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April 20, 2021

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The Mandy Story II

Morning Earthlings,

Here is the concluding part of last week’s story.


I was still lost in the moment until all of a sudden, my jeans had been pushed down my thighs and his hard cock pressed against my bum. Sheeeet!

I felt his finger already finding its way to my pussy lips, probing deeper and stronger. I was scared and excited at the same time.

What was going to happen if we got caught doing this? I asked myself. Jake rubbed hard on my pussy until i got wet from his touch. My jeans couldn’t let me raise my legs for him so he could enter me.

We slowly moved to the wall. He made me face the wall while he stood behind me, I saw someone pass behind us just then my heart was racing. The excitement of what I was about to do had engulfed me, and I didn’t care about getting caught anymore.

I felt his lips on the skin of my neck as he kissed me while I anticipated every touch, then he held me with both my hands and brought his body closer to mine, his dick lodged directly in the crack of my bum, rubbing his pre-come over my soft ass.

He rubbed it in slowly then, I pushed out my ass a bit for him to have access into my dripping orifice. He held his cock and slowly put it inside of me, and I felt its warmth as his dick lunged into my pussy, stretching out my pussy with his wide dick.


I exhaled and made sure not to cry out and draw any attention. Jake pushed deeper until he was inside me completely. His hard cock filled me until I felt it within the innermost parts of my loins. It was like a mini-fireworks of pleasure in my orifice, I began to feel what I was missing, I was helpless , my facial expression I can’t describe.

He wrapped his hand around me and rested his head against mine as I tightened my pussy on his hard dick. We were fucking while standing, pushing out my ass for him to ram his dick into my wetness.

I could feel its pulse within me as we stood still and my cum dripped out of my pussy. He held me tighter and began to rock back and forth as he thrust ever so slightly in and out.

We moved slowly…making sure that nobody noticed us doing anything apart from holding each other and dancing. It was the most adventurous moment of my life yet, I was enjoying every bit of it. My head rested on Jake’s shoulders and my lips parted in ecstasy, his arms around me and his rod inside of me.

I reached down to fondle myself, multiplying the pleasure that I already felt, and my hips moved in rhythm to the movement that Jake made behind me. We were like that for a while until I heard him breathe faster and his movements become erratic. He was fucking, and doing a blady good job at it.

He was approaching his climax, his thrusts got harder and his hands grabbed my boobs and pinched my nipples,I placed both hands on the wall and pushed my ass back harder against him while he thrust into me. His hot breath against my neck and his groping hands caressing all over me, faster and faster he went, his hot rod digging deep within me like a drilling tool seeking crude oil…then just as he was about to get to the peak, a silhouette appeared just beside us, and the voice of a male person called out his name…

“Jake?” Someone interrupted our party for two.

He stopped abruptly, breathing hard…and I was quite sure that he wanted to strangle who it was that had come to interrupt this intense and passionate moment.

“Yeah? Who’s that?” he asked without turning his head away from mine.

“Jake, its Stan.  I’ve been looking all over for you mehn.”

It didn’t look like Stan had realized what we were doing. We just moved slowly, like a couple who were deeply in love with each other and were dancing to a slow stepping song.

Meanwhile, it was Tuface’s Implication blasting out the speakers.

Jake finally looked at him and asked “Is there a problem?”

Stan was quiet for a few seconds before he spoke. “Naah, there’s no biggie.

Just checking if you’d been abducted or som’n. You just kinda disappeared and got us all a bit worried”

Jake chuckled and so did I, even though my heart was beating so hard against my chest. We had almost been discovered, or already had been. I think Stan knew what was going on, but had ‘coded’ and just didnt want me to feel embarrassed.

“I’m good bro. Just dancing, haven’t been abducted yet…but who knows?”

Stan laughed and left then my heart racing stopped.

We decided to not continue with our ‘dancing’ and go join the others at the table for a while. I got there to find Uche sleeping on Stan’s shoulders. She was quite wasted, and I needed to take her home. Stan was like she should sleep at his place but I refused.

I saw a look in his eye and I knew what it meant but didn’t care. So Jake promised to take both of us home.

While Uche slept in the back of the car, Jake & I exchanged touches and kisses on the drive to my place, like we were in love with each other or something like that. I still believe it was the drinks doing all that.

We got home and I helped Uche to bed and covered her with the duvet,  I changed into a knee length gown before going back outside to find Jake standing by his car and waiting…I embraced him and shared another kiss with him.

He looked into my eyes, and I could see the want in them…like we should continue from where we’d stopped right there and then outside my house. I grabbed his crotch and squeezed it. His lips parted and his eyes closed. The street was quiet, and there was not a soul in sight. I opened the door of the passenger seat and made him sit. I undid his zip, brought out his stiff cock, and sucked it for a while until it was at its hardest, wet and slippery with my saliva.

I straddled him, raised my gown to reveal my naked bum, and I put his dick right inside my pussy. It felt so good and sweet to have it back inside me, I sat on top of him, with his hands groping my big behind. I bent to kiss him, my lips sucking hard against his while I bounced hard on his dick, the seat rocked to the movement we made, and my coochie tingled with pleasure as his hard penis found its way deep into me each time I came down on him. A couple of cars drove past us without us caring. Jake was whispering incoherent words into my ear…he swore and grunted and moaned. My desire had reached its limit, and I couldn’t hold it anymore, as my orgasm washed all over me and I let out a small cry…my hips moved faster and faster and I squeezed my coochie walls tighter…

Jake had also reached his orgasm, and I felt his warm cum inside me as he thrust deep into me and exclaimed in utmost ecstasy.

We remained in that position, holding unto each other long after the moment had passed.

What a way to celebrate the end of your life as a student, Mandy…I thought to myself, and smiled.

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