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The Inn Laws (Episode 4) [18+]

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The Inn Laws (Episode 4) [18+]

well, we drove longer than expected and watched Lekan play with his dick throughout the ride there.

I don’t call him “Lekan,” because believe me or not he wasn’t my mate, but I can’t really call him uncle either. He’s a man, and he’s matured, but it sucks not being able to call him by his name in public. As much as I want to.

He’s great, and I can’t really tell you how he met his wife, my sister, Foluke, but she was young then. Not as young as me. Unlucky for her, her C-section got infected before it could heal, and it really broke his heart.

So, he focused on being a good father and husband and even quit work to live off the settlement from the hospital.

(That’s why I can’t tell the whole story: He signed an agreement, so he can’t even tell me what happened, but somebody fucked up, and he agreed not to sue. The settlement was enough money that he could raise to start a new business.)

So, here we are, at his friends, I had two shocks that day, first is he was a friend of my cousin in school.

The second, Lekan lied, he wasn’t Tolu, he probably thought I had the fear of tribalism and shit, he was so tall and hot, Otah was his name, Igbo men hit differently.

Well, we spent hours alone after Lekan left to avoid the awkwardness, it was a rush when we both expressed feeling that day. I still felt Lekan was up to something with this matchmaking.

I said, “No, Otah it’s okay, I’ll be there soon.”

So, I agreed to come over. It’s only a couple of hours after class, he showed up to pick me up back to a fun park.

So, we pulled up to watch people dance like it was a carnival, I was bored to an extent because I needed excitement, so I asked to go someplace private, where I could pull my bra down, and he could get his hands on this boobs.

While looking for a place to park since we weren’t coming out of the car, I noticed he got hard in his trouser, I wonder if it’s because of my exposed laps but it turned me on.

We stopped and Otah took no time in feeling my boobs. I know, I wanted it but he was like this wild beast, I pulled his dick out and the nympho in me disappeared for a sec

I’m still too tight for his big dick, but I can suck it. Well, mostly just the tip, but that leaves the other 6 inches for me to pump in my hand, and my fingers are almost long enough to wrap all the way around it.

“Oh, hun!” He called me hun, I knew he was gonna cum soon, he was so breathless from his orgasm, he couldn’t finish the word in 1 breath. “Huh!”

I tried to swallow it all, but a lot leaked out of the corners of my mouth, to run down the top and bottom, but after he finished ejaculating. I held it up to lick the bottom, then out to lick off the top.

“Haaaaa we are over?” I piped up in the back seat, noticing the moment was over

“Yeah,” he said.

“It’s late, you should be heading home now?”

I was pissed and couldn’t talk so I nodded silently, but then he started up the car and dropped me off at home. while at home I fingered myself to one hell of an orgasm, but when it finally broke free.

All I could think about was the look on Otah’s face when I sat up. With dick on my breath and all weekend, I was torn between being pissed and disappointed that I was in love with a 10-second guy.

On Sunday, he had to go to his friend’s birthday party at Shoprite. I had to stay at his place till he came back.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one with his house key, I met his brother at home,

“Are you Otah’s brother?” He just nodded, but he got that adorable look of confusion on his face.

“I am ke- Kemi” I stammered, for a reason I didn’t understand, maybe because he was bigger and intimidating

“Well, I’ll let you on a little secret. Come here.” He said, I leaned over to listen as he whispers in my ear.

“Huh, I know who you are, I am Izu and Otah told me you’ll be coming.”

Well, I was feeling uncomfortable and turned on because of the whispers in my ears as I let out a moan

“What’s that?” He said as I pulled back to sit, I had my legs crossed, but my panties were already getting steamy, so my thighs felt sweaty, and stuck together.

I noticed he got hard, so I was already sizing him in my mouth, I licked my lips,

“Think Kemi” it’s your boyfriend’s brother as more really sick incestuous thoughts came in, like how he’s probably not too big to stick it inside me, and he’s probably going to be shooting blanks for the next 5 years, but I know I shouldn’t take advantage of him, even though he looks so cute when he doesn’t notice.

“Oh, lest I forget, my bro said you were good in the head game.” He dropped the bomb. Stood up and went to the room.

I felt if God wanted to come, now was the best time as my mouth was open for about 2 minutes.

“Is she asleep now?” I heard from a loudspeaker call which sounded like Otah,

“let me check, yes she is” my pretend sleep game was flawless.

“Well, let’s pretend together, lay down.” I heard him say but I wasn’t willing to let him win. I felt a touch on my boobs and directly on my nipples, I jerked up

“There, now just close your eyes, and pretend it’s nap time,” he said

“Night night.” He closed my eyes and pulled up my dress. God, I was dripping, my panties were gone. I did feel a little damp inside, but I had to wiggle my waist in, when I felt his finger in my opening.

When I closed my eyes, I couldn’t help facing facts. Now, I’m a cheat, I’m about to have sex with Izu my boyfriend’s brother, but my horny meter was green.

“Fuck?” I opened my eyes and snapped out of it, but he was already fondling his dick, it was hard but not as big as his brothers

He touched my boobs “So, can you feed me milk? I’m hungry.”

“Uh!” this made me lose it

“Let me take my bra off,” I said, He sat up, and turned around while I unbuttoned my dress. Enough to get my head through, and took it off to sit next to him with no clothes on.

He licked his lips, I just pulled off the bra, and pushed my nipple up. So, he could turn sideways and tilt his head over to kiss, and suck it.

“Huh!” I just closed my eyes, and put my head back. I’d had my nipples kissed, licked, and sucked before, but his brother. Well, he made it feel dirty, but somehow this felt so right, I could forget who wrong it was, and pull my waistband out.

Squeezing the still developing glands in my boobs, and imagining them full of milk. Flowing into the centre, pulled by his gentle intimate suction, and my fingertips brushed past the damp line.

Soaked into the crotch of my panties, I was definitely ready for his dick, Well, it’s not quite as big as his Otah’s dick head, but they get wider and wider.

With each knuckle, stretching me loser, and loser until he had to stop. The beast in Izu was unleashed.

Izu’s hands had formed fists in my hair and I was being smothered against his dick.

It took me a minute to register that I was choking on his dick while he was moving my head to pleasure himself. “Finding it hard to argue your case with your mouth full of my dick, huh? Suck it, bitch, suck it hard and long, he said

Izu’s eyes suddenly grew colder. He lifted me up, took me to the room and threw me onto the bed and spread my legs in one swift motion.

“Speaking about ass fucks, I heard you are an expert,” he began and trailed off, and then I yelped in pain.

“Izu, get the lube” I said

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