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April 22, 2021

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The Blue Spark (18+)

Isn’t it crazy how you marry a superhuman and years down the line, he becomes ordinary. You stay up late wondering when and why things have become this way. I have been married to my  husband for over 4 years. We have a child together; everything is great, or let me say it appears so to observers.

When we were newly married, we used to have sex all the time, but all that stopped when I gave birth to my  baby girl who will be 2 years old in 2 months time.

My husband is a wonderful man by all standards, he cares for the family, he spends a lot of time with his daughter, we go out on family dinners, we’re generally happy but for me. I don’t know how to complain to a man who has provided almost everything for me. Sex is always great with him just that most times I don’t reach my orgasm, he lives me high and dry.

I’m one of those ladies that always want to look the best for my husband, I go the gym virtually every morning, my body is still firm, the young boys in my bank can’t get their eyes off me, they often drop compliments but I know they wanna fuck me.  My boobs aint saggy and my ass is still perfect semi circle. I’m always proud to wake up every morning because I’m a mum and guys still want to fuck me.

Everyone wants to fuck me except my husband. No, let me rephrase the last part. He wants to fuck me, but just isn’t interested in the sex anymore after he cums. All he does is cuddle while I’m still horny as hell.

Who does that?? I have always tried to drop a hint instead of directly complaining about this. He does as if he didn’t receive the hint at all. However, all that was about to change. Nothing prepared me for what I experienced last night.

I got into bed before my husband after spending time with my daughter, taking a bath. He joined me, trying to form a conversation but I wasn’t interested in any of that, I was too tired for talk. I suspected he wanted sex that night but I wasn’t in the mood for his one minute show. I didn’t even bother to ask how his day went. I was about to cut him off when he started to touch me but remembered we hadn’t had sex in like 5 weeks.

He began to kiss me and I kissed him back. I tried to remember the old times we had crazy sex, so I would be wet. It worked. The kiss took longer than expected which was a surprise. He doesn’t kiss me for this long before shoving his dick into me, I just calmly enjoyed it. The kisses became longer and he was fondling me with his hands strolling down my coochie. He stopped and removed my nightgown.

I thought to myself, Surprise! Surprise!!! His usual self is back, I obliged him as well but then he didn’t put his hard dick in yet, he still continued smooching me. I was loving it, everything about it, also hoping for when he’ll draw a curtain on all this and use his dick.

The smooching continued as he laid me back on the bed, his lips moved from my lips, planting soft kisses on my neck, shoulder, chest and his lips came to my boobs. He licked and sucked my nipple while squeezing my other boob hard. It felt just like it used to before we had our daughter.

Not wanting to be outdone, I began to caress his head (he’s bald and he loves when I do it) as he sucked on my nipples, his hands rubbing my other boobs, he took the other nipple between his fingers and rubbed them. Pleasure began to creep through my body. ‘He clearly still remembers how to please me’, I thought.

His hand left my boob and he dipped his finger into my mouth and I sucked on it like it was a dick, making sloopy noises till he was so hard that he could hardly contain himself.

He removed his hand from my mouth and trailed his finger from my mouth down to my pussy that was already wet. He rubbed my pussylip with 2 fingers in a circular motion, I arched my back as his fingers delivered pleasure into my body, i pushed my pussy towards his finger. His head still on my chest as he continued sucking my nipples. I pressed my other hand against his hand, assisting him to pleasure me, his pace around my pussy increased.

Playfully, he inserted his finger into my pussy.

Oh Lawd!!!!

I was wet beyond control, It was like a fountain down there, first finger went in, second finger went in, I was beyond control, my hands went to his side, I began rubbing his thighs, dipping my hands into his brief, holding the monster in my hand, rubbing the shaft of pleasure.

His mouth left my nipples and trailed down his tongue to my pussy, he used his fingers to push my pussy lips aside to reveal my clitoris, then he began to torment me, his tongue began to tickle my clit, rubbing it back and forth, flickering his tongue over it. I hadn’t  felt like that in a long time.

My moans became louder, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Oh Shit!!!

He began sucking my pussy, finger fucking me, I sat up as he continued bombarding my pussy, he pushed my back to bed, he continued to torment me ,He finger fucked me till I climaxed for the first time in over 2 years. I felt I was going to die from so much pleasure in one night.

He noticed how flooded my pussy was, removed his mouth and yanked off his boxers, freeing the monster, I wanted to suck the monster, as he stood in front of me, I want to grab his dick and suck him a little but no, he pushed me back, spread me back into the bed good, raising my knee, I created enough space for him between my legs.

He inserted his dick into me, I cant remember when last time his dick felt this good inside me, he began fucking me.

He continued to fuck me, I held his waist as his strokes increased. I could feel him push till all that was left outside were his balls.  My husband had turned into an animal and I loved  it.

His dick began to probe further in, going into places it hadn’t for the past couple of years, I held his waist while I kept my legs far apart from each other, he brought out his shaft, my cum made it look like a mess, shining all around. He held it before me, sweating as my eyes were half open, he kept smiling, stroking his own dick.

All I could mutter out was ‘Baby!! Baby!!!’

I was barely audible, second orgasm of the night, I thought he was about to cum, but he wasn’t. he was beaming with confidence, holding his own shaft infront of him, I laid there wondering where the one minute man went or what caused this change, was it Viagra, or those crazy things those young boys drink these days, Alomo, Ogidiga, Pelebe???

All I wanted to do was enjoy this. He continued stroking his already wet dick right infront of me and all I could say was “more… more”

I was tired but I still wanted more of it, he pulled me up and I turned around, positioned myself in a doggy style. I wanted to see the end of this. He slowly inserted his dick into my pussy, pushing it down to the limit, a gasp escaped from my mouth, he took it out completely and put all of it back in, hitting my uterus in the process, then he began to slowly fuck me, grabbing my waist, pulling me into himself, the tempo began to increase, as the deep strokes hit me hard, I pulled the bedsheet into my fist drawing them in, scattering the neatly laid bed. He began fast strokes, my favorite, in my laziness, I continued to cry, a mixture of pleasure and pain, this sex must result in a pregnancy, that was a loose thought in my head.

Oh Yes!!!!!

It felt so good, that I couldn’t hold myself up in the doggy style, I packed the pillows and stuffed them underneath my belly. Arching my waist up as I completely collapsed on the bed, I made sure my collapsed body didn’t affect his massive appetite for sex tonight.

The pounding continued, but the doggy style had evolved because I was lying on the bed, face down, ass up in the air, he continued pummeling my pussy, the force he used in the doggy style was more than the missionary style.

His jerks were becoming faster, I just laid there enjoying the whole thing, my pussy was finally getting the kind of treatment it deserved and finally feeling like a complete woman, his jerks became erratic as his cum approached, he shoved his dick to the extreme end of my pussy and blasted his semen deep inside me.

I hope 9 months later, I deliver a bouncing baby boy. He went to get a shower, he tried to talk me into another bath, the only time am getting out of this bed is tomorrow morning.

My smile this morning on our way to work was warm, It was as if I was lighter on my feet, I can’t believe I’m rubbing his crotch while we were driving, we’re married, we’re allowed to do whatever we like. I felt like a teenager with her new boyfriend, hopefully, my superman is back.

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