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April 21, 2021

Unspoken Desires : Jennifer’s Story (18+)
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Unspoken Desires : Jennifer’s Story (18+)

(The real identities of the authors have been changed to protect the writer but the stories are real)

I have always liked girls more than I like boys. Ever since when I was in Basic five back then in St. Bridget’s primary school and my best friend Shola kissed me. It had lasted just two seconds but I can still remember the brush of her lips on mine. I wasn’t sure what had happened but I liked Shola so much as a friend back then and whatever she did, or told me to do, I would gladly do it.

We did almost everything together. Played ‘ten-ten’ and other girly extracurricular activities that was allowed by the school. Shola also liked me very much as she bought sweets and biscuits and shared them with me during break periods. We were such close friends that it really pained me so much when it was time to go to Secondary school and I realized that her parents had engineered for her to go to the Federal Government Girl’s College in her state while my Dad made me go to some boarding school. I cried so much on the last day of school. Shola cried too and told me that she would try to keep in contact with me. We were just kids but it felt like we’d known each other for eternity.

I never liked boarding school. Mostly because I hated the boarding uniform I had to wear all week. Asides that, it really wasn’t a terrible place. The proprietor was a short, burly man with a moustache who liked to make us laugh. He could also be very stern when he needed to be. The teachers always tried to be nice towards us. The housemasters were not as nice. They made us do more labour than we needed to. I particularly hated my first three years in boarding school. The senior students treated us like shit most of the time, making us do stuff like fetch their water or wash their clothes. But I didn’t get to suffer that fate because I had a school mother. Chidinma or Senior Chi, as I fondly called her, found me one day sobbing at the back of a classroom during my newbie days. I had remembered the friendship I had with Shola and realized how much I missed it. The thoughts had brought real tears to my eyes. But when Chi asked what was wrong I told her I was homesick and didn’t like the way the seniors treated me. She asked me my name and I told her. She told me my name was beautiful, and told me to stop crying. She gave me her hand and told me that as from that day she would be my mother in school since I missed my mother back at home. I told her that my mother died when I was a child. Her face suddenly changed and she told me that she lost her mother two years ago. I could feel a bond between us that had suddenly been formed just by the fact that we both shared thus motherless fate.

Another sad moment for me in this life was when Chi got to SS3 while I was in JS3. She’d written the WAEC and NECO exams and it was time to leave secondary school. I spent nearly all day with her. We spent most of that time sharing different stories about ourselves.

She told me about all the SS3 and even some SS2 boys who had been clamouring for her attention. She made fun about them and made me laugh. And after I had laughed, I began to cry again because she was going to be leaving me. She held me in her arms, my head resting on her breasts with my arms around her waist.

As I sobbed I inhaled her sweet fragrance, she smelled so nice. She was wearing just a t-shirt and bumshorts, exposing the full length of her thighs to her legs. Her skin was flawless, she was a shade darker in complexion than me but her beauty was one that I remember to this day as like that of a goddess.

I didn’t want to let go of her.

I told her that I would go with her or kill myself if I couldn’t, she laughed and told me not to say such a thing, then she held my face in her hands and looked me straight into the eye. I was 13, although I looked much older than my age. She was 17 and she reminded me of Shola. And right then, without thinking, I kissed her on her lips.

It lasted a bit more than 2 seconds but I didn’t care. Chi looked at me, surprised, she didn’t expect that, I apologised. She asked me if I liked any boys in my class. I told her all the boys in my class disgusted me. She asked if I liked any girls. I gave her three names. It was then that she realized but she was in SS3 and was leaving. She’d been giving me advice on how to deal with boys for 3 years and now she just found out that I didn’t really like boys.

Two years later, I was in SS2, and Hannah, one of the girls in my class and I had become somewhat fond of each other. It had taken me a while to get used to Chi not being around as she’d been my only friend. I opened up a bit to Hannah and we became a pair.

We talked together, went to classes together, read together and even bathed together. Once we were both naked in the bathroom as we prepared for school when Hannah told me my boobs were so full and pretty and they made her jealous. Her boobs were okay but mine were in the early stages of being Double Ds. I told her that I loved the curve of her inner-thighs and wish mine were like hers, she laughed and asked why since nobody could notice that with her clothes on. I couldn’t answer then Hannah grabbed my buttocks and said that the only things boys loved to see are boobs and ass and girls who had them were goddesses in their eyes.

All I could think of was her hand on my buttocks. I felt my body shiver a little bit and hoped she didn’t notice. I had no idea that she had done that deliberately until later when I realized how she kept touching me at every opportunity she got. She would brush her hands on my boobs, or place them on my bared lap. I pretended not to notice and secretly enjoyed these slight touches. Until one night…

It had rained all day and the skies were still filled with thunderstorms. Everywhere was cold and the students slept with blankets.

I lay in my bed fully awake as I hated thunderstorms and lightning, anticipating the unexpected roar of the next thunder. As I lay there, I sensed a movement towards me then my eye caught something in white moving in the darkness and suddenly I was scared. All the stories of bad things that happened to girls in boarding schools suddenly filled my head but it was Hannah and not some evil spirit from a folklore. She told me that she lost her blanket and wondered if she could share mine with me for that night. I hesitated for a bit, so she would feel I was thinking about it when I knew there was nothing to think about.

I moved to a side and she joined in. It was a small bed and the only way we could lie comfortably on it was if we spooned each other. We both lay on our left sides and since it was my bed and I was taller I spooned her and used the blanket to cover the both of us. She thanked me, I told her she didn’t need to.

The thunders kept roaring and the rain resumed once more. Hannah had shampooed her hair that evening and it smelled nice. Her small bum was in my crotch, my arm around her. I wondered if she was sleeping. I wondered what it would feel like to run my right hand down her body into her crotch and place my fingers in between her thighs.

Suddenly, I felt aroused. I’d never been like that with a lady before. I felt my heart pounding. I felt my nipples hardening… and Hannah felt that too. And just like I’d suspected, Hannah began to move. Slowly, Her right hand went under the blanket, she reached for me beneath the blanket. Her hand caressing my legs softly before going upwards and finding my panties.

The touch of her hand on me made me gasp, she fondled me softly. One finger shifted my panties to a side as she expertly placed another on my pussy lips. Slowly caressing, before slipping it. I felt so wet all of a sudden.

I wanted more.

I placed my hand on her boobs and squeezed. She moaned slightly, Hannah’s fingers were playing with my clitoris and fucking me at the same time and I felt my hips moving to her touch. She increased the speed of her hands and I felt my body shiver, not from the cold, but from the pleasure.

I raised my right leg and placed it over hers, giving her more room to do what she was doing. I could feel a sensation coming over me and I didn’t want it to stop, Hannah suddenly stopped.

I wondered why she did, then I heard the sound. Someone else was awake and walking around. In my state of desire I had become deaf to the roar of the thunder and the drumming of the rain on the roof. We both lay as still as we could. Hannah slowly withdrew her hand from my crotch while I withdrew mine from her boobs. Hannah giggled, and so did I.

None of us wanted to get caught doing the thing that had gotten two girls expelled last week.

The next day Hannah and I decided to take a stroll just by ourselves and we found a very secluded part of the school where we were quite sure no one would find us. Hannah grabbed me and kissed me.

She kissed me with her lips, her tongue and even her teeth. She told me she had wanted to kiss me since we were in JS3. I returned her kisses and just as I thought the kissing had satisfied me Hannah dropped to her knees in seconds and was under my skirt.

To be continued…

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