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September 3, 2020

The Bride & The Goons III (18+)

The Bride & The Goons III (18+)

To his surprise, Musa’s dick had entered the new bride‚Äôs pussy easily, as she wrapped her arms around him, he began to pump his organ into her. She was breathing faster, grunting with each thrust of his dick.

He propped himself up on his elbows and made eye contact with the lusty bride. The look in her eyes was pure desire. He increased his pace and felt her lift her legs, trying to take in as much of him as possible.

Okon had repositioned himself on the other side of the bed, near the newlywed’s head, taking a moment to watch his friend’s impressive dick enter her tight pussy. Her pussy was stretching and contorting with each thrust. He saw his friend was increasing his pace, and the bride’s legs were up in the air to better receive him.

She began to arch her back in the air. Her head thrown backward in ecstasy, Okon stepped forward and as she opened her mouth in another lustful grunt he quickly filled it with his dick.

The bride continued her moaning, now muffled by the presence of his dick in her mouth. Okon was a lot less subtle than Musa, but with the bride already occupied it didn’t really matter as much at this point. He felt the bride start sucking instinctively, and he began to fuck her mouth in time with Musa’s thrusts.

Ada was lost in the ecstasy of the tool pumping in and out of her, and now the other man’s dick was in her mouth, she was trying to position herself to get as much of their tools as possible. The only thought in her mind was that she wanted to be filled.

She felt another orgasm beginning. To her disappointment, the second man pulled his dick out of her mouth. “I’m coming” she grunted, as Musa continued to pump into her without slowing. “OOOoohh” she practically screamed and she felt her juices spraying from her pussy.

“Fuck me! Fuck me, both of you fuck me!” She leaned her head back as Okon reentered her mouth.

Okon had seen how well the bride did with his friend’s dick. His was not small either, but smaller than his friend’s, and the bride was completely overcome with lust at this point.

He started sliding in and out of her watering mouth, deeper and deeper. She leaned her head back to improve the angle. The moaning trying to escape her lips only increased his excitement as he pushed further in.

He felt his dick slide past the point where most women stopped, and he then thrust the rest of the length in and down her throat. The moaning stopped as his dick filled her throat.

He began fucking her mouth faster now, his balls smacking against her nose with each push, her moaning broken up each time his dick prevented her from breathing. He grabbed her breasts to help him pull harder into her, and his friend pounded her from the other side.

Musa continued pounding his dick into the bride, feeling her juices run down his balls every time he brought her to orgasm, his friend is fucking her mouth equally relentlessly.

He didn’t know how many times he had made her come when he finally got tired and pulled out so he could reposition her. As Okon removed his dick, she was breathing like she had just run a marathon.

“Roll over,” he said to her. He got up and switched places with Okon, intent on feeding his huge dick through the swollen, stretched lips of her mouth.

Okon placed a couple of pillows under the bride‚Äôs hips to keep her in position, and quickly entered the soaking pussy. Musa’s dick had thoroughly stretched her. It was wet and loose, and the bride was trying to raise her ass as high as possible to meet him desperate to be filled, as she took Musa‚Äôs dick into her mouth.

As soon as her mouth was filled with Musa, he pulled out and placed the tip against the entrance to her ass. Without hesitation Okon rammed his dick fully into her ass, driving the bride forward toward Musa, who timed his forward thrust perfectly as Ada’s mouth slid down the length of his shaft and down the newlywed bride’s throat.

Okon continued pounding the bride’s tight asshole as she pushed back against him, his balls slapping against her stretched, dripping pussy. The bride was furiously fingering herself as Musa face fucked her with the same intensity his friend was fucking her ass.

Mascara stained tears were streaming down her face, a look of primal lust in her eyes. She was expertly timing her breath in between thrusts, pulling Musa back toward her each time with her free hand.

Ada had never even deepthroated a man before, she was well known for giving great head, but she had never been able to overcome her gag reflex, but right now she wasn’t gagging at all, in fact, she like this. She could feel Musa entering her throat and wanted more, she wanted it deeper.

Her mouth watered as his dick pounded her face, his balls slapping her chin as saliva dripped from her mouth onto them. As she felt another orgasm coming, she pulled Musa hard toward her and held his thick dick down her throat, licking his balls. She held his dick down her throat until she was forced to come up for air.

“I want you to cum. I want to make you cum. Oh God fuck me! Fill me, cum inside me! Huh, huh, huh…” She continued grunting as Okon pounded her ass. Okon’s dick twitched and she felt his hot cum squirting into her ass.

“Yes, yes Yes!” she screamed as she fingered her soaking cunt, Okon’s cum dripping down, her body shaking with yet another orgasm. Okon shook with the last of his orgasm.

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