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The School Party with Miss A II (18+)

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The School Party with Miss A II (18+)

Seeking reclusion, Adesua found herself locked in thought in the corner of the common room, her back to the room as she surveyed the party. Her mind went from anxiously watching and waiting for the end of Chigozie’s banter to the illicit thoughts of what was sure to come the moment he was done.

Adesua was definitely a girl of needs, and while it had only been a few days since the last chance she had to fuck Chigozie, her desire was greatly growing. She contemplated whether she would ride him or be taken from behind? Then again, maybe Chigozie should do some of the work after making her wait.

It had been almost 20 minutes of detailed planning by the loving girlfriend before her train of thought was broken.

“Hey you.” Gbenga greeted as he waved his hand playfully in front of Adesua’s eyes to divert her attention. He lifted his foot up and pressed it flat against the wall behind him, leaning against it next to Adesua. “You’re awfully quiet tonight.”

“Your drunk squad has taken my boyfriend.” Adesua scowled back, though she instantly regretted the harshness of her words, she knew Gbenga quite well, and this was hardly his fault. Adesua gave a quick sigh before apologising, sounding far more welcoming the second time around. “Sorry, I just wish he was celebrating a little more with me.”

“Another great semester for him,” Gbenga said appreciatively. “He deserves to get blinded.”

Adesua gave a smile, though didn’t turn her eyes away from her boyfriend. Gbenga was right, he had worked insanely hard to get to where he was, and this was his chance to suck in the gratification of his efforts.

The pair leant against the wall for a short while making idle chatter between them. Adesua never felt awkward hanging around with Gbenga, he was just the sort of guy she could happily talk to without the need to force conversation. For short whiles, the conversation died and the pair used the time to appreciate some friendly company, only to flare up now and again with heated bursts of perverted conversation, only too typical for Gbenga.

“Treat him well tonight.” Gbenga nudged Adesua playfully with his muscular arm. “My boy deserves it.”

“You could just blow him yourself.” Adesua joked. “We all know you’re so proud of him.”

“I think we both know you will do a far better job.” Gbenga laughed before propping himself off the wall and standing before Adesua. “Good job with tonight, but I’m off to bed.”

“What!?” Adesua asked, shocked and irritated by Gbenga’s decision to go to bed so early, it was barely midnight, Gbenga usually was showing up to parties about now. “No, come have a few drinks.”

“Nah.” Gbenga shrugged. “I’m pretty tired and I’ve got a couple of things to get sorted tomorrow anyway.”

Adesua wasn’t sure if she was more disappointed or furious at Gbenga’s decision. She knew full well if he had gone to bed then she wouldn’t be able to take Chigozie down there herself. The entire night’s anticipation and burning lust for her boyfriend would be pointless if she didn’t have a chance to relieve herself of it with him.

“Come on, just a little longer.” Adesua pleaded, trying not to sound too desperate.

“You have enough people here to keep the party going.” Gbenga smiled, raising his brow at Adesua in speculation of her motives. He was right, a few members of nearby hostels had joined in the celebration and the top floor was now heaving with party-goers.

“You’re no fun.” Adesua sighed in defeat, though trying to sound casual about his parting.

“Then you won’t mind if I go!” Gbenga laughed before turning around, he gave a short wave to Adesua as he made his way across the room.

Adesua watched him move across the room, giving his goodbyes to friends. His arrival in other areas caused a couple of cheers followed by some loud disappointed groans at the news. She watched him give Chigozie a slap around the back before making his way to the stairway door.

Adesua was certain her night couldn’t get any worse from here on out. Irritated by the prospect of another night of sexual repression, she decided to grab herself a drink.


Another half-hour had passed, a very productive half hour for Adesua in terms of alcohol consumption. As majority of her friends tended bars to earn a little extra cash during their studies, she was easily subjected to exotic cocktails and fusions that distracted her from her irritation. Moving onto what was her fifth cocktail in short succession, Adesua was shortly distracted by the reappearance of her boyfriend, who had made his way over toward the chair she was sitting on to greet her.

“Hey you.” Chigozie slurred slightly as he slumped down next to her.

“Hey.” Adesua slurred in response, now realising just how much effect the alcohol had had on her. She wasn’t drunk, but she was considerably more ‘merry’ than before.

“What are you drinking?” Chigozie nodded to a fluorescent pink drink that shone from the glass Adesua was holding.

“A creamy berry.” Adesua said after a moment’s thought. “It’s actually quite nice. Here, try it.”

Chigozie took a healthy swig from the cocktail glass, regret quickly swamped his face.

“I’ll stick to beer.” Chigozie groaned, causing his girlfriend to give a laugh.

The pair were obviously in a far better mood, and the hassles and worries of the argument before had completely slipped their minds. Before long the couple had stacked up a healthy pile of discarded glasses and beer bottles in front of them. Their conversation flowed, charged with relaxation, only broken by the odd bathroom break.

Adesua could barely remember the hassle that had happened only an hour ago, not due to the effects of the alcohol, but due to the charming distraction of her boyfriend. The couple moved closer, pressing softly up against each other on the sofa, the growing party around them a mere diversion to one other. It wasn’t long until Chigozie had resurfaced Adesua’s illicit plans from before by placing his hand more firmly on the inside of Adesua’s thigh.

Paying no attention to the many people around them, Adesua simply parted her legs a little, welcoming Chigozie’s hand as it slowly dragged up toward her pussy. The openness of the display spurred Adesua on, she had always had a thing for fooling around in public, and Chigozie knew this. She knew full well that he was using this against her, but at that point, she didn’t care if the whole room was watching.

Adesua closed her eyes as Chigozie’s middle finger pushed against her pussy, rubbing gently at it through her jeans. As her loving boyfriend’s finger rubbed against her clit, she realised just how wet she was by that point. Uncontrollably, she let out a soft moan, causing her to open her eyes in panic that anybody had heard, though her mind was read by her loving boyfriend, who removed his hand and leant in close to her instead.

“Let’s go downstairs,” Chigozie whispered as he took Adesua’s hand, standing up and leading her out of the room.

Adesua obediently followed, the effects of the alcohol clashing with the heavy and uncontrollable horniness caused by her boyfriend, causing her head to spin as she stood up quickly, but this didn’t distract her from leaving the party as quickly as she could.

The pair gave a rushed set of goodbyes to remaining friends before rushing out of the common room and down the stairways towards Chigozie’s room on the bottom floor. They rushed as fast as the two lust-filled lovers could after heavy subjection to alcohol, and the fact that the entire corridor was dark and empty didn’t help this. Before long Chigozie had Adesua pinned to the outside of his room, lifting one of her legs slightly as he ground into her, their lips meeting in heated passion as they finally found themselves alone.

“Fuck me.” Adesua said playfully, giving a cheeky smile to her boyfriend as he opened the door and led her into his room.

The room was pitch black and empty, though this was quickly disrupted by the loud entrance of the heated lovers. A quick succession of loud kisses and ripping off clothes followed as the pair made their way toward Chigozie’s bed on the far side of the dorm room. The room lit up as Chigozie flicked on the light of a lamp, though after a moment or two, gave the room a dim-lit feeling.

Adesua looked around the empty room as her boyfriend proceeded to take off his jeans, he was already shirtless by this point. Books and papers were piled against a couple of desks near a spare TV. Besides this, the only other addition to the room was Gbenga’s bed, sitting empty on the other side of the room. Though before she could inspect the room any further, a pair of hands met her hips.

Adesua looked up as her boyfriend lifted her onto the bed. She was reduced to her bra and panties now, an impressive sight to behold. Her silky, slender body heaving in anticipation, pushing her breasts firmly against the confinements of her bra. She looked up to Chigozie and bit her lip, cooing him onto the bed.

The gorgeous lady laid so willingly on her back as she dipped her thumbs into her panties and began to slowly drag them down her thighs, inch by inch exposing her soaked pussy. She looked up to Chigozie, smiling playfully at the apparent bulge coming from his boxers.

Chigozie didn’t need any more convincing. The boyfriend started to pull down his boxers and stepped out of them, showing his bare cock to his girlfriend. He saw Adesua give a smile as his firm cock came into view, 6 inches and hard, so, so ready to fuck her. Chigozie quickly fumbled in a nearby table drawer and pulled out a condom wrapper, quickly ripping into the packet and putting it onto his hard shaft.

“Come on, fuck me.” Adesua begged as Chigozie crawled onto the bed. She parted her legs slightly to accommodate Chigozie’s frame, before bucking her hips and arching her back, her body so willing and so ready to be fucked.

Chigozie leaned into his stunning girlfriend and pressed his lips to hers.

Their tongues mashing together as their bodies met. Chigozie felt Adesua’s bra push against his chest as he began to lay on top of her, her breasts almost begging to be freed. Chigozie looked up to meet his loving girlfriend’s eyes and with a cheeky smile, he started to slide inch by inch of his hard cock into Adesua.

Adesua instantly let out a moan as all 6 inches of Chigozie’s cock slowly started to sink into her hot and willing pussy. She felt like she hadn’t been fucked in years, and as the bed beneath them slowly began to rock back and forth with every thrust, her hunger to be fucked grew greater and greater.

Adesua lifted her silky, slender legs, wrapping them around her boyfriend as he began to drive his dick inside her, pulling him closer with every thrust he made.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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