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Thank God It’s Friday (Episode 1) [18+]

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Thank God It’s Friday (Episode 1) [18+]

A bus stop away from their last bus stop, she whispered into his ears “are we still gon shave tonight?”, and he answered, “if you’re up for it, why not?”.

She playfully hit him saying

“You must do it this night o”. He replied with an “Hmmmm”, prompting her to ask what he meant.

He smiled, and before he could utter a word, three passengers in the bus said in a loud voice almost at the same time “Fagba wa o”. The bus driver pulled over and they both alighted.

She stretched out her body in relief and landed on him. They had been on the bus for one and half hours. She came to his office after she closed from work, so they could ride home together.

They had been chatting all day talking about so many things, and their chats even got naughty and steamy at a time. As a result, she didn’t want to get home and wait for him – she just wanted his company live and direct.

He asked to help carry her bag and then held her hand as they walked into the street off Iju road. He reached in his pocket for the keys and she took them from him and opened the gate. She locked it and they proceeded to their apartment. She also opened the door and they went in. He turned on the lights, even as that familiar scent of the apartment filled their nostrils.

As he dropped the bags by the corner, she came and gave him a hug. They held on to each other for thirty seconds. Then she said,

“I’m so happy it’s Friday”. He giggled and said,

“Yeah, me too”. Then they both began to undress. She stripped herself completely and went to the bathroom to pee, while he remained in shorts alone.

He went to the kitchen and returned with the peanut butter jar and a spoon. She came out of the bathroom and joined him on the couch, placing her legs over his thighs.

He turned on the TV and flipped to the sports news channel, while she took the peanut butter jar from him to help herself. Sports was just not her thing, but she knew she’d have the TV remote to herself when she was ready.

“Wow!!! Seriously?” He exclaimed when some scores were displayed, as she stood up to go to the kitchen for water. They had had dinner before returning home because they were both tired and decided to not cook.

When she returned, she offered him a glass of water and he looked at her and said

“You’re such a Jewel…thanks”. This made her blush as she said “thank you”.

She went into the bedroom and returned with a shaving stick and spread cloth. Then she stood in front of the TV obstructing his view.

“You will soon say you’re too tired to shave tonight, let’s do it now o” Although he hated to admit it, she was right even though he didn’t understand what the ‘ginger’ about shaving this night was about.

He got up, took the cloth from her and spread it on the floor. They sat on it facing each other and he took her hand, massaged it a little before trimming her fingernails. He also massaged her feet before trimming her toenails too.

When he was done, he trimmed his nails himself. Then they got up and he cleared off the pieces of nails and disposed of them.

By the time he returned, she was seated on the cloth on the floor, with her legs spread-eagled while her head fell back on the couch.

He came and knelt beside her and said “armpit first”.

She replied, “oh I forgot”. Then she raised her hand and he began shaving her left armpit. Her armpit looks flat, so it makes shaving very easy, and he was done with both armpits in two minutes.

After blowing off hair from the shaving stick, he positioned himself between her legs, and she spread them wider to give him more room. Then he bent down and began to shave her pussy tenderly. As he shaved, he ran the tip of his fingers over the surface to feel for the smoothness. He continued to shave until he got a satisfactory smoothness.

She picked up her phone to read her WhatsApp messages, she needed some distraction, for the feel of his hands caressing her clit, pussy lips and inner thighs as he shaved her was stoking some very wildfires in her. He just went about the shaving as though he was trained and obtained a degree in some shaving college or university!

She logged in to her favourite online blog sites to read trending news and gossips, but could hardly concentrate on what she was reading.

She had begun to (unnoticeably) grind her hips to his touches. When he noticed this, his dick went from zero to 100 instantly! He could also see that she was wet, so he brought his face close to her pussy as though to blow off hair, but his real intention was to take in that intoxicating musk scent of her arousal.

One more stroke of the shaving stick, he ran his fingers all over her loins checking for smoothness, brushing off hair from her clit and pussy lips and entrance.

By now, the hip grinding had become a bit obvious, and he was struggling to contain himself and remain a ‘gentleman’.


He finally finished shaving off her pubes and also won the battle to remain a “gentleman”. Then they switched places and she knelt beside him as he raised his arms so she could shave his armpit. His armpit really had a pit, so shaving it wasn’t as easy as hers.

She was careful not to hurt him with the shaving stick.

When she was done with both arms, she knelt between his legs so as to shave him down below. She moved his dick aside with her left hand, so as to shave the area above it.

She didn’t fail to notice the precum that had also been deposited on her hand, and she asked him

“What is this? Why is it drooling?” This question caused his semi-erect dick to spring and twitch. He only gave out a dry smile in response.

She now fully had his dick in her hands as she manoeuvred it from side to side while shaving him. It felt very warm in her hand, and she gave him a few strokes on purpose and put up a mischievous smile. All he could do was lean back and enjoy the feel of her holding his dick.
She finished shaving him, even though it wasn’t as smooth as he had done hers. He usually went to the bathroom to use water and soap so as to have a smoother shave.

He beckoned on her when he was done shaving off, and she came to join him in the bathroom.
He turned on the shower, they were both reluctant to get under the running water as they took turns to feel its coldness. Suddenly, he splashed her and she screamed. He laughed.

Then she returned the favour, and they began a water-splashing fight, even as their loving laughter filed the bathroom.

She pleaded for a ceasefire, and they both stopped the splashing. Then she came under the shower. After she’d had enough, she gave him room under the shower while she rubbed soap all over her body.

As she bent over to attend to her legs, he was tempted to touch, smack, rub her fine rounded ass that had presented itself lewdly to him.

No…he truly felt like holding her in that position and drill into her pussy, but he remembered he needed to be a gentleman, even though it felt cruel to him.

He was satisfied watching her than getting her pissed from his touching and groping her ass.

As she got up, she brushed his erect dick with her ass, making her protest

“Ah ahn, why is it encroaching on my space na? It was not here before o” He had no answer to give – busted! All he could mutter was a sheepish and smiley “I’m sorry , sweets”, which entirely caught her off guard.

She had expected him to rebuff her claim about encroaching on her space with his dick, but his mild surrender surprised her, howbeit in a manner that seemed to turn her on and send tingles between her legs. She looked at him and replied,

“Ok o, thank God you agreed today because you’ve always denied”. He however smiled and still repeated his apology, and she said:

“Go away jor, stop telling me you’re sorry, after all, you did it on purpose…troubleshooter”.

She handed him the soap, and he made way for her under the running shower. When he was done, she took the soap from him saying

“You ehn…you can waste soap sha!” He opened his mouth to answer, but couldn’t say a word. He just smiled. If only she knew what was raging through his mind at the moment…she looked so sweet, beautiful and sexy, with the water cascading down her dark naked body, and all he wanted to do was ravish her right there and then.

He rinsed the lather from his body and just stood under the running water while she stooped and gave a pussy a soapy wash. When she got up, she caught him staring at her boobs, and she asked him why he was staring at her.

He replied, “they’re so beautiful, succulent and inviting…just like you baby. I can’t help but appreciate them on you”. She loved how he admired her body.

She came under the shower, and he gave her some space. After a minute alone under the shower, she pulled him under too saying “let’s share”. She wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug, resting her head on his shoulders, while his own arms wrapped her by the waist. They held onto each other under the running shower in a warm and loving embrace, saying nothing except letting their hearts speak through their hearts beats. Their breathing had also become slower.

Her thoughts: baby I feel so safe in the embrace of your arms. It’s been crazy lately – work and us, but this embrace is so reassuring and comforting. I’ve missed you my Gem. You’re all I need right now. I love you.

His thoughts: I’ve missed your warmth and softness baby. Your embrace is healing and comforting. I know the pressures of waking up very early, work, traffic and returning late has taken their toll on us, but you, my Jewel are all that matter to me above all else. I love you so much, I am happy to have you, and I don’t want the sweetness of this moment to end.

As though they heard what each other said in their hearts, they both took a deep breath simultaneously, causing them both to burst out laughing. They knew they both loved this moment.

Suddenly, she felt a poke on her left thigh. He was scared.
“Oh my God!…my dick has ruined the moment,” he thought. For when she began to adjust her posture, he thought the embrace was over.

They’d been there many times when she disengaged from their embrace as a result of his erection. This time around, she only adjusted her posture, so his dick could be positioned between her legs.

“If this is a dream, I’ll kill whoever wakes me up from it,” he thought. Before he could finish his line of thought, he felt her nipples grow taut and poke him on the chest.

Written by Peter Grens

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