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April 22, 2021

The other side of Richard (18+)
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The other side of Richard (18+)

Morning Mortals,

Brand new adult story from @ManickaL. Enjoy it



Richard was fixated on his blackberry, furiously attacked the keypad. He typed and laughed, and then typed some more. Sometimes, the laughter was longer, other times, he just chuckled.

He was at it for quite a while, oblivious to his surroundings. I watched him do this for a long while till I could no longer take it. I went over to where he sat and abruptly dragged the device from his fingers.

I hadn’t taken a step away from him when he grabbed my hand and screamed for me to return it.

“Are you alright? Have those evil spirits entered you again? Richard screamed

“Give me back my phone jorr!” Richard added

“No…I won’t!” I screamed back at him

“Bia…Mabel, I’m not in the mood for your wahala.  Give me my phone let me reply my messages. Please!” He begged

“Hmmm…Richard, you must be in the mood for my wahala today o. I came to your house and you just treat me like I don’t exist, always on this your blackberry. What is it with you and this phone sef?” Mabel lashed back.

“Ok, Mab. Please, I’m sorry. Let me just reply those last pings and I promise to switch off the phone” Richard said

“You won’t o!! That was what you said the last time I came here. I even left that day with much annoyance and you refused to call and apologize? Richard why?” Mabel countered

He started laughing, his strong hands no longer held me as he laughed. I wonder what I said that had been funny. The laugh became a long, loud and annoying one.

I got so enraged that I threw his phone at the wall, and then the laughing stopped abruptly. He looked at me for a few seconds, then stood up and walked slowly to where his phone, or what was left of it.

He picked it up, inspected it…then he brought his face up to look at me again. I saw rage in those eyes. My heart was beating faster, if there was ever a moment I wished the earth to open up and swallow me, this moment won’t be a bad one.

I considered running out of the house but I was just in bum-shorts and a t-shirt. I made a face that I was sorry but words hadn’t left his mouth yet. His eyes pierced into mine, he stood up.

His eyes narrowed as he looked at me.

He clenched his fists, his arm muscles rippled. Was I going to get beaten to a pulp right now?

Was this how the Chris brown and Rihanna incident had happened? Rihanna threw Chris’ iPad out of a window when he was chatting and Chris did some justice to her face?

Was I going to be another Rihanna to this mean guy standing a few feets away from me?  He walked towards me. I felt time stop, as he approached. I made a mental note to go to church and repent of all my sins if I survived this ordeal. Richard stopped right in front of me and asked a terrifying question.

“So you want some attention, huh?” His voice was husky.

The way it normally sounds when a man is trying so hard not to scream his fucking brains out in your face. I tried to sound sorry…

”Richy, I…I didn’t mean to…“ I said with teary eyes.

“Don’t bother with the explanations babe. You wanted attention right? Then I’ll give you all the attention you seek” Richard said with all seriousness.

With that he grabbed my face and planted his lips hard on mine. He was rough…very rough with his kiss. He bit my upper lip in the process. It was quite painful but somewhat enjoyable too.

I didn’t try to push him away; I was scared as hell that he was going to hit me if I offered any resistance. He pushed me to the wall then, held me there; his hands went wild all over me. He grabbed my ass and squeezed it like it wanted to burst it, it was painful but erotic at the same time.

He grabbed and pulled my flimsy t-shirt…tore it off. I whimpered, almost sobbing. Richard must be feeling like Hulk Hogan but I brushed the thought aside as I waited for his next move, there is very different from traditional Richard but I like it.

There was this evil glee in his eyes, Like that of a sex-starved lunatic who had just escaped prison.

Was he going to rape me? His girlfriend?

Should this be considered rape but I wasn’t resisting him at all? He bit hard on a nipple and I let out a small cry. I wasn’t sure where to put my hands, on his shoulders or grab his ass; I opted to put them by my side.

The pain mixed with the pleasure, because as he sucked at my boobs, a finger had gone down, and found my pussy. He massaged it roughly, forced a finger in, then another.

What was he doing? Was this some kind of punishment for what I did to his blackberry? He continued to fondle me, albeit roughly than his normal, gentle self.

The wall was very hard against my back. His breath was hot against my neck as he kissed me there.

“Suck me baby” his voice whispered in my ear.

“I want you to suck me real good” He added.

I wasn’t going to refuse; he shifted back a bit and allowed me to get off the wall, that evil look still in his eyes.

I got on my knees, his hand on my head, his back against the wall. I undid his belt, and unzipped the fly. I brought down the trousers and the boxer shorts to reveal his full erect dick.

His cock had veins all over it, throbbing with anger. I stroked and massaged it for a while then I put the shaft in my mouth and sucked hard on it, then I slowly let the whole size occupy my mouth.

It felt like his dick was gonna tear my mouth but I had this sick urge to swallow his shaft. I was proud of myself the moment he began to moan, rolling his waist, helping me brush my hair aside. His shaft was thick and long but I still wanted the whole of him in my mouth, I wouldn’t mind swallowing his balls, I just wanted to get fucked differently today and Richard was doing that already. I can anticipate how much his steel will stretch my pussy wall.

Fortunately, he realized that, and dragged me up to my feet, turned me around then made me bend and touch my toes. He grabbed at my shorts and dragged it down vigorously.

The pain gripped me when he rammed his fat rod into my pussy from behind with a loud grunt coming from him.

I screamed his name… “Oh! RICHARD!”

I think he’d bruised my vaginal walls with that one deep thrust of his. My pussy wasn’t well lubricated to take such an assault from his massive cock.

The feeling of his turgid dick inside me aroused my pussy wall, providing the needed lubrication for the exercise.

My heart was pounding hard against my chest as I bent down further and felt him thrust harder and deeper into me from behind, a grunt escaping his mouth with each one.

I felt his hand grab my head from behind and the other one was grabbing my boobs even as he continued to thrust me from behind. I wailed with each thrust of his, feeling the pain that was being meted out on my pussy, it didn’t take long before the feeling of pleasure replaced the feeling of pain. My hands were placed on the floor to hold my weight, Richard still had a hand holding my head but the other one had now gone under and was vigorously massaging my clitoris.

He would take his hand off my clitoris and squeezed my boobs so hard, pinching my nipples like he wanted to tear it off, I couldn’t complain because of the pain and pleasure mixed, his dick continued to ram into my coochie from behind, sending several waves of pleasure into my body. I should spoil Richard’s phone more often if I want this sort of pussy treatment, I know I’ll feel sore after but the present feeling is out of this world.

His fucking had always been good. He could be romantic when he wanted to be, and a bit hardcore or kinky a few times. Right now he was assaulting me…because of what I did.

He was having his sweet revenge, the feel of his dick inside my pussy and the way he vigorously rubbed my clitoris was making me lose my senses.

I had my head raised to one side, my mouth open….tears were coming out of my eyes, I was crying in pain and ecstasy. Richard stopped thrusting for a while and put the fingers he had been rubbing my clit with in my mouth and told me to suck it. I sucked on the fingers and moaned deeply to let him know I greatly enjoyed the taste of our lovemaking in my mouth.

“Do you like it baby?” he asked me with delight in his voice.

I moaned my agreement and nodded my head since his fingers were still in my mouth, my facial gesture just like someone about to cry, the pleasure was killing me.

“Turn around and suck me baby” Richard said.

I obliged again, and turned around and held his cock in my hands. It glistened with cum dripping out of the tip of it. I put it in my mouth and sucked very hard on it, making my head going up and down at a fast pace.

He just hissed and sighed and exclaimed his joy  as I sucked hard on his fat cock. I used my hand to stroke harder and faster on his dick and squeezed his dickhead tightly while I licked and sucked on his balls…letting my saliva drip all over him.

“Ooh yeaaaah Baby…. now sit on me and ride me bitch!”

I didn’t mind that he called me a bitch, this wasn’t the Richard I knew. I had never seen this side of him before. But it was clear to me today…that if I was going to leave this place unscathed, i had to do everything he asked without a thought of an argument.

He laid on the floor and I climbed on top him, then held his dick with my hand and directed it into my pussy, sitting on him slowly. I hadn’t even settled into his dick properly when he  started to thrust from beneath me and my heart began to race again. He grabbed my ass cheeks without a care in the world and made me grind harder on him, I placed my hands on his chest and moved my hips in the best way I could, rolling and whining it with all the expertise I could muster, remembering the whining techniques I had seen in the porn movies earlier.

He kept calling my name; together with so many swear words and obscenities. He screamed when I leaned back and raised my bum on him and brought it down with such speed that he straightened his legs and concentrated on arriving at his climax.

His eyes shut tight and his fingers dug into my ass cheeks and then he jerked his waist high up raising me into the air as he did so and shut his hot load of cum into me. I kept moving my hips on him…my orgasm was just there, waiting for one more move from me before it engulfed my body.

I used my hand to rub my pussy as fast and hard as I could, my cries getting louder and louder until I raised my head to look at the ceiling….and I saw the stars instead…After we got off each other, Richard went into his room, collapsed on his bed and feel into deep sleep. I went into the bathroom, had a shower, took all my things, left a note for him…and left his apartment.

I never saw him again after that day.

It isn’t always a bad thing to spoil your boyfriend’s phone.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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