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April 21, 2021

The Elevator Session (18+)
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The Elevator Session (18+)

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I was not feeling fine,  I think I was coming down with Malaria. I have been having constant headache, I practically have been living on analgesic. I needed to go see the doctor. I booked an appointment to see my doctor, naturally  too tired to drive down so I checked my contact to see who could be of help. There was nobody, I decided to go take a cab.

As I set out of the estate gate, I saw Dayo driving out of the gate. I pretended as If I did not see him. Dayo was an ex. He was one person I never felt sad being with. He’s fun through and through. His only fault was that he loved sex a lot. He was a trojan and he loved women. I could not cope with this insatiable appetite and I decided to walk away. I never knew he was still staying in the estate.

As I walked briskly to the taxi lot, his car cruised to my side. He asked me where I was going and I told him not to bother himself. It was as if the heavens were against me that day. I had not finished talking that the heavens opened their shutters and there was a heavy downpour. I had no choice than to get inside his car.

It rained till we got to the hospital. By the time I got to the hospital I was shivering and running temperature. He parked his car in the parking lot, unfortunately we had no umbrella. We jumped out of the car, ran to the entrance, getting soaked to the skin. We were going to the 4th floor. I told him I had no strength in me to climb the staircase and we might need to take the elevator.

After shaking off as much water as we could from our body, we took the only available elevator. Just as the elevator passed the second floor, lightning struck and there was a hard bump and all lights went out. The elevator stopped moving and we were standing in pitch darkness. I cussed under my breath even as I was shivering. Before we could say anything,  the emergency light came up. It was a power outage. Oh God! We are going to be here for a while.

After fifteen minutes and still no power, I sat down on the floor to rest. My body was so cold and I was shaking seriously. Dayo was scared and asked what he could do to help. I told him there’s nothing he could do. I really needed a doctor. I tried calling my doctor but there was no service on our phones. We were really stuck in here until only God knows when.

Dayo sat down beside me and was rubbing my back telling me it was going to be okay and said he hoped that we would be out soon and then I could see the doctor. Another half hour went by and still no movement. By now I was so cold and desperate. Then I asked him if he could warm me up.

I am sure he was dumbfounded at what he was hearing, all he could do was shake his head. I quickly unbuttoned my top and laid it on the floor then sat facing him, he embraced me to warm me with his bare chest. Then he began to massage my body. His hands felt good on my body.

He began to kiss me gently along the nape of my neck, moving across the back and up the other side. I did not know what to do with my hands, so I found his thighs, squeezing gently on them. I moaned as his hands grazed over my breasts.  We were both breathing audibly.

I greedily grabbed his hands and placed them over my breasts, and he squeezed them slightly, rolling his hands over them, and then focusing his fingers on my hardening nipples.  He let his thumbs move over my nipples,  sending shocks of pleasure through my body. I was no longer shivering in pain but in passion. Then he began to roll my nipples between his fingers,  then  kissed his way down and circled my breasts with his warm lips. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face into my heaving breasts. He took my nipple between his lips and tugged gently, I moaned in ecstasy.  He began to gently bite my nipples before taking them in his mouth again.

Soon he was on his knees in front of me and I was already wet in anticipation. I was weak both in strength and expectation.  He lifted my skirt up, and kissed his way up one leg and then down the other, then back up again.  He slowly rubbed my pussy as he kissed my thighs and my knees went weak with pleasure. He pulled my panties down and ran his fingers along the length of my pussy.

I spread my legs for him, and grabbed his head. He needed no more prodding, his lips found my pussy, already moist with pleasure. It felt so gooooooood! He gently spread my lips with one hand, and flicked his tongue against my clit,  then covered it gently with his lips, before rolling his tongue around it. He began to eat me. My God! It sent spasm of pleasure through my body.

This guy knows what he’s doing. He then took my clit between his lips and tugged, then licked all around it very gently, his finger was inside me, the pressure sent me over the edge and It began to build up like forever. My whole body tensed and my thighs automatically squeezed together, trapping his head between my legs. Yes! Yes! Yes! I gasped as my body shook with an intense orgasm.  Waves and waves of pleasure flooded my body, I became an animal.

I unzipped his pants, pulled out his engorged organ. I grabbed his shaft and stroked it roughly, watching his head roll back with pleasure. I began to lick his cock up and down. I moved faster, up and down, then slowing down to tease it with licks and kisses before taking it in my mouth again, tasting the little bits of pre-cum at its tip.

He was beginning to moan now, and I was afraid he was going to cum, so I slowed down. He withdrew from my mouth and placed his cock at the entrance of my aching pussy. He began to tease my clit with his cock but I was desperate now, I grabbed his cock and plunged it deep inside me, feeling it fill my pussy. It felt so good, he began to fuck me, very hard, my thighs slapping together. He was moaning loudly now, harder, faster and I was screaming with pleasure. We were animals now, acting on pure desire and passion.

He slowed down and begin to fuck me with nice,  long, even thrusts, his hands gently massaging my ass, he sped up again and I felt him stiffened, then he said he was going to cum.

He pulled out his cock out of my pussy, holding it with one hand, he pointed it at my breasts and began to jerk.  He contorted his face with pleasure, moaned loudly and quickened his strokes. As I felt the warm cum on my chest, just then the lights came on and the elevator started to move!

We both leaped to our feet and struggled to get our clothes on. I did not even have time to put on my bra. At the fourth floor there were people already waiting. We came out and Dayo winked at me. He said he will wait for me at the reception as I walked in to see my doctor. It was really a steamy session in the elevator but i was’t so sure about doing it with my ex again

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