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October 22, 2020

The Marriage Counsellor (18+) I

The Marriage Counsellor (18+) I


This is what happens when a naughty marriage counsellor has a burning desire to bed the bride-to be. Read this new story!

I’m the most blessed man in the world. I have a delightful life, doing work that is satisfying and making a real difference in people’s lives. I’m the pastor of a tiny church in Benin. I’m not married, no kids, so my work is my life.

The incredible thing about being a pastor is that people share their lives, their most secret thoughts and feelings with me, trusting me to guide them in the right direction, towards salvation and peace.

I’m happy to help, but I have to admit that my methods are not always traditional. My church is independent of any denomination, so I have some liberty on what I teach, both from the pulpit and in counseling with my members.

Which leads me to my story. One of the things that I require from people who want to marry is that we have several sessions of pre-marital counseling. I want to help them to know what they are getting into, so we talk about communication, finances, etc.

It’s true that I’m not married but I’ve worked with enough struggling couples to know some of the dangers that engaged couples need to talk about before they wed. I would much rather call off an engagement than to have to deal with a bad marriage when I know that I can help them.

When it comes to sex, however, I prefer to meet with the two people individually, so that I can keep them from an embarrassing situation. I want them to be able to talk about issues without worrying about what their future spouse is thinking.

If the man is in into BDSM, then I would rather not him tell me while his future wife is sitting there. It just makes life easier. You might think that I’m kidding but I’ve had some really weird stuff come out during these sessions. Ah, but that’s a story for another time. I’ll just say that I’m not shocked by anything anymore.

I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. I’m in my early fifties, but I work very hard to stay in shape. I keep my weight in control by swimming and biking. I’m strong but not muscular. And I keep my stomach flat, so that I look good in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Oh, and my dick is a nice cut 7 inches. Big enough to impress but not scary. People always want to know about a guy’s dick.

Tonight, I’m going to meet with a man who is hoping to marry soon. Osagie and Ebube are a very cute couple, both in their early twenties. Ebube is very beautiful, to be honest. She wears dresses most of the time, as do most of the women in our church.

It’s not a sin for a woman to wear trousers, but it’s become an understanding that God smiles down on feminine women. By the way, we also expect our young people to be virgins when they marry. I know that’s not realistic in this day and age, but I think it’s good to hold that standard so that they limit their sexual activities prior to marriage.

They can fuck like bunnies after the wedding, but they should keep themselves pure before the wedding.

Ebube has a body that makes men weep with joy. She’s petite, maybe 5’2, and full of energy. The room lights up when she enters. Long braids, stunning eyes, and boobs that sit high and proud on her chest. And her legs aren’t long but they are perfectly shaped.

Toned and firm and smooth as silk. She’s chaste but you can just tell that she’s a wild fuck when she gets you in bed.

Ebube plays the piano sometimes in church, and it’s erotic to watch her play. She makes love to the keys like she is teasing them into an orgasmic event. By the time she finishes, I swear most of the men in the congregation will have hardons from just watching her work.

And maybe most of the women are wet, who knows. No one is immune to her sexual energy.

But away from the piano, she seems like the perfect little virgin. Daddy’s little girl, sweet and innocent. Watching her, you would imagine that she never even thinks about sex. But God that piano playing is so hot. It’s like she has a vibrator on the bench, and she’s just riding it while we watch.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Osaigie is the perfect complement to her. He’s tall and handsome, with big eyes and neat hair. He won a scholarship to a private Christian university. Osaigie, honestly, looks like a younger version of me.

My size, my body shape. But we aren’t related, not at all. It’s just a weird coincidence. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for both of them.

If men lust after Ebube, I’m sure their wives fantasize about having Osaigie in between their legs, pounding away at them while their husbands are at work.

Osagie looks like the kind of guy that has everything going for him in this world, and marrying Ebube is just part of that whole package. They built their relationship right from secondary school.

They are heading into their last year of university studies and want to get married before they start their respective careers.

However, Osaigie is not the smartest guy you will ever meet. Oh, he has a great personality and I’m sure he will be a top-notch business executive when he graduates, but you wouldn’t ask him to write a speech for you, that’s for sure.

Still, I love him and hope that the two of them are insanely happy and have lots of perfect little children.

When I do these one-on-one counselling sessions, I inquiry into their sexual activities and try to find out if they have any potential issues that I need to help them through. When Osaigie comes in, I give a hug and invite him to sit down on the sofa next to my chair. I offer him a drink (which he declines) and we start chatting.

I dive right in. “Osagie, you and Ebube have been dating for quite some time. I’m sure that you two have engaged in some sexual activities. How far have you gone with her? Have you had sexual intercourse with her?”

Osagie frowns. “No, sir! We are both virgins and plan to stay that way until we are married!”

“So, what have you done? Have you seen her naked?”

“Naked? No sir. Not completely naked.”

“Have you seen her naked breasts?”

He frowned again, “Well, yes.” I respond, “And you have fondled and suckled on her breasts?”

He nods, slowly. “Yes sir, we have sinned in that way.”

“Have you seen her feminine parts? Has she ever removed her panties in your presence?”

He nods, slowly. Head down, embarrassed.

“And have you touched her there? Have you brought her to orgasm with your hands?”

“No, I’ve never brought her to orgasm. But yes, I’ve touched her pu, I mean her vagina.”

“And has she seen you naked? Has she ever brought you to orgasm?”

He is frowning deeply. “Yes, sir, pastor. She has given me orgasms from time to time.”

“With her hands, or did she use her mouth as well?”

“She has done both, pastor. I’m so ashamed that I’m so weak, but yes, I’ve had orgasms from her mouth and hands.”

“So, have you both been naked together? Have your intimate parts touched together at all?”

“No, pastor, we have never been naked together. She always makes me leave her panties on. I’ve only touched her inside her panties.”

“Tell me, Osaigie. What kind of panties does she wear? Are they cotton or what? A thong?”

“Pastor, what does that have to do with my sins?”

“Osagie, you are dangerously close to not having a church wedding. You need to answer my questions.”

“Oh God, Pastor! Ebube would be humiliated if you didn’t let us have our wedding in the church! Everyone would know that we have defiled ourselves!

You can’t do that to her! Please! I’ll do anything but please don’t take that church wedding away from her!”

I reach over and grab his knee, reassuring him. “Just answer my questions, Osaigie. I’m sure we can make everything right with you and the church. But what kind of panties does she wear?

Are they big granny panties? Are they tight against her vagina? White? Black? What does she wear?” I think my desire was starting to come through, but Osaigie was too nervous to notice.

“They are usually tight, not cotton, I don’t think. More elastic than cotton, tight against her, her body. Usually, they are white or light blue or something.

Not black. And no thongs. She wears modest panties, pastor. She is no slut!”

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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