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September 2, 2020

The Naughty Reverend II (18+)

The Naughty Reverend II (18+)


Rev. Ajayi’s counseling session with Ngozi may have led to something unusual but quite enjoyable for the sinful both.

Ngozi couldn’t get rid of her clothes fast enough. She had never felt like this before. The intensity of his gaze alone could have melted her. When added to his muscular stature and what looked to be, at least, a ten-inch cock she was beyond any lust she had ever known. It frightened her as much as it aroused her.

She had no idea what this man would do to her. She only knew that she was desperate for him to do it.

When she was finally naked he shouted, “Sit!”

She sat.

“Did I hear you say ‘sometimes’?” he asked as he towered over her trembling form. “Sometimes?” he shouted.

She suddenly felt vulnerable and small. She crossed her arms over her breasts in a vain attempt to cover them.

He yanked her arms down to her sides as he roared, “You cannot hide from your sin, woman! Sit up straight. Spread you thighs. Show the Lord all of your wicked flesh!”

She complied.

Putting his fists on his hips he continued, “Sometimes it’s not good enough! You must beg forgiveness for ALL of you sinful, promiscuous ways!”

“Yes,” she said softly.

“In order to find remission of sin you must display absolute regret, loyalty, and obedience,” He preached, “Are you willing to do that?”

“Yes,” she said a bit louder this time.

“Are you willing to show absolute forgiveness?” he asked as he squeezed her breasts like Agege bread.

“Yes,” she said loudly.

“Are you willing to show absolute trueness?” he roared as her pinched her nipples.

“Yes!” she shouted.

“Are you willing to show absolute obedience?” growled as he rammed a finger into her dripping pussy.

“Yes!” she screamed.

He stood up, and put his fists on his hips. His stiff weapon next to her lips.

“Then WORSHIP!” he commanded.

Ngozi fell to her knees and worshiped his dick as though her life depended on it. She licked, kissed and nibbled every inch of his powerful staff. She covered it from top to bottom with her lips, spit, and tongue. The she plunged her head down over the crown to take as much of as she could into the boiling slickness of her mouth.

She got it almost halfway down before it hit the back of her throat triggering her gag reflex.

The pastor grabbed her head and moaned. He’d had blowjobs in his life, but nothing like this. He felt like she was going suck his balls out through the head of his cock. But, he knew that there was one more thing that he needed to do to gain final and complete control of this busty slut.

With her head clenched tightly in his massive paws and rammed his dick into her smooth oral cavity until her nose was buried in his pubic hair and his balls bounced off of her chin. She gagged as she had a small orgasm. Then he began fucking her face in earnest. He savagely crammed her face full of his masterful dick.

She gagged and climaxed, gagged and climaxed, gagged and climaxed. She had never had such an intense sexual experience in her entire life. She was completely insane with the brutality induced orgasmic euphoria.

She pinched a nipple so hard that it hurt with one hand and manically fingered her dripping pussy with the other. She was drenched in sweat from the raw carnality of her pastor’s relentless hammering.

Suddenly he yanked his wrist-wide dike out of her mouth and released her head. She fell to the ground coughing and sputtering.

“Stand!” he shouted.

She struggled to her feet.

Standing up she was more magnificent than he could possibly have imagined. Her breasts were round, football ball sized spheres. Despite their size and her age they only showed a hint of sagging. Beneath that was a narrow waist which ended in wide, womanly hips.

She was built for fucking. There was no other reason for such a body to exist.

“Spread those wicked thighs, slut!” he roared.

She spread them.

He picked her up by the waist and straddled her wet pussy on his hot pole. Still holding her waist he rammed her up and down on his rod. It was every bit as savage and brutal as the face fucking had been. She had never been so full. She had never cum so many times. She had never been so fucked.

She was like a rag doll in his hands. Her gigantic breasts flopped and danced as he fucked her. She was completely helpless to do anything but scream and cum.

Rev. Ajayi couldn’t believe how tight she was. She was in her forties and had given birth to three kids, but her pussy gripped his dick. He had never been like this with any woman.

Sure, he had dominated many but had never been the barbarous caveman that he had become with Ngozi. The crazy part was that she seemed to love it. She was cumming again and again. Every time she did her pussy tightened around his fuck meat. It was an exquisite pressure that would probably drive him over the edge damned quickly if he allowed it.

He wasn’t going to allow it he had waited too long for this.

Just as suddenly as he had picked her up and straddled her he lifted her up and set her back on her feet. Ngozi seemed confused by the sudden emptiness.

“On your back!” he demanded.

“Oh, she said trying to catch her breath, “Doing the pastor in missionary position. That works.”

“No!” he shouted then pulled her close for a tooth bending kiss.

As their tongues danced and weaved with each other he groped and squeezed her huge breasts.

“You’ve been teasing me with these things for a fucking year,” he growled, “Now I’m going to get my pound of flesh. I’m going to get my due!”

“Yes.” She hissed as she got down on the carpeted floor of the office. She held up her breasts as if in offering and said, “Fuck my boobs!”

He straddled her torso and leaned down to snarl in her ear, “I will. I’m going to fuck your slutty, wicked, church lady breasts. Then I’m going to cum on your slutty, wicked, church lady face. I’m going to baptize you with the only liquid you deserve, cunt!”

She shuddered with delight at the verbal abuse as he sat up and laid his dick into her fleshy valley. She was so wet with sweat and he was so slick with her vaginal juices that they needed no additional lubrication.

She squeezed her breasts as tightly as she could around his stiff, thick dick as he started sliding and out of the deep valley.

For the pastor this was it. This was what he had waited for. This was what this sexy bitch was made for. This was the moment of truth. He was going fuck her breasts until she scream.

His hips were a virtual blur as he fucked her breasts. He never felt anything so soft yet, for her age, so firm. He was in absolute ecstasy as he humped her breasts. He slapped his hands over hers to make the breast channel even tighter. She licked the head of his dick each time it emerged from her cleavage.

“This is why you exist!” he bellowed, “Isn’t it?”

“Yes,” she shouted.

“This is why God put you on this Earth! Isn’t it?”


“This is your purpose in life! Isn’t it?”


“You exist to make a man cum with these huge breasts! Isn’t that right?”


“Then do your job you disgusting, proud bitch! Make me cum with your breasts!”


She shoved her breasts together even tighter around his mighty dick. As she did that he pinched her nipple so hard that it was painful. That put her over the edge. Her entire body trembled and shook with a bone crushing orgasm. She screamed her pleasure.

When she did he started squirting his cum on her breasts. She immediately let go of her breasts and grabbed his hard dick to try to aim it at her mouth. They were both moving way too much for that to happen. The second volley hit her eye. The third went in her hair.

She clamped her lips around the head of his dick so that the rest of his juice could go directly into her mouth. She swirled it around with her tongue to enjoy the flavor before she swallowed it.

When he had fired the last shot of his syrupy cum into her he slumped backwards and rolled off of her body. He was more spent than he could ever remember being.

Ngozi cuddled up behind him and reached down to fondle his dick. Every pastor they had ever had, so far, had been abruptly transferred out. Ngozi had been at the root of it every time.

She immediately got rid of the ones who went all religious on her and wouldn’t fuck her and she eventually got tired of the ones who would. But, she was sure that she had hit the jackpot this time. Nobody had ever fucked her like that. She wasn’t going to let this one get away anytime soon.

She was certain that the parish had finally found a permanent pastor.

Rev. Ajayi was thinking, “If I could have a few more counselling sessions like this I would be a very happy man.”

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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