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April 22, 2021

The Longest Ride II (18+)
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The Longest Ride II (18+)

Written by Edymaniac

A new aroma struck me, and it took me a second to realize that it was the scent of my cousin. It was now her body’s signal filling the confined space; setting off more chain reactions around us as yet another couple could be heard kissing noisily. My thumb found a small nub at the top of her sex, her clit I guessed, and I touched it lightly. Jumoke squeezed her thighs tightly about my arm, trapping me in place.

I smiled broadly, proud that I was able to give her such wonderful feelings, hoping that after this ride was over we would somehow find a way to continue our explorations. For long moments we continued our secret fondling in the dark, touching each other without words, only the breathing of the other to guide us. I thought we might have reached the limit of what she wanted to do, but I realized I was wrong when her fingers began pulling back on the waistband of my swim trunks. Shifting our bodies, I was able to sit up just enough so that I could pull them down enough to give her hand room.

When I settled back into the seat Jumoke slipped her hand into my shorts and took hold of dick directly, her small hand curling around the shaft and jerking on me gently. I lay my head against her arm, my lips kissing her soft skin silently as she continued her sweet torture of my manhood.

“Look,” I heard my cousin whisper, and when I looked up at her she was nodding to the couple next to us.

In the faint light I could see the huge man next to us had his woman’s breast out of her top, her boobs consumed by his mouth as he sucked upon it quietly. Her head rested on his far shoulder, her eyes open and watching us, a sexy smile upon her face. I licked my lips, suddenly envious of the man, wanting to kiss and suck Jumoke’s cupcake boobs.

She must have had the same idea, because when I turned to look, her eyes were just as fixed as the woman next to us, her hand pushing aside the cup that held her breast and pulling my face towards it. My mouth opened, sucking in the whole of her boobs, the swollen nipple responding immediately to my touch. Instinctively, I caressed at her bosom, sucking and licking gently, all the while trying not to make too much noise. In the end, it wasn’t me who nearly got us caught.

“Oh yeah,” Jumoke whispered, my mouth working faster and faster on her sensitive flesh. Once again there was laughter and nervous chuckling, more rushing as clothing was shifted all around us.

“You okay Jummy?” Aunt Yemi’s voice cut through the soft commotion. I froze. My mouth full of my cousin’s breast, suddenly afraid that we’d already been caught.

“Yeah, mom, I’m fine,” Jumoke said with barely contained anger, stiffening at her mother’s use of the childish nickname.

I tried to let go, push away from my cousin’s body, but Jumoke held my head in place, pressing her breast back into my mouth. Careful to not make any sound, I continued to suck and play with her nipple, my tongue sliding across the swollen nipple, teasing the tip. I could feel her reaction; Jumoke’s breathing was changing, coming in shallow gasps with each tender poke. Her hand slid up and down my dick steadily, the pressure increasing whenever I had done something she particularly enjoyed. All the while my fingers kept up a smooth sawing in and out of her silky pussy, the towel covered over our lower halves masking the sound of her wetness.

My eyes closed and I was lost in the moment with my cousin, unbelieving that it was even happening. After a minute, Jumoke pulled back, her breast sliding from my mouth, a rope of saliva connecting my mouth to her nipple. I looked about, no one seeming to pay us any special attention, the bus gently swaying as it move slowly up the dusty, bumpy road. I could make out a quiet gasp followed by a deep moan over the sound of the radio.

My cousin was standing now, but my gaze was on the couple in the front seat, the woman choking the man’s face in the valley of her cleavage. Mesmerized, I watched intently, trying to make out the shape of her breasts in the darkness, my eyes looking up only to realize that she was smiling brightly at me. With a bit of embarrassment I returned my attention to Jumoke, who was pushing my legs together as she stood in front of me. Holding the towel on the right side of her body, hiding us behind it, she straddled my legs and adjusted back until she sat down upon me. I could tell immediately that her bikini undies had been pulled off, the feel of her hot flesh directly against me.

“Hold this,” Jumoke whispered, thrusting the edge of the towel in my hand. I took hold of the cloth, my mind numb as I sat stunned by the turn of events, trying to hide our bodies from curious eyes, though it seemed the only ones who might be watching us were similarly engaged.

Her hand slipped between us, grabbing the waistband of my trunks and pulling them down until my dick was free. Once again her fingers curled around my flesh, the heat of her touch causing me to swell with need, and then she was lifting herself up and pushing back. Before I could understand what she was doing, Jumoke slipped the head of my penis into the furnace of her pussy.

I had thought of Jumoke as a virgin, would have bet on it only an hour before, and though her passage was amazingly tight, this was definitely not her first time to take a dick. She adjusted her hips, her weight pressing her down, pushing me all the way into her. I locked my jaw to keep from moaning, my eyes shut tightly as I tried to keep quiet, and the wet vice of her pussy clasping me tightly.

Once she had me fully inserted in her, Jumoke sat motionless for a minute. Her hands found my arms and she held on, trying to control her own breathing and controlling the need to cry out. I could feel her tight canal massaging me. Astonished, I realized her pussy was milking my cock! The sudden revelation made me wonder what else about my innocent little cousin I didn’t know.

Without warning the bus picked up speed, traffic having finally cleared and we were driving at a steady pace down the rough road. The vibrations of the vehicle, amplified by the numerous pot holes, travelled through our bodies, making it seem as if Jumoke and I were engaged in a very physical fuck. I lay my head against her back, the feel of her cool skin against my face helping me to contain myself.

“Ooh hmmm, uhhhh,” Jumoke moaned, her voice rising higher in pitch at the end. A particular deep pot hole had rocked the bus, her body lifted momentarily and then slammed down onto my hard dick. I gasped as the pressure hurt, but the pleasure of pushing back into her more than made up for it.

“Jumoke?” Aunt Yemi was asking, her voice filled with worry. “Jumoke are you okay?”

“Yes, mummy,” she answered, unable to hide the tortured pleasure from her voice.

I looked around in panic, certain that Aunt Yemi was trying to get a view of us, my only comfort that it was nearly pitch black and I could only make out the couple seated next to us when the lightning flashed. Also, she had no angle to see the way her daughter and I were positioned. Could she suspect what was occurring between us?

Jumoke moved forward, my cock slipping from her pussy as she pulled away. My heart sank as I was filled with sad relief; she had obviously had enough and was going to end her little rebellion, give up on fucking her cousin. I pushed forward against her hips, the soft feel of her in my hand filling me with gloom as it was coming to a halt. I was already filling with regret, wishing it hadn’t ended so quickly. As just the tip of my penis was in her, almost ready to explode, Jumoke pushed back, taking me in again in a rush.

The sound of her ass slapping against my stomach was loud in my ears, certain that everyone had heard it and was looking at us. My heart raced as I feared that any second now the lights would come on and everyone would be staring at us, their eyes filled with condemnation and disgust. Their judging glares sentencing me to hell as I so clearly took abuse of my cousin. Who could suspect that sweet, innocent looking Jumoke had been the one to initiate this act of public incest?

I felt a new hand on my arm and I turned to look. The woman next to us leaned close, her finger pressed against her lips, indicating for us to be quiet. Jumoke’s body shifted, she had seen the woman too, I guessed. In response to the admonishment, she rolled her hips, the motion pleasuring us both immensely.

Looking through the bare slit of my heavy eyelids I could see the familiar landscape of the hotel as we rounded a corner, we’d be back to safety soon and lights would shine upon us, revealing our sin. I tried to move Jumoke, silently urging her to break our embrace, and save us from the embarrassment of being caught, but she refused. Her hips moved faster and sharper as she leaned forward, resting her head against the seat in front of us. I felt her hand touch my leg between hers, finger tips quickly sliding up higher so that she was touching herself. Closing my eyes tightly, resigning myself to the fate that my aunt would discover us and I would surely be blamed for it all.

“uhhhh, uh, uh-” Jumoke cried, her soft voice growing louder with each moment, her hips driving back and forth wildly now as she neared her orgasm. Any second now the truth would be evident and everyone in the bus would know who it was that was Cumming loudly.

“Oh Wale o!” the woman next to us cried out suddenly. She pushed away from him, arching her back so that her breasts were visible in the slides of light penetrating the dark windows. “Oh, sweetheart, right there! Ai- Ai- uhhhh!” she yelled, everyone in the bus sitting in stunned silence as she had an orgasm right in front of them.

I felt the hot flood of Jumoke’s cum engulfing my cock, the sweet screw of her pussy grasping me tightly, pulsing and throbbing, sending me into my own orgasm. Biting down on the towel that I instinctively pulled to my mouth, I thrust up as much as I could, trying to drive myself into her as far as I could manage. The bus drove past the outer buildings, the large high rise coming into view as my cum was pumping into Jumoke, all the while holding back the scream that threatened to escape, only short gasps coming out instead.

The bus came to a halt and I opened my eyes, Jumoke looking back at me, satisfaction and terror in her eyes as the bright white fluorescent light of the hotel’s covered parking spilled through the window. People were heaping out, everyone clamoring to get out of the stuffy vehicle, everyone except the couple next to us. The woman tapped Jumoke’s shoulder and gestured wildly at her legs, telling her to make herself presentable.


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