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April 22, 2021

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The Bach Eve

Weddings are just so exhausting, I have been running helter skelter trying to finalize all the arrangements. Neither my phone nor myself have been able to catch a break all week, the preparations have been getting the better of me. My phone has started vibrating again, and this time around it’s the woman of my life calling. I won’t say I have been in love with her from the first moment we saw, but more like she has always been there waiting for me.

It seemed like she knew we would eventually end up together, we met in a bus  a few years ago. I was on my way for some deployment work my company sent me to. They gave me money for flight but back then, I needed all the money i could get. So, I collected the money and took a night bus, kept the money for other arrangements. I had some girls waiting for me to arrive at the then peaceful Jos. I took some money out of the bank for that trip, put everything together and went on the night bus.

She was just sitting and reading a novel, she was reading John Grisham’s novel, The Client. I had read the novel some years back, so I used that to strike up a conversation with her and we hit off right from then. I had no plans for her then, just knew she was petite and cute with a ample bossom. I collected her number and the rest, they say, is history. I still cannot believe that I am marrying the girl I met in a bus.

Everyone had told her not to trust me, even my friends always joked about me been a reckless womanizer while we were together. She would laugh it off and tell them it was a lie. Somehow for the past 6-7 months, I can’t remember talking to any new girl or even been interested in them. I have stopped looking at women lustfully, I just went on a regular business with them, at a point, all women seemed like men to me. I just wasn’t attracted to anyone of them sexually anymore which is quite shocking, as the former me would ogle at any woman for any reason, looking for ways of getting into their pants either by professing fake love and dolling out cash.

It’s quite unbelievable what I have become; I’m now a responsible man which is impossible to understand. I was so randy that my mum always said if any of them should get pregnant, i should just bring her home for her. Funny how I have turned a new leave, very surprising.

I couldn’t pick her call, the noise where i was too loud. I was at Alade market, hoping to change some money, I picked up via western union. I needed to sort out little bills before the D-day tomorrow. We had already done our introduction and engagement days earlier.

As soon as I collected the naira equivalent of the dollars, I got into my car, before i could start the ignition of the car, another call came in, a caller from a close friend, Jude. Jude is partly responsible for my earlier randy and scandalous life. He initiated all the paroles, he involved me which I didn’t turn down, hence the “partly responsible”. We went around  Africa shagging girls from different countries,it seemed like we were on a mission to enter the Guinness book of record, we planned the South  America voyage that i missed, i still regret missing that trip. Now, I cant go again.

I picked the call on the second ring.

“Jude, whats up” I said

“Frank, we have to change the venue for the Bachelor’s eve” Jude said

“What’s the problem? Why are we changing venue” I queried

“Don’t bother your big head, I want to change the girls coming” He said

“You do know I’m not doing anything tonight, the girls are for you guys” I replied, uninterested in the girls he was bringing

“Hmmm, don’t worry. Let’s wait till that time” Jude said confidently

“The new venue is in Ajah now” Jude continued

“Jude, why are you taking us that far, is there no place in Ikeja or even on the island, why Ajah” I protested

“I will come and pick you if its driving you’re scared of; I’ve told you I have plans for you” Jude said.

With that, the line went off.

Fast forward to 3 hours later, we got to the club in Ajah, very nice and comfy. We’ve been drinking for about 1 hour or 2 before the girls arrived. We all ogled at the girls, they started dancing, everyone got the piece of the action. They were really crème girls. Jude has outdone himself particularly with this one. I have always respected his choice when it comes to selecting girls but I doff my hat for him for tonight’s entertainment.

The strippers also came separately, very juicy set of girls, 3 of them actually. I was in the middle, they rubbed all over me, I kept smiling and being neutral to all what the girls were doing. The girls took off their bras, spinning it in the air. I liked the show but I wasn’t moved, we all had a good time after I stood up from the seat, a couple of my friends also got on but the name of the game was that you couldn’t touch. It was crazy fun.

All I could think of that night was my to-be wife, how supportive she has been, how understanding she was during my years of screwing around town. I was positive none of the girls here could make me cheat on her especially on the eve of our wedding.

I was still arguing with the boys, talking about our stupid naughty adventures when the boys said they had one last send-off arrangement for me. They all agreed that I had changed, they were happy with my changed nature, how i have evolved into a gentle man. They all said unanimously that I would fail the last test but strangely I was confident with myself.

At this point, I also doubted my own confidence because these were people who had known me for more than 6 years. They must know that I would probably fail the last test, they threw more light on the test, revealing that there would be no one will be in the room asides the girl and myself, no one will ever know what will happen behind those doors. The truth of what happened behind the closed doors will be whatever I say it is. They took me into the room, completely sound proof, 2 chairs in the centre of the room, the room was chilly, music sipping in. No one will knock on the door except if i didn’t come out till 5AM next morning. I was beginning to get worried as I couldn’t understand what kind of game this was, but been stubborn as I was, I should have backed down but the curiosity of the game got to me.

The last instruction was that the light of the room would be out exactly 20 seconds after the lady stepped into the room. I regained my confidence that 20 seconds won’t lead to anything.

I got up, poured myself some Jack Daniels and drank it down in one gulp. Jude took me to the room, as I was about to enter, I looked back and screamed at my friends how I would disappoint them and come out without shagging the girl.

I got in, the light was still on, I looked around for any form of cameras to see if my jackass friends were trying to monitor me outside. The room was bare, nothing asides the rug ,2 arm chairs and the air-conditioner.

I settled into one of the chairs, the one facing the door, i wanted to have a good look at whoever was going to come into the room. A few seconds later, someone appeared into the room, she was wearing a short gown, tight fitting, she was every inch a figure 8, like she was carved, her boobs are straining the outfit, almost bursting out of the clothes. As she got in, she locked the door behind her. The light of the room was a red light, the ass on her was incredible, it was a semi circle, protruding out of her body violently with her hips flaring to the side.

I swallowed spit.

The 20 seconds started counting, she immediately started undressing, firstly stepping out of her red stilettos, she zipped down her gown from the side, she wriggled her waist left and right to get the gown off her, as the gown gave way a little down her thighs. Her colour tone was light, pure and unusual, her hair was long, bouncy & curvy , she had the complexion of Eva Mendez and the body attributes of Esther Baxter. She was too curvy, I swallowed my saliva for the second time as the light went off. She didn’t utter one word, she just came closer, slowly and erotic in every step.

My facial expression still remained straight and confident but my lower body was giving me away. Good thing the lights are off, she wouldn’t know, there were tiny shimmers of lights streaming in through the door. I could barely see anything, straining my eyes gave me a little to see but too concentration intensive.

She kept walking around me, using her hands to trace out my shoulder, I maintained my calm composure, she bent behind me and whispered into my ear

“Don’t worry, I will take care of you” She said.

Her accent seemed strange, not Nigerian, not American or British neither. I started putting things together, the colour of her body was different, even her hair dint seem like the regular Brazilian hair. She was South American??? Her skin tone and her face will suggest either Mexican or Puerto Rican, she must be South American. As she whispered those words into my ears, the scent from her mouth went straight into my head and caused havoc as my erection went spiral. I could only imagine what she would do to me tonight.

Jude is a bastard, I kept saying silently. He knew I always wanted to shag a South American chic, he knew of my obsession for them before I turned into a responsible man. I was remembering the curves of her body that the light gave me for 20 seconds. Jude brought the South American voyage to Nigeria for me, the reason i couldn’t travel then was because of my father’s illness, it gulped all of my savings.

She put her hands down on my shoulder, allowing it slide down my shoulder till they got to my thighs, i could feel her boobs on my shoulder, the feeling was awesome, I could have an orgasm just because of the feel of her boobs against me, i closed my eyes to savour the moment.

She put her fingers everywhere on my body asides my crotch area, she nibbled my earlobes, kissing them. I could imagine the feel of her lips against mine, the teasing of my earlobes sent sparks of excitement down my spine. I remained in the same position with my mouth ajar, she kept on rubbing her lips against the tip of my ear. I felt my dick jerk inside my trousers.

She stopped, came back to my front, unhooked her bra and allowed it fall to her flat tummy, I couldn’t see very well but i could see the round mould of her boobs, her nipples jutting, staring me right in the face, her boobs were looking perky and very handful. I couldnt wait to feel her boobs in my hands, I had lost all my sense of been responsible.

She dangled them infront of me, at this point I took my hands that i crossed over my legs and held on tight to the stands of the chair. Holding on as if I might fall off, She brought her dangling boobs to the front of my face little by little till my face was in the middle of her bosom. My face was buried inbetween her massive boobs, the skin of her boobs felt warm and inviting, I just wanted to stay there for eternity. I bowed my head inbetween the boobs, she kept rubbing them gently around my face, I didn’t know when i bent my head slightly to take a nipple into my mouth. Something definitely came over me as I sucked on her nipples. They tasted warm and probably honey coated.

I mustered all I had into it, sucking and licking the nipples, she gently sat on my laps spreading her legs, at this point she must have noticed the gigantic erection in my jean. She held my head close to her bosom and she began to grind her pussy against my jeans. I could hear her silent moan in my ears, it was barely audible, the low audio streamed into my ears. As the moans became louder, I left the chair i was holding onto and grabbed her ass kneading them. I pulled her ass deeper into my waist.

The skin was soft and succulent, they felt delicate, I couldn’t grab as wild as i wanted to, her ass seemed like it was made of glass. I switched my mouth to the other nipples, twisting and massaging the other one, I smooched hard and the grinding against crotch got wilder and harder.

She stood up, knelt in front of me, began to undo my trouser to release my dick, my pre-come had already stained the top of my boxer short, she unbuttoned it and my dick was still oozing pre-come.

She took her mouth to the tip of my dick and sucked out my pre-come and swallowed it, paying attention to my facial expression which at this time seemed like that of a weeping child. I had lost total control, my dick was standing at 90 degrees. She began to lick it like a dog licking water, licking it round and round, what marvelled me was that she wasn’t using her hands, I couldn’t wait to feel her hand holding my dick. The warmth of her fingers, the softness of her palms, all sorts of ideas were running into my head. She continued sucking it round and round and then suddenly deep throated me. I felt a light scream escape my mouth, the warmth of her mouth was incredible, I could feel my tip of my dick down her throat, she began jerking her mouth against my dick. I have received blowjobs before but this was simply out of this world. I raised my hip up to meet her mouth mid air, she burped a little bit, brought out my dick.

She asked me to join her on the rug, I sat infront of her while she faced me, I spread my legs and brought her legs forward, wrapped her side skin of her feet around my dick and began to jerk it. I threw my neck to the back, I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I have never experienced been jerked off with feet.

I was the one screaming while she continued to watch my facial expression as i continued weeping like a baby, I felt my load coming as my scream became more. She stopped with her feet and brought her face closer and finally started stroking my dick. At this point, I wish i could delay my cum but I couldn’t. I blasted my load out in front of her face, she looked adorable.

She watched me climax, sitting infront of me, she actually made me cum without taking off her pants, I was sitting on the rug resting with my hand behind me with my dick out of my boxers.

She climbed ontop of me avoiding my dick and gave me a full mouth kiss. She blew my mind in every human way possible. I longed to spend more time with her but she got up, dressed up and left, dropped a piece of paper with her phone number and a small message saying

“Am only in town for 2 nights.”

All I know is, I must shag her before she leaves…..I cant be the first guy to shag another woman the second day after marriage.



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