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September 3, 2020

The Marriage Counsellor III (18+)

The Marriage Counsellor III (18+)


This is what happens when a naughty marriage counsellor has a burning desire to bed the bride-to be. Read this new story! This is the time alone with Ebube, the bride to be. In this episode, he’s trying to guilt trip her.

“Ah, but there’s the problem. You aren’t a virgin any longer, so your marriage is something of a sham. But we will get back to that. You say that you have never been naked in front of him.

Has he been completely naked with you? And how much of you has he seen?”

“I always leave my panties on. Always. But I’ve been topless and he has touched and kissed my breasts.”

“Do you enjoy that, dear? I hear that women like to have their breasts touched. Does he bring you to orgasm when this happens?”

“No, I mean yes! Yes, I like him to do that, but no, he doesn’t bring me to an orgasm. It just feels wonderful and maternal. But he hasn’t made me orgasm at all.”

“I see. Does he put his hands into your panties? Has he had his fingers inside your genitalia? Does that make your orgasm?”

She was so embarrassed but I wanted to keep her talking and to move away from her fucking the boy in the back seat.

“Yes, pastor, he will put his hands into my panties and usually will put his finger inside me. But he doesn’t make me orgasm. It just feels good. I’ve never had an orgasm, with him or with anyone else!”

We are about to fix that problem, baby, if I have my way. And I always have my way.

“I see. And do you wear sexy underwear on your dates? Do you make sure to have sexy panties on for him?”

“No, I wear the same kind of panties all the time. I’ll buy some sexy things when we get married, I’m sure.”

“That sounds like a nice idea. Well, Ebube, I know that you want to get married in the church, but we simply cannot have a deflowered woman presented before the church as though she was a virgin. That would simply be wrong.” She started to protest, and tears started again, but I raised my voice and continued.

“However, dear Ebube, there is a solution to this problem. Have you ever heard of a Born-Again Virgin? No? Well, it’s something that we can do for you to give you back your virginity.

In the eyes of the church, it will be as though you have never been with any man, in any way. What do you think?”

She immediately changed her tune. “Really? That would be a miracle! But how does that happen? What do I have to do?”

I straightened. “Well dear, I have been invested with the ability to make you a new creature. I can return you to your innocent state if you like. But it will require you to obey me without objection. And you may find it humiliating but I promise that it will all be better very soon!”

“Humiliating? How? I can’t go in front of the church and talk about this! I just can’t!”

I grabbed her hand again and held it in my lap. Almost touching my dick but still an innocent gesture.

“No, no, nothing like that. But you do have to allow me to cleanse your body and free you from your sin. I sacrifice my desires in order to make you whole. It’s a small price to pay for your happiness.”

“Well, what do we have to do? I’ll do anything to get married in the church! Anything!”

“Fine, then let’s get started. You have a couple of issues. First, losing your virginity to this boy and second, allowing him to ejaculate into your mouth. Even though he is your fianc√©, you should not have his seed inside you at all before the wedding.

However, I think I can correct both problems tonight. So now, I need you to undress for me. Please stand up and remove your sweater and then your dress. Come on now, no wasting time.”

She looked at me like I had asked her to kill her mother. I just nodded and said, “You said you would do anything. Anything means that you get undressed. Now.”

She was very slow to stand up, but she finally did, and slowly removed her sweater from her shoulders. Her white bra straps were visible under the dress straps, and her cleavage seemed to grow as she took off the sweater. That wasn’t the only thing growing in this room.

My dick was on fire.

She said, “Pastor, are you sure? Isn’t there something else that I can do? Like clean the church bathrooms or something?”

“Ebube, I did not create this situation. I am the one who is helping you to correct it. Now, let’s go, take that dress off young lady! No more nonsense!”

She started to unbutton the dress down the front, and I was mesmerized. The first button gave me a glimpse of the size of her boobs. I said to myself, “32C, I’ll bet.”, and I watched her slowly, agonizingly unbutton one button after another.

After three or four, the bra cups were visible and I saw her simple little white bra that was filled with young fresh breast meat. She didn’t overflow but God, she made that bra look so good.

As she continued down, the last button came undone and she shrugged the dress off her shoulders and stepped out of it, laying it to the side with her sweater.

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