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Thank God It’s Friday (Episode 2) [18+]

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Thank God It’s Friday (Episode 2) [18+]

So he giggled as he temporarily disengaged, looked her in the eyes and asked

“Hiaaa…what’s happening here? Why are you chooking me?” They both laughed at his ridiculous question and she answered

“Same reason you’re chooking me down there”, and they laughed some more.

Then she rubbed over her right breast with her right hand, as though she wanted to get the nipple to relax. He watched as she cupped it and sort of lifted it up invitingly towards him and he smiled. She felt he was still being a gentleman and probably didn’t get her ‘message’.

So with her left hand which was still around his neck, she pulled his head down towards her cupped breast. He needed no further invitation, as he took her right nipple in his mouth and sucked on it like his life depended on it, while he massaged her left breast with his hand.

He changed over to give the left breast some sucking as well.

Her horniness had been gradually increasing from their warm and steamy chats during the day to when he was shaving her, to his sheepish display when she expected him to ‘fight’, to the long embrace they just had. Her engines were now revving at full throttle!

“Oh…baby…” she moaned, as the feel of his mouth and tongue on her breasts sent waves of ecstasy over her coupled with the shower pouring over them. His groans of desire made sweet music to her ears, for she loved the feeling of his desire for her.

She threw her head back and wrapped her arms around his head as he sucked on her boobs like nothing else in life mattered.

He raised his head up, looked into her eyes and then he kissed her lips. They were immediately lost in a very hot, wet passionate kiss. It had been weeks since they last had a very good kiss. They continued, kissing, nibbling, licking and sucking each other’s lips and tongues.

While at this, he was massaging her boobs – he could never have enough of them…ever! All these actions kept sending waves of pleasure all over her, making her super HORNgrY!!! His dick was already throbbing and raging like mad against her pussy.

He disengaged from the kiss and dived for her boobs again with his mouth and tongue. Then her right hand reached downwards and took hold of his dick, while her left hand rubbed his head in encouragement for sucking on her boobs. She stroked him gently at first and then increased the tempo gradually as she heard him grunt in pleasurable appreciation.

There was a terribly raging fire between her legs,

“….and that fire must be quenched tonight!” she thought to herself as she sensed her orgasm begin to build up fast.

They hadn’t made love in over four weeks, and he did not make any attempt at initiating. She couldn’t remember the last time she saw his erection, despite the fact that they bathe together morning and night. He would sometimes sleep without even cuddling her.

And when he cuddled her, there was no usual poking.

This had caused her to wonder if he no longer desired her, or found her attractive. She knew he was not having an affair, but what happened to his acclaimed ‘insane drive’? Why was her ‘charm’ not working on him anymore?

Not that she wanted the sex so much for all the four weeks, but she wanted the satisfaction and affirmation from knowing that he still saw her as irresistibly beautiful, attractive and sexy. Yes, there were times when she actually wanted the sex and went to bed horny and even angry that he didn’t even notice or make any move. He was supposed to be the one feeling the way she was feeling.

Anyways, all the past thirty-four days (yes! She had been counting) didn’t matter, as this night was going to be reset button.

She really needed his dick to be buried in her pussy, but if she allowed herself this sweet cum building up, she could not predict her next move…she could shut down.

He had slid a hand in between her thighs and began to massage her pussy. It was so wet. Then he inserted a finger into her as she spread her legs a bit to give him more room. Then he added a second finger to the mix, and she was literally grinding her hips on his fingers.

As she continued stroking his dick, she said to herself “tigress ti take over!” Without knowing where the words came from, she heard herself say

“Baby…I want you to fuck my pussy! Fuck me very hard”. As she said this, she pulled his fingers out of her pussy and kissed him again. He could swear that the size of his dick increased at the sound of those words. He’d never heard her talk like that.

As he still lingered on her boobs, she pulled up his head and pushed him to sit down on the toilet seat. Before he could utter a word, she stood astride him and impaled herself on his dick. No…this is not dick anymore, it’s a cock! She began to ride away like no man’s business.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and was continuously rubbing his head even as she moaned in pleasurable ecstasy. His cock filled her pussy and was grazing the right places. She kept switching between grinding and bouncing on his cock.

He watched with delight as her boobs jiggled with the grinding moves of her hips. On seeing the hungry look in his eyes, she took his hands and placed them on her boobs. He got the message, and kneaded them, as well as sucked on them for what they were worth.

He placed his hands on her ass and urged her on as she rode herself to ecstasy.

There’s no denying that they both needed sexual healing, and they knew it. All the built-up tension – good, bad, ugly and sexual, was finally coming out.

After about four minutes of riding his cock, she felt her orgasm building up again. This surprised her somewhat because she usually does not cum from penetration. However, she was willing to sacrifice her orgasm once again, as she still wanted to enjoy more of his cock in her hornGRy pussy.

She knew she could get her orgasm later in another session “and he must make me cum o…tigress still in control ni o” she said to herself

She got up from his cock and said to him “I’ve been fucking you, now you fuck me”.

He looked at her and said “I don’t get” but in his heart, he truly meant “I want to hear it again”

She gave him a slap on the face (be the judge if it’s hot or not) and said

With that, she turned, faced and bent over the sink. He got up quickly (for fear of a hotter slap) for he knew the demand of the tigress was very urgent.

“You want me to fuck you ba?” he asked her as he held her ass, positioned himself, and plunged into her with a mighty force.

She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out, even though her mouth remained open for about 20seconds. He pounded her from behind brutally.

“This is what my pussy needs,” she thought to herself.

“Yes…baby…yes….yes…oohhhhh…i-i-i llllooove you bbabyyy…oh…hmmm”. Her moans and his grunts filled the bathroom, as the shower sound added color to complete the soundtrack of their passionate lovemaking (sorry…she called it fuck, so let’s call it passionate fucking).

She began to thrust back into him so as to meet his thrusts halfway.
He found this very sexy, but then he felt his orgasm begin to build up. He suddenly stopped thrusting and was about to pull so as to change position, but she sensed his orgasm was near, so she didn’t let him. This was the position that currently suited her animalistic desires at the moment.

So once again, he positioned himself and plunged into her again. This time, fucked her harder and faster with a loud sound of the slapping together of their flesh (his groin against her ass), and she resumed her moaning.

After two minutes he felt his cum coming, and he knew there was no holding back. He held onto her ass and yet increased his speed with laboured breaths and grunting. Then he announced

“Baby I’m cumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing” and she said,
“Cum for me baby, cum inside my honeypot baby”. Eight more strokes, he grabbed her boobs from behind and he gave a loud grunt “urrrrggggghhhhhh…..”

Thus the first shot of hot cum travelled deep inside her and hit some spots she couldn’t identify. As she received the second spurt of cum inside her, this triggered an unexpected orgasm from her that caused her to shudder repeatedly.

Written by Peter Grens

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