking her out since first year. Susan told him she’d always liked him like a friend and could never feel anything more than that for him and begged him to understand.

I was giggling when I heard the way she pleaded with him. In a way I felt sorry for Danny, even though I shouldn’t be seeing as he was trying to take away something from me while I was there thinking I heard Susan say there was someone else she had fallen in love with and there was no space in her heart for him. I stood there thinking about her words. She had fallen in love with someone else? Who could the guy be? Probably one of her course mates. I made a mental note to ask her when Danny left since she’d obviously wanted me to hear it.

Susan joined me in the kitchen and we both prepared semo with egusi soup and ate while we sat down at the small kitchen table. She’d been telling me about Danny and how good he was at Chemistry and how he’d been coaching her in a course she’d never really liked but she could never date him because she had no feelings towards him.

I took the opportunity to ask about the person she’d told him she’d fallen in love with. She paused in mid-chew, her eyes fixed on her plate of egusi soup. I frowned and observed her, a moment of silence passed between us and I could hear my heart beating faster than usual. Finally, she looked up at me and smiled her usual half-smile. She told me it was someone special and she would tell me later. I asked her to at least tell me if ‘he’ was one of her coursemates. Susan got up, picked her  dishes and went to the sink. She put on the tap before asking me this question.

“What makes you think it’s a guy?”

I literally felt my heart explode within my chest. My whole body suddenly became so hot, the delicious plate of Egusi soup before me suddenly became so disgusting. The only appealing thing to me right now was Susan washing her dishes in the sink wearing a t-shirt and jean shorts that showed of her wonderful butt. I didn’t even know what to say. Susan realizing what she must have done to me with her last question turned and said to me.

“Jenny. You don’t have to keep it a secret with me anymore. I’ve seen the way you look at me and I know the way you feel about me.  I want to tell you that I feel the same about you too.”

I felt a tingling between my legs as she spoke those words. I couldn’t even utter  a word, I just stood up, walked quickly to where she stood and kissed her deeply. I didn’t care that my hands were soiled, or that both our mouths tasted of soup. I kissed her so deeply.

She held me so tight and returned my kisses, her tongue finding mine and our breasts crushing into each other. Susan suddenly swung me around and made me rest on the edge of the sink while she used her hands to drag my skirt up. Her fingers were quick and before I could gasp they were already pushing my underwear to the side and fondling my pussy. She kissed me while she finger fucked me with her middle finger.

I gasped with each thrust of her hand. Her tongue was deep in my mouth. Her other hand holding my hair. I’d looked at Susan all this time as a gentle lady who when making love would be gentle and slow but she was nothing like I’d expected. She quickly dropped to her knees, placed my left leg over her shoulder and proceeded to eat me out like I’d never been eaten before. Her tongue went deep inside me, slurping at the juices that oozed out of my pussy. I felt my knees weaken and felt droplets of tears on my cheeks. It felt so damn good. I wished she would never stop. She stood and told me that she wanted us to go to her bedroom. I nodded my head, still unable to mutter any words. I finally got to wash my hands when we both showered in her bathroom. She stooped once more to eat me out again, and I came again.

She took me to her bed and made me lie down, then she asked me if I’d ever been fucked by a guy before. I remembered Christian and the many times he almost put himself inside of me but I refused for fear of the pain that came with losing my virginity.

Susan reached under her bed and withdrew a small box. She opened the box and my eyes widened. Inside that box were dildos of different kinds which I’d only seen in porn videos. I felt a moment of fear but Susan assured me that the pleasure it would give was quite worth more than the pain, she picked a small one, which she called a vibrator, switched it on and put it on my navel. i felt a sensation that I’d never felt before and my whole body shivered. Then she took it up my body and between my boobs. She got to my neck and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed her hand and directed her back downwards towards my waiting pussy.

The moment the machine brushed past my clit I jerked my waist forward and screamed. Susan used the vibrator on my pussy even more and I came. My pussy leaking with so much wetness. She slowly guided it into me and while my whole body vibrated from pleasure she broke my hymen. I didn’t feel any pain at all. My whole being was still feeling the aftereffects of my orgasm that I didn’t notice. After a while of catching my breath It was time for me to do to Susan all she’d done to me.

First I ate her pussy for all of ten minutes before using the long dildo on her, fucking her while I sucked hard on her nipples. Susan cried while she came. She screamed my name and told me that she loved me.

After that night we became secret lovers. Secret because lesbianism was a crime in the school and anybody caught in the act was either disgraced, raped, half-beaten to death or expelled. Christian kept disturbing me and wanted to know who it was that was my boyfriend that had snatched me away from him. I smiled and never told him the truth because it was one he wouldn’t ever understand. I still felt something for him but I could never bring myself to letting him stick his dick inside of me.

My pussy was for Susan until she either found someone else or decided she wanted to get married, the funniest thing happened when I finally ended up marrying Christian and cheated on him with his sister.

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