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The Dickmatized Temi (18+)

Temi is a curvy figure, 5’ 7 inches with voluptuous boobs, waist and hips. She has long, black hair that flows down to her butt and a sexy, sensual smile and face that gives guys instant erection.

Temi is the ex-girlfriend of a friend of mine.

She has a curvy figure, 5’ 7 inches with voluptuous boobs, waist and hips. She has long, black hair that flows down to her butt and a sexy, sensual smile and face that gives guys instant erection. She is originally Yoruba, but born and brought up abroad.

She is, in all senses of the word, a bimbo. A body to be fucked into submission and not really much going on in the brains department. However, I’ve always thought my friend a damn lucky bastard and have fantasized about fucking her on too many occasions to count, while stroking my dick to climax.

One night (when my friend and Temi were still together), we were all invited to a house party. I arrived at around 8 pm to pick them both up and when I saw Temi, my heart skipped a beat and my dick throbbed in my trouser.

She was really sexily dressed in a tight black dress with her cleavage displayed for posterity and her long hair worn in a braid flowing neatly down to one side of her head. The dress was short and it stopped just above her knees, showing plenty of her dreamy legs. She was dressed to tease, her “bimbo” attributes perfected to the max.

We arrived at the party and were introduced to everyone there. It seemed like a great party and there were quite a number of guys and girls there.

However, my eye was drawn, due to his imposing frame, to this one black guy in particular called Obi, built like a steam train and wearing a tight fitted T- shirt.

He was at least 6’, chiselled face and body to match, a fine male specimen who made most average males conscious of their own bodies; an alpha male if there ever was one. I saw him spot Temi and without fail, like most guys, he gave the full look from top to bottom. Unknown to anyone but me, however, he licked his lips slightly, as if seeing a tasty meal.

Obi walked up to us, wading through the crowd and pushing several individuals out of the way in a assertive manner, and introduced himself.

“Hey, I’m Obi,” he said as he made a path for Temi and shook her hand. He seemed to hold on to her hand for a little bit longer than what I thought was normal. But my friend seemed pretty comfortable with him so I didn’t think anything of it at that time.

We all stood around talking for a bit but my friend was introduced to someone else so moved away from the rest of us. I, however, lingered within earshot of Obi, and now Temi who was alone with him. I could hear pretty much everything that Obi was saying to her. Obi started to chat her up, teasingly flirting with her, getting her drinks and generally telling her how amazing she looked. I thought I saw Temi smile as these compliments were heaped on her by the handsome guy.

My friend Ali, her boyfriend, didn’t seem to mind or care, probably because he trusted her back then and he was just talking to other people, not really observing. But, I was keeping a hawk eye on proceedings, with a curious sense of sexual excitement and agitation.

Obi continued to shower Temi with compliments and slowly, as the alcohol took effect, Temi started to do those things, which are always a warning sign. She touched and twirled the end of her braided hair and sometimes touched Obi on his bulging arm while she laughed at something that he was saying. And every time she touched him, her hand rested on his for longer.

For no reason whatsoever I happened to glance downwards and I was well and truly surprised by what met my eye. I caught sight of a massive erection running down the length of Obi’s jeans and it looked at least 12 inches long. Now, I’ve heard stories about some guys and their dicks, but this was my first experience in real life and they weren’t exaggerating in those stories.

Obi leaned over and whispered something in Temi’s ear. She giggled and punched him on his arm. It seemed a playful and surprisingly intimate gesture. I sensed that something was about to give. Suddenly, Obi took her by her hand and started leading her away from the rest of the party.

Amazingly, Temi didn’t seem to resist and started to go along with him. For one moment, I didn’t know what to do. I looked around for my friend Ali but he was nowhere to be seen, probably talking to people in some other part of the house. So, I followed her and Obi on tip-toes taking care not to draw attention to myself.

They went up a set of stairs. I stayed back a bit waiting for them to go up the stairs and I could clearly see, as they were climbing, that Obi had put his hand on Temi’s amazing butt and he was holding her close to him. There was no sign of hesitation or apprehensiveness from her at all. I followed them to the upper level and observed them go into a room. However, as the door was faulty, they couldn’t shut it entirely and it remained slightly ajar. I waited for a while, a little bit away from the room, not wanting them to hear me or my footsteps as I crept up to the door gradually.

I edged closer to the door, just in time to hear Obi saying, “You still think I’m making it up?” I heard Temi giggle and she said: “No way, that’s not possible.” Obi responded, “Do you want me to prove it?” At that precise moment, with my left hand, I slowly moved the door open a little more so I could see into the room.

They were so preoccupied with each other that they did not realise I was there and that the door had opened a bit more. I could see that they had been seated on the bed, not quite touching but almost that close.
However, at the moment of me looking into the room, Obi had stood up unbuttoned his jeans, rolled down the zip and pulled his trouser and underwear down in one swift motion.

Their conversation instantly became clear to me. Obi must have implied the size of his member and that’s what Temi had contradicted. Temi must have answered “yes” to his previous question of wanting to prove it just as I had creaked the door open more.

Obi’s huge 12 inch dick sprang out and reached for the sky, flicking Temi slightly on the nose as it was released from his pants. “So what do you think now?” Obi queried displaying his tool proudly. I am not gay at all but I honestly swear I had never before seen another man’s dick and been so in absolute awe of the size, thickness and sheer beauty of it. It was awe inspiring to any man let alone any woman.

Obi took off his T shirt and threw it on the bed. His hard muscles glowed, as if polished. Temi sat, absolutely speechless, and just stared at his chest. She stroked her braid slowly, her right hand clasping a high bit and her left hand a bottom bit, rotating both hands slowly down the entire length of her braid before starting again.

She surveyed Obi’s dick as she stroked her hair with a flirtatious look. I half expected her to have a moment of clarity and reiterate that she had a boyfriend and what were they doing but, inwardly, I was praying that she did not.

I took out my mobile phone, put it on the video camera, and pointed it into the room with one hand as I touched my massive erection with the other, hoping against hope that what I wanted to happen was going to happen next.

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