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April 17, 2021

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The Unexpected (18+)


Its christmas eve and to celebrate this, I have gotten one of the best erotica writers in this part of the world to entertain us.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Dame Valuta, here is her blog

Please enjoy, and lastly from all of us here, Merry Christmas


He smiled.

She watched him from the 2nd floor as he smiled at something his friend said.

Then he laughed…

The kind of laughter that made him throw back his head in mindless mirth. She loved the way he laughed. Watching him from a hidden corner of her hotel room window, she mused about her feelings for him. They had been childhood friends. They’d attended the same Primary and secondary school but lost contact after that. She attended Ife while he traveled out of the country for his degree. A few of their secondary school friends like Sophie and Broba kept in touch with him and naturally, when Broba wanted to get married, he was invited.

Now, lodged in the hotel that Broba had booked for her wedding guests, Rita watched him with a passion that had morphed from a childhood crush to fiery lust. The years had changed him drastically. He used to be wiry, energetic little boy. Now he was all 6feet 2 of manly hotness with a body that promised sweaty passion-filled moments. Suddenly he looked up and stared at her window; as if aware that he was being watched. She stepped back swiftly, making sure not to disturb the curtains lest he saw her in all her voyeuristic splendor.

With a wistful sigh, she stepped away from the window and walked into her bathroom to run a warm bath. She striped off her dress, bra and panties and tossed them on the floor carelessly before sinking into the warmth of the water. Soaking in soapy bubbles, Rita leaned back with a contented sigh. The last few days had been hectic. There had been Broba’s traditional wedding followed by a bachelorette the next day and of course the White wedding and reception. It had been 5 days of endless activities; music, food and of course alcohol. She had met up with old friends from secondary school, did loads of catch-ups and exchanged numbers with endless people. All she wanted to do now was close her eyes for a bit, day-dream and SLEEP. Mercifully, the water was so soothing that she fell sleep almost immediately.

A knock jolted her awake. It came in an usual rap-rap-rap form. Rita sat up in the now tepid water, trying to listen for the knock again to ensure it was at her door. The knock came almost immediately; this time the rapping was a tad frantic. She tied a towel around her naked body and headed for the entrance door with a puzzled frown. She wondered who it was because she didn’t remember inviting anyone. To be sure it wasn’t a drunk guest from the reception, she peeked through the peephole and drew back in shock. He was at her door, looking confident, cool and impatient. Rita’s heart beat faster. She was confused. She wondered what he wanted. In all her years of knowing him, he had barely acknowledged her. Sure, they’d exchanged the occasional polite greetings but they’d never had a conversation in the 5 days they’d been lodged at this hotel. His third knock was louder and startled her like a rabbit. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

He stood at the door and stared into her eyes with a mesmerizing force that made her take two steps back. Her breathing stopped momentarily. She’s afraid to make a sound; afraid to break the gaze… afraid of what he’d come to say. He didn’t smile but his hands reached for her; pulling her close till their lips almost brush. With one swift kick from him, the door slams shut and she jumped at the unexpectedness. She was suddenly so flighty and cold as a shiver coursed through her.

What did he want and why was he looking at her this way?

As if to calm her, his lips cover hers, seeking out her tongue and tasting the sweetness of her mouth. A soft kiss which rapidly flared into crushing need. Strangely, she didn’t want the kiss the end. It was all she’d hoped his kiss would be; sweet, tender & incredibly erotic. He pushed her towards the bed, yanking away the towel and glancing at her naked body briefly before his eyes return to her face. Not breaking his gaze, he began to undress, tossing his jeans, shirt and inner shirt on the floor. She looked down at his boxers, her eyes clouded with need. his bulge seemed huge and she yearned to reach out and touch it… feel its weight in her palm. He anticipated her need and slowly pulled his boxers down. His dick was humongous! The sight of it in all its throbbing glory made her madly wet. With him, Rita realized that she don’t need fore-play. Her pussy was a willing waterfall. A condom appeared from nowhere and he slipped it on. Her breathing became shallow as excitement made her giddy with need.

He spread her thighs apart and kneeled between them… glancing down briefly to gaze at her pussy. The sight before him was obviously pleasing because his eyes darkened. Her cunt was wet and glistening and her tiny little clit pulsated furiously. His breath quickened and his hand shook slightly as he slowly slid his dick into her; pushing into her inch by inch… his size making her clench and winch is a delicious combo of pleasure and pain. a moan escaped her as his full length disappeared into her. He paused and stared into her eyes, not moving… giving her pussy a chance to get accustomed to his size. she arched her back, lifting her butt slightly and taking him deeper. His groan at her movement was involuntary.

He began to thrust slowly, stroking her pussy in and out, till her cunt juice made his dick glisten. He leaned forward and fastened his lips over one of her engorged nipple, sucking and teasing it as his thrusts increased increase in tempo and precision. She spread her legs wider and grabbed his arm for support, urging him on with the movement of her hips.

God! She loved the way he fucked her.

He stopped thrusting and she moaned in protest. Placing her legs on his shoulders, he entered her again, this time roughly. She moaned aloud, clenched her pussy muscles and entrapped his dick in a vice-like grip. His grunt told her that he liked her pussy grip.

“I’m gonna give it to you hard… just let me know if I’m hurting you…”

Her response was another firm grip as his dick, then the pounding began. He fucked her so fast that she felt his dick hit her uterus and made her scream out loud. Her grip shifted from his arms to his firm masculine butt, pushing him deep into her till his pelvis grazed her clit-knob. He tried to quell her screams with a kiss, but couldn’t. He thrust into her with a force she found humanly impossible and felt her climax zoom close. She began to buck under him, lifting her butt to meet his thrust as they came pounding down on her. Suddenly, he stopped and pulled out of her, breathing hard. The condom had burst. he looked down as his frantically throbbing dick and removed the torn piece of protection. Rita was disappointed at the interruption.

“Shit! The condom broke. No wonder it was so damned sweet. I almost came inside you…”

The sight of his glistening, throbbing dick was too much for her to bear.

“Don’t you have another condom?” she asked him desperately.

“No. I only came up here with one.” He sounded disappointed. Rita panicked.

He’s going to leave me high and dry… he’s not going to fuck me without a condom. Oh, my, God!

“You know what? Fuck it men!”

With those words, he entered her unexpectedly. The feel of his raw dick inside her pussy was inexplicable. The sensation drove them mad. he fucked her hard and fast, groaning as he felt her pussy walls engulf his dick over and over with every thrust. She began to shake and he knew she was going to cum.

“Oh Rita… I don’t wanna stop fucking you… damn!”

“Fuck me… fuck me harder baby… fill me up with cum…”

Her breathless words drove him nuts and his thrusts became so furious that she screamed out as her orgasm burst forth.

“Chuxx, oh baby… I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum…. I’m gonna fucking cum!”

He pushed in deep and shot cum into her; filling her with his warm, creamy goo. They climaxed together; his groans mixing with her moans. He lay on top of her, panting and almost knocking the wind out of her with his weight. she could barely protest because her pussy was still tingling with release. They lay there together, trying to catch their breath.

After a few minutes, he lifted himself up on his forearms and kissed her passionately. She ran her fingers across his back playfully as she submitted to his kiss.

“The last 5 days have been hell. I tried hard to stay away but today, I couldn’t.” he said.

She was surprised. She had no idea he even thought of her. He always acted so aloof and indifferent whenever they were in close proximity.

“I’ve fucked you a million times in my thoughts and it was always an experience; but nothing beats fucking you for real. Its mind-boggling and I wanna fuck you every second… every chance I get.”

His words are like an aphrodisiac. She felt a need bubbling down below as a sudden heat engulfed her pussy. She suddenly wanted his dick to pummel her pussy again. Her nipples tightened to buds. Her inner nympho was out to play and she hoped he would be her willing playmate. He noticed her eyes darken with passion. He reached down and touched her pussy.

“Fuck, you’re wet…. so deliciously wet.” he said in a hoarse voice.

Pulling her ass towards his dick, spoon position, he pushed open her thigh open and rubbed his dick on the lips of her moist pussy. Her eyes widened at how fast it had stiffened.

“I’m gonna pump you full with cum Rita. I’m gonna fuck you a million times till I get you out of my head.”

“And if you don’t get me out of your head?” she asked him…. her heart pounding.

“Then I guess I’m gonna be stuck with you for life…” he said and thrust into her.

She smiled…………

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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