August 12, 2022

The Inn Laws (Episode 6) [18+]

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The Inn Laws (Episode 6) [18+]

My relationship with Otah obviously crumbled fast, I got entangled with Chika and we have been dating for about a month now and have become pretty serious. She works with Chevron and she’s classy as fuck.

She identifies strictly as a lesbian but I like to think of myself as more bisexual because I love dick especially in the wrong places, but definitely have always leaned more towards women but never realised it till I met Chika.

Recently, I’ve found myself more interested in women for some reason. I’ve been watching a lot of lesbian porn and have even found it hard to have sex with men. Don’t get me wrong, they are amazing in bed.

But I just feel as if my sexual attraction has switched focus, and I am terrified to tell what has been going on lately…

So a while ago, I started talking to this guy, Francis on and off, we met online.
We met in a local tattoo group on FB and have been talking every day since. Not long after we met online, I told him what I had been feeling and going through in reference to my sexuality, and he was surprisingly really understanding and never once tried to force himself on me or try to insinuate that we should sleep together (which actually turned me on even more?).

We ended up meeting in person a few weeks after that conversation and we just hit it off instantly, both in a friendly and sexual way. I could feel the chemistry between us, which made it hard because I already found him super physically attractive.

A few nights later we ended up going out to the bar after we had both gotten off work and had a few too many. When he offered to drive me home we ended up making out in his car for a solid 45 minutes.

I ended up giving him a hand job in the parking lot, but when he tried to touch me in return, I freaked out and just couldn’t do it. When I got home I felt sick to my stomach, knowing I had betrayed my girlfriend Chika. Even worse, she knew I was friends with this guy and would be devastated to find out I cheated on her with him.

So fast-forward about a month and I’ve been pretty much avoiding hanging out with this guy in person because I knew we would probably end up having sex.

My girlfriend and I end up throwing a birthday party for each other (our birthdays are literally one week apart). Because she didn’t know what had happened at the bar, she invited my friend over to our party.

He didn’t show up until late in the evening when I had already tossed a few back and was definitely letting loose. At this point, I was just trying to play it cool so my girlfriend wouldn’t notice the tension in the room.

A few hours later, once everyone had mostly left, my girlfriend told my friend and me that she was headed to bed since she had drunk a little bit too much.

After that, everything seemed fine at first. We just had a normal conversation and even smoked together, but then he turned and kissed me. Everything in my body went numb as I just let him kiss me and slide his hands under my clothes.

He whispered in my ear that it was his turn to touch me, and I swear I have never been so wet in my life, And this man just slid his hands down my pants and started playing with me.

I feel like, at that moment, half of my brain felt nervous that my girlfriend was going to walk outside, but the other was just taken over by pleasure.

The few times I tried to object and tell him I was unsure about what we were doing, he just kissed me and kept his fingers rubbing and touching me in a way that just made my body succumb to him.

Next thing I know, I’m showing him down the hall, to the guest bedroom that’s literally right next to where my girlfriend was asleep in our bedroom. The second the door shut behind us, our clothes were off and he had me pinned to the bed.

I don’t say this lightly, but it was the best dick, and sex in general, that I’ve ever had.

He manhandled me so easily and covered my mouth every time I would moan too loud. His dick felt so warm inside, although he was not a fan of anal was hitting all the right spots, and I literally couldn’t control what was happening to my body.

The worst part is, I was enjoying myself so much that I literally forgot my girlfriend was in the other room. He made me cum after an anal tease with his dick and then ate me out before I had to tap out.

After he left, and once my euphoria faded off, I went and slept on the couch, feeling too disgusted to sleep next to her after what we had just done…

We’ve slept together almost on a weekly basis since this night, and I have yet to tell my girlfriend. I feel horrible about that night and what has occurred since, but at the same time, I’m experiencing a new part of myself that feels amazing and am getting more pleasure than I ever have before.

“How good was his dick?” I heard Chika say snapping me back to reality

“What are you talking about?” I said
“Do you know I violate anyone who lies to me and when I get my chance, to do so I can’t help myself”?

I was a little bit tipsy but I was present. I was almost was out cold on my touch.

Chika pulled my skirt up and starred at my perky round ass with such soft skin that she sighed feeling like an old hag in comparison. Shaking, she pulled my panties to one side and breathed in.

Tentatively she put her tongue out to run it across the ridges of my asshole which she then lapped at hungrily. Oh god. she started licking from pussy to asshole and back again, my arousal overshadowing my guilt. The guilt in fact only increased the arousal.

She started to touch herself down her panties. Fuck I was wet already. she pushed her face up against my asshole, sort of mashing it now as she rubbed herself to cum.

“Fuck” she said.

Panting now, she rolled me onto my stomach and jiggled my ass cheeks to watch them roll.

I moaned as my ass continued to wobble.
At one point, I farted which grossed made her give my ass a huge spank but it also turned me on a bit to see her so reduced and up so close and intimate.

She had to feel as if she was fucking me. No, hurting me. This is what led me to scream and my eyes shot open as she slowly inserted a huge cucumber into my asshole with any lube all over it.

She fucked me hard with it.

Overcame with what I don’t know, it turned physical, as she kicked my stomach and pissed on my face. I was still so tipsy up that even as I cried in pain, I kept slipping in and out of consciousness.

She rolled me over into my back so that she could straddle me and punch and slap my boobs. she rode my face until she came.

“That’s better”, she told me.

“Now I’m going to call my partner to come and fuck you.” I started crying even more.
“The more you cry, the harder he fucks you”. She said
Next time you see a dick, it would teach you not to cheat on someone like me.
I figured being with a lesbian was definitely a red flag, but the introduction of her partner with a dick certainly feels exciting, she thinks she is hurting me, but this is my fetish, the brutal manhandling of my sexual organs.

“Bring it on,” I said in my mind.

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