The Recruit II - 'Deolu #ONIRANU Bubble!
June 6, 2020

The Recruit II

Good Morning Mortals,
Welcome, before you continue to today’s post, lemme rant a bit about D’Banj’s Oyato…

Firstly, I don’t understand what people are mad about, this is the classic D’banj only that the intro was ‘somehow’. Clearly, he must have said Its Don Jazzy Again at previous recordings…looool The dude just mumbled something about Jazzy in the beginning, not so audible sha… And that he doesn’t need to proof anything to anybody was what the whole track was about..OK D’Banj, we’re listening.

The only thing that worries me about the track is the ‘Oto laye mi’, as a grounded Yoruba boy *takes humble bow*. I’m quite sure that accolade is reserved for chronic madmen. Why D’banj wants to rename that label I probably wont understand. I mean dint Sina Rambo reuse the name of one of the most popular criminal in Nigeria’s history?

Which begs the question how he got the nickname, but that’s a question for another day… 🙂

Have fun reading the continuation

I went home that day with nothing or no one else but Kevin on my mind. The truth was clear to me…I had liked him before the events of that day, but now, I was totally in love with him. A part of my mind told me that I was being foolish.

What kind of a girl loses herself with a man she claims to love in his office during working hours? I don’t know what came over me.

Was it lust? Desire? Love? All joined together? That had made me open myself up to him like that and let him have his way with me? well..I wasn’t sure what it was but I sure liked it.

Kevin kept calling me immediately I left the office, he wanted us to meet. He asked if I could come over, if he could come over, he wanted us to finish up from where we had been interrupted at the office.

I told him that I couldn’t do it, that the emotions I felt back then were strange to me, also he was being too fast with being intimate with me when I hadn’t even agreed to having a relationship. I kept blabbing at him

We talked for long hours into the night. I slept off, with his sensual voice telling me sweet things through the phone.

I almost woke up late the next morning. I had to do everything in a hurry before leaving the house. Got to the office five minutes late, went to my desk and saw the note that had been dropped there.

I read it.

It was Kevin’s handwriting. Work in his office continued today, I already knew that. Was he just reminding me or he just wanted me to hurry up so I could be in his arms again?

I sat there on my chair and gave it a whole lot of thought. I knew what was going to happen if I went into that office, even if I put up a resolve that I wasn’t going to fall for any advances from him today. Once he looked at me with those piercing eyes of his and spoke to me with that sweet softy voice, all my walls of Jericho will fall down hard.

So what was i going to do?

I made up my mind then, tried to appear as calm and collected as possible and I walked to his office. I knocked, I heard his voice asking me to come in, I hesitated for a moment…

Took a deep breath…and opened the door. He sat behind his huge desk, head bowed as he looked into the documents placed before him.

“Good morning, Sir” I said to him, standing firmly like the obedient and loyal subordinate that I was, he raised his head, and looked at me. Our eyes locked in an awkward stare for about 3 seconds, and then he bellowed with laughter.

I asked him why he laughed, he asked me why I was acting funny. I asked how I was acting funny. Why did you call me sir, he asked.
Because you are, I told him.

We had this awkward conversation for a few minutes and I gradually began to relax myself. That was what Kevin did, he knew I would be wary of him, so he tried to make himself as friendly as possible and it worked.

He told so much jokes today, I laughed at them all. I enjoyed his company more while we worked, and he didn’t make any advances at me at all.

Till it was getting to the end of the day’s activities, and I was tired as hell. I sat on the chair in front of his desk, totally spent. I told him I was tired, and that my neck ached.

He playfully asked if I needed a massage. I didn’t say yes neither did I say no, he didn’t wait for my reply though.

He stood up then, came behind me, and began to massage my neck and shoulder muscles, his hands were soft and firm. He moved them slowly, making sure to not cause any sharp pain.

Gosh…I enjoyed it, and then the emotions were coming over me again. I didn’t know when I began to moan, and Kevin’s hands which were on my neck and shoulders the last I remembered, were now on my boobs.

A sense of dread came over me at first, and then slowly, it passed.

I had been expecting this all day, and I knew it was going to happen. The events of yesterday which we had both been trying to keep from talking about were being enacted in actions and not words.

Kevin massaged my bosoms softly even as they still remained within the confines of my bra and blouse, then I felt a very soft kiss on my neck, and a chill went down my spine, my hands began to tremble and goose pimples appeared on my skin.

Excitement was going to devour me right now if I didn’t control myself, his hands were about to go beneath my silk blouse when I told him to wait….he stopped.

I stood up, and walked to the door, I locked it.

I turned around to look at him…a half smile on my lips. Our eyes met, he returned my smile.

Then as I slowly walked towards him…

I took off my blouse and my skirt and stopped in front of him in only bra and panties. He held me by my waist, I put my arms around his neck, we looked deep into each other’s eyes for a while.

I didn’t know what that feeling was that made us to stand there looking for that long moment, what I did know was that I wanted him so bad. I leaned into him and kissed him. I put all my effort into that kiss so he would feel how passionate I was about him.

Kevin held me tighter, brought me into himself as he returned the vigour of my kiss. Our lips crushed against each others…our bodies pressed hard together, his kisses were going lower….my neck, shoulders, then the area above my boobs.

Just as his kisses worked on my chest…his fingers were beginning to caress my ass, my legs and soon enough he found his way to my honey pot. I allowed him to have his way with me, while I just revelled in the pleasure of his touches.

My bra and panties went off a few seconds later, and Kevin had lost his clothes too. He laid me on the floor of his office…the carpet was warm beneath us. Everything was being done gently by him. He treated me as fragile as he would treat his newly wedded wife, The moment was a romantic one, even if we would have preferred sharing it on a bed…but the strong desire we both had for each other couldn’t wait another second…

I felt Kevin’s rod at the tip of my pussy, his eyes on mine all the time as he guided it inside of me, when I felt him push himself deeper into me, I closed my eyes, a sharp pang of pain and pleasure shot through me.

I held him tightly, my legs held him by the waist. I felt his hot breath on my neck, he kissed me there, my eyes were closed shut, and my mouth was open. My breath became faster, my voice cracked up and became hoarse when i tried to talk the words were not coming out…I just made cries of pleasure.

I forgot where I was, my mouth was giving out all sorts of gibberish, and the whole of the energy in my body was concentrated in between my legs as I tightened my pussy against his penis. I don’t want to stop this, I don’t care what people will call me after this, the pleasure was becoming unbearable, I wanted to scream at a point but i couldn’t, the pleasure sucked out all of my energy.

Abstaining from a dick for a long time isn’t a good thing; his dick was driving me crazy.

Kevin’s thrust became faster, his hips moving in and out as he pounded my coochie with his massive tool. Kevin too was making sounds, like a big baby. It was fun to hear him in such pleasure as he went faster and faster, my orgasm was getting closer to erupting.

The carpet felt rough against my back as Kevin’s tempo kept increasing and became wilder but I didn’t mind. Why bother about the pain when you should focus more on the pleasure that was there to be enjoyed?

I reached down to that pleasure-pot to feel for my clit, I rubbed it gently increasing the sweetness that was going on in my body and my climax came upon me in an enormous wave. I let out a loud cry of joy…Kevin covered my mouth as i finally found my voice as the orgasm wrecked my body, he kept thrusting, and thrusting harder, and deeper until there was no more space in me left for him to occupy.

He hadn’t climaxed yet, and I could tell this was a difficult position for him. I told him to lie on the carpet and let me ride him. He smiled, and obliged as my coochie was dripping, I felt my cum flow down my inner thighs. When Kevin lay on the floor, face up, and his erection sticking into the air, I decided to give him a bit more pleasure, just as he had given me then and the day before.

I stood up naked in the middle of his office, I couldn’t feel my feet. I felt my inner thighs were still ticklish. I should have been embarrassed by this but i wasn’t.

I held his cock in my hand and stroked it gently, massaging the head of his cock as his hips jerked. I looked at what had been driving me insane this evening, it was quite big. I dint believe my pussy could contain this monster dick.
I put it in my mouth and proceeded to suck him. He moaned in appreciation I could tell he had always wanted this, but had been too much of a ‘gentleman’ to ask me for it.

As I sucked him, I looked at his face to see an expression that would make me laugh, it will be any other moment apart from right now. The usually calm and businesslike look he carried on his face had been replaced by one contorted in total pleasurable appeal.

The burping of my head up and down his dick made his breathing faster; i smiled within myself knowing my actions caused it. He was totally enjoying me suck his dick, if only I had a camera right then I would have taken a picture of his face to show him later even though i knew he would totally laugh at it, and even deny it was him in the picture.

His jerks were becoming erratic, his leg muscles were tightening, and his climax was just around the corner. I stopped the sucking abruptly and hurriedly replaced my mouth with my coochie, and guided his throbbing member into my orifice. He grabbed my ass-cheeks and began to thrust upwards into me as soon as my pussy had swallowed his rod.

I just laid on him and moved and oscillated my hips until the both of us drove ourselves to a cataclysmic orgasm….right there on his office floor.

We lay there even after the moment had passed, breathing hard…and waiting for the strength to do another.

I know from now on, I will be labelled his slut, but for today I don’t mind. I still laid on him with his dick still in my pussy, in his semi-solid state. I jerked my waist with his dick still buried him, he made a moaning sound. I knew i still had him in my wraps.

Unfortunately, another knock came on the door with a voice following it, the voice of the C.E.O.

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