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September 2, 2020

The Dickmatized Temi III (18+)

The Dickmatized Temi III (18+)


Temi is a curvy figure, 5’ 7 inches with voluptuous boobs, waist and hips. She has long, black hair that flows down to her butt and a sexy, sensual smile and face that gives guys instant erection.

Obi stood up straight and arched his back and brought both his hands up behind his head. He seemed to relax and his face eased up into one of excitedly devilish delight as Temi continued to steadily stroke him and suck him off at the same time.

His previous hard, thrusting motions had now been replaced by a gentle bucking back and forth as Temi’s fat, bimbo lips rolled backwards and forwards, coating his shining cock head in saliva that dribbled back down the length of his cock shaft and made her braided hair wet as it came into contact with it.

This scene was again too much to take for me and I ejaculated violently for a second time making my wet boxer even wetter. Temi had been stroking and sucking Obi off for a good 15 minutes now but the dude showed no signs of cumming.

However, just as I was marvelling at his immense stamina, Obi withdrew his cock suddenly from Temi’s mouth, rapidly sliding it out through the rolls of her braided hair, and retreating a few steps back. Temi’s hair, free of its bonds, but even heavier now due to its wetness from her drool and Obi’s precum, fell back down her left side.

But, as it had been massed together, her braid became wedged in the cleavage of her black dress. “Something wrong baby?” she asked timidly. Obi’s body shuddered and I thought he was going to explode as his cock tensed and jerked.

“Damn bitch, you almost made me blow my cum too soon,” Obi replied. “But that ain’t gonna happen today,” he added, cockily, grabbing the base of his erect monster and again moving forward towards Temi.

He smeared his slimy dick all over Temi’s cheeks, nose and closed mouth, leaving a stick residue of her spit and his precum all over her face. He then lifted his dick high before dropping it with a light tap on her closed lips. Temi opened her mouth and Obi pushed himself in again.

Temi’s mouth closed eagerly around his cock as she said “yummmm” with Obi’s 12 inch dick stuffed in her mouth.

Obi started to face fuck Temi all over again and I really started to admire the endurance of this black dude and his enormous dick. However, a bit of doubt began to creep into my mind.

Obi was fully naked and had been since the start, but Temi was still fully clothed in her figure hugging black dress. I began to wonder if this was how far she was willing to go and she would not take it any further. If Obi blew his load, would that be the end of proceedings?

Would I not get to see that sexy pussy (surely glistening and wet by now) being pounded and pile-driven into submission by a big, black monster dick? Obi, as if reading my mind, seemed to sense this too. If he didn’t take things up another notch, things may well end prematurely without ever getting the chance to sample this prime Asian pussy. He, therefore, took this as the opportune moment to make his move.

“Let me help you with this,” he said, as he lowered his right hand to free Temi’s coiled, wet braid from its tangled resting place on top of her killer cleavage.

As he shifted it away and allowed it to fall to her side again, he let his hand take the place of her braid and cupped the outside of her left breast, enclosing the full melon sized form of her boob in his large hand which was the size of a goal keeper’s glove almost. Once her boob was fully entrenched in his hand, he squeezed it gently.

A croaky, ecstatic moan of “uuuunnnhhhh,” escaped from Temi’s lips which were busy sucking away at Obi’s huge dick. “Oh, you like that, do you?” Obi observed as he started to more vigorously massage Temi’s boob through her dress. Temi started to moan in wild fury as he began to knead her boob roughly, like it was some sort of bread.

Temi started to suck furiously on Obi’s dick now. She brought both hands together on his dick and began stroking it back and forth at maniacal pace even as she blew the life out of his bulging cock head with her huge, fat, thick lips built to give blow jobs.

I think somewhere in the back of her head, a small strand of hesitancy was forming about what she was doing. It almost seemed as if she was trying to get Obi to cum as soon as possible so she could then call a halt after that. Obi started to tighten as waves of pleasure, too hard to control, spread through his loins.

He, however, sensed what Temi was trying to do and cleverly put a stop to any newfound resistance in one, swift motion.

Obi reached down, put his hand on Temi’s dress where her cleavage was and gave a firm, yet gentle, tug. The front of Temi’s dress descended past her cleavage and further down her body and her breasts burst out of their captivity and swung out into the open.

I swear I almost heard a gentle swish of noise as they exploded out of their confines into full view. Temi was now topless in front of Obi and what a sight those breasts were to behold. They were templates for a breast surgeon. Firm, round, tight, magnificent breasts with hard, brown perfectly formed nipples standing erect to attention.

I stared in disbelief at her awesome, naked boobs.

I looked up again to survey the mind-blowingly sexy scene unfolding before me. I could now see how very clever Obi was. He had shrewdly observed that Temi had been wearing a halter top dress that did not have any shoulder straps, so it would slip down easily if pulled.

He had also put two and two together, that if it was a halter top dress then Temi couldn’t be wearing a bra that had shoulder straps either. I didn’t know how I had missed that when I had met her earlier on that night; Obi obviously was much more experienced in seducing and bedding women than I was.

My respect for him grew, even as I started to feel bad for my friend. Here was his hot girlfriend greedily sucking and sucking on a completely strange man’s gigantic dick just one floor above where he was.

The exposure of her boobs seemed to have a very sobering effect on Temi. Just as her breasts emerged forth from her dress, standing proud, firm and resplendent, she let out a small yelp of surprise and ejected Obi’s monster tool from her mouth.

As Obi’s slippery cock came free, there was a stream of Temi’s saliva that followed it, which slid off Obi’s cock and splashed all over her newly revealed boobs. Temi retreated back slightly and made as if to hide her natural wonders with her hands. However, Obi was quick to nip this moment of lucidity in the bud.

Just as her hands were coming up he quickly moved forward close to her face, so that her hands, which were blocked by his body, settled on his solid, muscular black butt instead. He gave his dick two quick strokes, held it by its base and rubbed his tip on Temi’s lips. “Let’s keep this party going baby,” he exclaimed and as Temi opened her mouth to answer he deftly glided his dick back into her mouth

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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