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December 1, 2021

The Inn Laws (Episode 1)
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The Inn Laws (Episode 1)

Foluke, my sister got married young, so my brother in law was still a youth.

A weird one, it turns out there was something she wouldn’t give him.

She had to stay behind at church to make arrangements for the christening. 19, and already pregnant, nobody said anything about how the math didn’t add up. They didn’t wait, but she wasn’t showing at the wedding. they even let her wear virginal white!

So, her husband, Lekan had to give me a ride home, and he’d been living with us for months. Mooching off dad, until he could get on his feet. Save up for a place, and move out, but at least he had a car.

So, I asked him, “Can you take me home? I don’t want to wait around here for hours.”

“Sure,” but instead of dropping me off, he went into the office. Now, we have a pretty big house, it’s only 3 bedrooms, but since my sister moved into the guest house with her husband, and the laundry room behind it. I guess they have a bathroom too, but it’s not really like a whole house.

Anyway, I knew what he was doing in there because I could hear the moans.

“Awh! Auh!” Through the door. He was watching porn, and I knew he watched porn a lot.

Heck, so did I, but I could almost hear the sounds the lady made. “Auh ah uh!”

He was really fucking her, in the ass I guessed. That’s something my big sister complained about all the time.

He kept pressuring her to try it and touching her butthole with his hard-on.

“Oops,” by accident, as if you can “accidentally” try to stick it in the wrong hole, over and over, every time they made love.

Well, she married him, but now she’s pregnant, so I got out the screwdriver to pick the lock. It’s not like a real lock with a keyhole, it’s just a hole in the doorknob big enough to stick a flat head screwdriver in, and feel for the slot.

It had a “Key” somewhere, but it was just a bent piece of wire with 1 end mashed flat like you’d use to open up a can of sardines with.

“Auh auh auh!” Sure enough, it wasn’t just one man sodomizing her, it was 2. At the same time, while more gathered around waving their dick in her face. “Oomph!” She sucked one, then turned, and another one stuffed it in her face.

“Oh huh!” The office chair rolled out, so he could slump, and blow his wad early. “Huh! Huh, yeah.” He kept pulling it, even after it went soft, so the last drops dribbled out on his pubes, and he pulled up his boxers.

Sat up, and rolled back up to the desk. Instead of closng out the video, he used the mouse to look at other scenes across the bottom.

Skipped ahead to the end, where she was off the desk (It looked like some kind of office) and on her knees, so all the guys could gather around, and beat off all over her face.

Then, the next scene started, only this time it was 2 girls. With toys on the couch, turning around, and flashing their panties under their short skirts.

Shaking their butts, and touching each other. With playful swats, but I saw at least 1 butt plug in the collection on the couch.

With a big bottle of lube on the table, with a pump head, like lotion, or hand sanitiser, only sex lubricant. He skipped ahead again, and sure enough, one was bent over. Only this time, the other girl was licking out her butt crack.

“Yeah.” I can’t believe he got it up again so quickly, but he skipped ahead again. The guys came in, so they could pop the toys out, and bend over to get fucked in their gaping buttholes.

“Huh, they really like anal.”

“Oh,” he said my name, Kemi, as he quickly covered up his crotch, but it was a little too late with 1 load already soaking into his undershirt. His church shirt and tie were just taken off and left on the floor. He zipped up, but he didn’t even go for the mouse to stop the video.

“What are you doing in here?”

“Watching porn,” I pointed. Afro anals in the bottom corner, in red, and black letters.

“It’s my house too, you know.” This used to be my room until my sister moved out. Well, kinda moved out.

“Well, don’t you knock in this house?” He looked down at my other hand. Holding the screwdriver, I tried to hide it behind me, but it was too late.

“Well, I’m bored and lonely, and now I’m turned on.” I whined, then shook my head,

“Don’t change the subject, what’s with you and sodomy, anyhow?” It’s hard to believe that they managed to get 2 dicks in 1 asshole, but sure enough, they’re at it again.

“Huh,” he turned around, so I could look down at the flat front of his pants, and the still wet money shot soaking in the front of his teeshirt.

“Well, if you must know, I can see their pussies while they get fucked, and don’t call it Sodomy.”

Why not? “I know, anal sex, butt fucking, duh.” I checked his crotch again, and he covered it up. “

You want me to talk dirty?” I dropped the screwdriver and lifted up the front of my dress. “You want to see my pussy?”

“Stop it,” he got up, but I blocked the door.

“How long’s it been? I know my sister lost interest, now that she got what she wanted. It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone you kissed my ass.”

“Nobody wants to kiss your ass.” He tried to push me, by the shoulder.

“Let me out.”

“You sure?” I grabbed his hand and pulled it down to my bra.
“Nhm, I know my tits aren’t as big. Oh ahuh!”

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