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June 6, 2020
The Affair By Tolu Oke

The Affair By Tolu Oke


Welcome to another bright week, how was the long break? Hope you enjoyed it. I cant apologize enough for the lapses on this blog but i promise to be better, please bear with me.

Thanks :*

Without further ado,one of the baddest bloggers in this side of the world, @IAmToluOke. Enjoy the story and let me know your thoughts on it.


She was a perpetual late comer, there was never a time when they planned to meet that she got to the venue before him, and it was like she derived pleasure in making him wait for her. Well ‘she is in for a shocker’ Ik thought to himself as he took another spoon of the vanilla flavored ice cream. He checked his wristwatch for the umpteenth time, sighing ‘can we just get this over with?’

‘Get over what dear?’ he heard a soft voice reply. He hadn’t realized he said that aloud, Oye was right behind him, nibbling his earlobe. Her voice that once made his heart flutter with excitement now sounded just like any of his female friends.

‘Never mind dear’ he replied and gently removed her hands from his chest.

‘Baby I’m so sorry I’m late, you know Lagos traffic now’ She continued as she sat beside him.

He would have preferred her to be seated opposite him, but the chairs weren’t designed that way. Besides they were still a couple and it would seem weird for him to request that she sit opposite him instead of beside him like she always did.

‘I know’ he answered and took another spoon of ice cream as he re-arranged his thoughts.

‘You won’t even offer me some?’ she said to him and snatched the spoon off his hand, spilling some ice cream on his hands

‘Sorry’ she added and reached for some tissue to clean it up

‘It’s okay, you can have it’ he said to her and took the tissue to clean himself up.

Oye was looking very radiant that morning, she was putting on an orange tank top, tucked inside blue skinny jeans with a white jacket and a lovely pair of flowery white heels. The top accentuated her fair skin and her hair was pulled back with a band thus showing her radiant face. Ik was putting on blue Ankara native with slip-ons, he had a pair of Ray Bans on but they were now raised up, supported by his ‘Afro’. They really looked the dashing couple.

‘Where did you go last Sunday morning before coming to my place?’ he asked her point blank

The spoon froze midair in Oye’s hand, she was surprised

‘Nowhere, I was at home and I had some chores to finish up…’ she replied without flinching

‘Are you sure?’ he interrupted

‘Of course, I’m sure’ she shot back at him, and began mumbling about his ‘keeping tabs’ on her, not believing her, and so on.

‘Alright then’ he replied and reached for his backpack, opened it and brought out a spiral bound book.

‘What’s this, your project proposal, a new story you’re working on?’ She quizzed him

‘No, just go through it’ he answered and slid it to her.

She reached for it, it had no title page. She opened the first page and couldn’t believe her eyes, it was her picture on her Twitter account.

This was no ordinary book; it was a print-out of her messages (DMs) with Kd, a prominent producer in the Nigerian entertainment industry. They had been in touch with each other for over a month now, she had followed him and requested for a follow back which he promptly did. The messages started rolling in a few days after. Kd was married with two kids but that didn’t stop him from hitting on Oye, apparently he was really into her.

Their chats ranged from music to sports to fashion to relationships and finally to sex. She cringed as she read her lewd comments about Kd’s penis and how she was hurt from the last time they had sex, even where she told him he could only use the ‘back door’ until she was better. Ik had taken screen shots of the nude pictures Kd had sent to her too, it even had details of the money he had given her after every encounter. Even more embarrassing was the fact that the day Ik was inquiring about, she had first gone to see Kd before coming to see him, and it was right there in the messages too.

Ik kept a straight face on as he watched Oye read through, ‘I’ll hear what she has to say for herself after this’ he said to himself.

He had been compiling the ‘journal’ for over a month now, it had all begun when she asked him to help change some settings on her twitter account. At first he had offered to tutor her while she’ll go do it herself but as fate would have it, she insisted on him doing it and she gave him her password.

He had finished the edits not long after and had forgotten all about it, until Oye started acting strange, picking up fights with him unnecessarily. He then concluded that he needed to do some investigating, which led him to opening her twitter account and going through her direct messages. As soon as he logged in that first time, Oye had just received a message from Kd about their last sexual encounter with lurid details that had almost brought him to tears.

A sudden irrepressible urge to use the toilet had come over him as he continued reading their chat, he had started sweating profusely as with each message he read, a nail was being driven into his heart and head simultaneously. He had found out about them a week to Valentine’s Day, yet he had continued acting normally to Oye up till today, two months after.

It had taken all his willpower not to have broken down into tears as he read their messages. His mum had always told him not to make any decisions when he was angry so he had decided to carefully save all the messages. Using the ‘snip tool’ he had edited them, brought out the major points and compiled them all together into a spiral bound journal which he just presented to her.

He signaled to one of the attendants at the eatery for a bottle of water, he took a sip and looked at Oye’s face, she wasn’t smiling. Looks of shock, anger and despair all passed through her face as she read through and by the time she was done, she was in tears.

‘Ik you’re heartless, you can kill, you know?’ she sobbed, ‘you kept quiet all this while without saying a word’ she continued

Unperturbed, he reached for the journal but she held it away from him

‘Don’t be stupid’ he snarled, and grabbed it but she wouldn’t let go

‘Fine, just know that I can always re-print this, I have the soft copy and it’s in my email so you can have it’ he concluded then took another sip of the water.

‘I’m sorry Ik, I really am’ she cried out

‘Oh you’re not, but you will be if I don’t have that journal back’ He replied as he grabbed his backpack making to leave the eatery.

‘Please Ik, please’ she sobbed and held on to his leg.

Other customers in the eatery looked on in shock at the drama unfolding right in front of their eyes, Ik and Oye really looked the part of a typical Nollywood movie but the roles were reversed.

Ik was starting to get really pissed off, he jerked his leg but Oye wouldn’t let go. The head of security for the eatery came over and requested that they all go somewhere private so he could have a discussion with them.

‘I’m not interested in a having any conversation with her’ Ik fumed ‘All I had to say was in that journal, and she has read it so I’m done’ he added.

‘I’m really sorry Ik, please forgive me’ Oye pleaded but to no avail, Ik broke free from her, took the journal and walked out of the eatery.


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