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April 20, 2021

The Mandy story (18+)
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The Mandy story (18+)

Hello Earthlings,

Mr. Bubble in the building, here is something, a fantastic erotica writer sent me, lemme know your thoughts…..



“Mandy, let’s go. Its time for the exam”

I was deep in my Taxation Laws and Accounts textbook that I didn’t hear what Uche said the first time until she said it again, this time nudging me a little to bring me back to the reality that I was doomed. I hadn’t read the previous night; nor the nights before it.

‘I have been too busy’ was the excuse I told myself, doing one thing or the other…as the school activities came to a close for the semester. This was my final year, and this paper was my last paper as a student in this institution. I’d read for the 4 I wrote before it, but somehow, I just couldn’t find time to read for this last one?

I walked slowly to the exam hall, still trying to recollect the few things I’d managed to read. I hated Accounting… I was only doing it because my dad wouldn’t allow me be the artist that I wanted to be.

“What will it fetch you when you are through with studying it? Just go out on the streets and look at those people displaying their art on the road. Are you going to do the same thing?” he asked those and many others, and gave me no choice.

I got in the hall, took a sit next to my friend Uche and two other guys from my department. She was in some sort of discussion with them, and when she was done talking to them, she turned and hinted to me that they were mercenaries, writing for students who either didn’t have the time or the mental capacity, or just had too much money.

I was surprised and scared at the same time. Sitting next to mercenaries was a dangerous thing, but I braved up, and the only reason I allowed myself to take the risk of doing it was because I had been too busy to read for my last paper.

The exam ended up not being such a total disaster…or the ‘doom’ that I had predicted for myself. Thanks to the hot-brained  duo who sat on either sides of me. I wrote quite well and actually left the exam hall smiling like I had just met the love of my life then when the rest of us were done, we began the throwing of pen and pencils in the air and screams and shouts that came after your final paper.

Everybody was in a joyous mood. I spotted Uche dancing ‘alanta’ somewhere with a few other guys and girls alike. I was so happy that this moment had finally come, after spending 4 years of my life hoping and praying for it. Just as I left to join Uche and friends in their dancing, I felt a hand tap my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was that wanted to kill my fun spirit.

I noticed his eyes first, and they were eyes I could never forget. He was the one on my left, one of the mercs who had helped me in the exam. He was tall, had an athletic build, the way his shirt kinda stuck to the body, I noticed his muscles too. A clean shaven jaw, and small lips. I smelled his cologne in the air, a fragrance that brought sweetness to my nostrils. From my years of acquaintance with mercenaries, they were usually broke-ass nerds who needed the money in exchange for their expertise in the subject that you are having problems with but he didn’t look the nerdy type. Elegance oozed out of him as he stood before me.

“Remember me, right?” I wondered how he must have thought that I could forget him so soon when he had been some sort of ‘messiah’ to me in the exam hall.

“Of course yeah, I do. Thank you so very much for helping me out today…”

“Heyyy, its no biggie. I do it all the time” I could tell he was lying with the way his pretty eyes narrowed and he smiled. But if he says he helps ladies who didn’t read a damn thing before going into the exam hall ‘all the time’..who am I to disbelieve him?

“So…my name’s Jacob. But everyone calls me Jake” I could have guessed that next line myself and put him in an uneasy mood

“Wow, Jake. Cool name. I’m Amanda. I prefer Amanda but a few annoying friends of mine call me Mandy” I told him

He laughed. I hadn’t intended to make him laugh.

“So, I’m going to be one more annoying friend of yours and call you Mandy, as well”

See the way he just subtly jumped into my ‘friends list’ without even asking me for permission to do so, i thought to myself.

I chuckled, eyed him suspiciously so he would realize that i knew what he just did, and then i said

“Ok then… I will allow you to, just because of what you did for me today. You can call me Mandy”

Then he said, “Wow, thanks Amanda” and I was like…he’s just kidding with me. I was tempted to say ‘whatever’ to him but I kept my mouth shut. I noticed Uche had stopped dancing and was observing the both of us. I saw the familiar look in her eyes which meant, ‘ I hope you are not going to agree to whatever he’s saying to you’

“So what are your plans for tonight?” Jake was asking, “Going to any parties? Or just going to stay home and celebrate?”

Again, I wondered why he was asking me what I intended to do with my last night as a student…but I just felt that urge that I owed him for that day. You don’t repay such kindness with just words of gratitude these days. He must want to ‘do me’ as well.

I told him I wasn’t doing anything or going to any parties, and he offered me an invitation to a ‘small get-together’ at his place that evening for all the graduating students that lived on his apartment block. I was a bit sceptical about accepting such an invitation.

I haven’t had any encounter with him asides the last 2-3 hours,then a voice in my head spoke to me, “if you don’t do this today when you have finished…what other day will you celebrate?” Of course there were other days, but I just went ahead and accepted to be present at his ‘small get-together’

When I told Uche about my plans for the evening, she was so elated. She began to question me about what I and Jake discussed earlier. I only told her that I showed my gratitude and he asked me to his party. She didn’t believe me of course, and thought there was more to the whole story than what I was telling her.

I didn’t bother with satisfying Uche’s curiosity though, we were both girls and so we knew each had her own secrets to keep from the other. She was all talks about the event that evening that she spent the rest of the evening bringing out all her best clothes and giving me the gruesome task of helping her select what to wear. I wanted to scream at her that it was just a small party…not a red carpet event! With Uche, no occasion was a small one. She would even over-dress when going to the beach….or the bathroom.

A few minutes to the time when Jake had told me to come to his place, Uche still wasn’t sure what she was going to wear. I was fed up with her already. I had showered and put on a blue blouse over black jeans and my  Gucci heels. My phone in one hand, my small purse in the other, my hair and make-up done, I was ready and waiting for ‘the madam’ of the day.

“Uche, I’m going to have to go without you, Dear”

“Mandy! Mandy!! If you try it eenh…you will not sleep in this room tonight oh! You will stay there with Mr Jake” she was actually saying this from the bathroom.

“But I can’t wait much longer for you… I’m going to be late”

“yeah, and so?” she stepped out from the bathroom all towelled up “please, we are ‘graduates’, not undergraduates hurrying up for a 7 o’clock lecture besides, it’s just a ‘small party’ according to you, so what’s the hurry for?”

Well, she was right. I couldn’t really tell why I was in such a hurry. Except, maybe, because I wanted to meet Jake once more and see if I could impress him a little with my ‘party mode’ switched on. I really did want to see him again, those pretty eyes of his, and the way he smiled, and all those twists he had about him. Was there something building up in me for him already? Well, we will tell that story at the end of the night. I just sat on the bed and watched Uche dress up. She was a bit lighter of skin than I was, looking so beautiful in her nude nature, her curves and her bumps perfectly made. I could tell she liked her body so much and that was why she spent most of her time dressing up so people who couldn’t see the naked Uche could at least have an idea what was beneath the clothes.

Finally she got dressed and we got out and took a cab. We arrived at the place almost an hour after Jake had said we should. And what was just supposed to be a ‘small get-together’ didn’t look like that at all to my eyes. It was a small crowd gathered at what looked like the car park of the apartment block.

It was a 2-storey living quarters for students, from the beauty of the place, I could tell a lot of time and money had been spent to make it quite enticing to those who could pay the big bucks. I was quite sure that the rent for our place wouldn’t be up to a quarter of what the students who lived here paid. It was indeed a “money spender’s lodge” like Uche had exclaimed when we arrived. Students in different types of coloured dressings were all about and it was looking like a rainbow affair.  In my bright blue blouse, I looked like I was part of them too.

“Amanda!” first I looked at Uche who was standing next to me. She was as puzzled as I was, then i looked around to find out who was calling my name, or if it was me that was being called. There are so many Amandas in the world.

I felt the hand on my shoulder again, just as I had felt it earlier that day. I looked behind me to see Jake standing there.

“Jake, there you are. I was beginning to think I was in the wrong place”

He understood what I meant, and laughed a little about it.

“Sorry, Mandy…it even surprises me that this much people came here. Just come with me and I will take you to the place where our invited guests are welcomed”

Uche threw a look at me just as Jacob turned to lead us through the crowd. I returned her stare with an ‘ I don’t know what the heck is going on’ look of my own. I just walked behind Jake until he led us to into what looked like a ‘common room’ for students gathering.

The place had been furnished and designed to look like a mini nightclub. It was almost dark inside, with so different colours of light everywhere, and Nigerian music playing through the speakers. In contrast to the rowdiness outside, this place was a bit more composed. These surely were the ones who had arranged this party. The class that only money could bring was everywhere here. Jake took me to a couch that had a table laden with expensive drinks in front of it, even as Uche and I sat down, he asked us what we wanted to drink.

I’m not much of a drinker, only an occasional bottle once in a while But since I was celebrating the coming to an end of four years of being a student, I decided to indulge myself. I drank a lot, but I made sure not to drink to a point where I would lose my composure.

Jake just kept refilling my cup. When I looked at Uche, she was in such a good mood and was dancing even as she sat on the couch beside me. The open floor before us which was meant for dancing was quite empty; nobody was in such a mood yet. Then Uche got up abruptly and dragged my hand, urging me to come and dance with her. I wasn’t much of a dancer too, but even if I wanted to dance, surely not with her not especially now when she was in such a mood…

One of the guys sitting around us then decided to take up the invitation she offered me to dance, and within seconds of them hitting the dance floor, the DJ really got in the mood and others joined them as well. At this time I had gotten to my drinking limit…but I still sipped more. I could feel Jake’s eyes on me, but I didn’t want to look. Having any kind of eye contact with him at that time could trigger things in me at that particular moment of my ecstasy.

I just moved in rhythm with the music as I sat there in my seat. Then later it got to a point when I couldn’t just sit and dance… I got on my feet and moved my body to the music’s rhythm, using my hands to caress my body as I did, putting some ideas into the minds of the dudes who were ogling me with their various eyes.

Uche spotted me on my feet and dragged me to join her on the dance floor as P-Square’s ‘E no Easy’ blasted from the speakers and everybody let out a loud shout….we danced together, she rubbed her body against mine, gliding her hands all over me, touching my boobs, squeezing my ass, once I felt her fingers brush past my crotch…and an intense wave of pleasure ran through me. I knew she was quite drunk and was acting on the impulse of the excess alcohol in her system. Uche had never touched me like that before, but right then, in my drunk state, I was wishing she could touch me more…

I felt his hands hold my waist. I dint need to turn around and look at who it was to find out…the sweet fragrance of his cologne filled my nostrils as his body connected with mine. I just relaxed myself in his arms as he embraced me, and let the sweet smell of him comfort my senses while the others danced with much energy and vigour, we moved slowly…and slowly…until we found ourselves at a far corner in the room where the lights didn’t reach.

The music was still played on, and everybody went about their own forms of merriment without paying much attention to this couple who danced slowly in the darkness. Jake’s hands began to move around my body as we danced, slowly caressing…then I felt his hot breath against my neck, and his lips on my skin. His tongue licked my ear lobes, and his palms squeezed my boobs.

My heart began to race…he held me from behind, and all I could do was hold the hands that were holding me while his lips kissed my neck, his hands still caressed and squeezed my body. I pushed my butt back into him, and felt his hard dick against my soft ass cheeks.

I raised my head up, and found his lips with mine, and kissed him deeply. We still danced while doing this, making sure to not reveal much of our identities as we moved in the near darkness. Jake sucked the breath away from me as his lips fought hard with mine, and his adventurous hand had found its way to my crotch and massaged me there. I squeezed his hands with my thighs, locking it in place as he fiddled me with my jeans on.

I moaned deeply, wishing those fingers of his could come in contact with my coochie without the obstruction of my hard jeans which limited the pleasure I felt down there. Like we’d communicated through our thoughts, that hand slowly went up, found its way up to my belly, caressed my skin for a bit, and then he inserted it right inside my crotch until he could touch and feel my moist pussy.

A long moan escaped me, as I gasped for breath…my heart beat increased, and our embrace got tighter. His dick hardened against my bum and his other hand squeezed my boobs endlessly. All these while we still danced….or were pretending to. He rubbed vigorously on my pussy lips and inserted his finger into me, inserting it deeper and deeper, as his lips kissed my neck once more.

All I could inhale right then was his cologne, and feel the pleasure of what his hands were doing to me…and I just couldn’t take it any more  I wanted to feel his dick inside of me while I grind my ass against his skin. But we couldn’t do all that here, no matter how discrete we were going to be…. I was still lost in the moment until all of a sudden, my jeans had been pushed down to my knee, his hard steel pressed against my bum. Shet!

Watch out for the conclusion

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