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October 30, 2020

Smoking Bass: The Circle [Part 3] (Legend Series) {18+}
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Smoking Bass: The Circle [Part 3] (Legend Series) {18+}

Ahmed became a new man after the visit to the orthodox doctor, he’s thankful to his staff who he who was instrumental in making this possible, he has a reward in mind for him.

Ahmed scratched his beards as he watched his assistant rubs his eyes before staring at the cheque he had just gotten over and over again.

“Excuse me, sir” The assistant looked up at Ahmed.
“Yes?” Ahmed smiled.
“I do not understand. What is this for?”

“Well, it is for anything you want it to be. You earned it” Ahmed smiled as he continued to enjoy his assistant’s reaction.
“But this is too much, sir”

“It is not. You just saved my marriage and possibly my life, believe me. So there is no price I can put on that. You earned that and even more. Pick a weekend next month, I am paying for a family vacation for you and your family” Ahmed added.

The assistant was lost for words, all he could do was bow his head in appreciation. His boss had always been a good man which was why he had felt the need to reach out and help him. He had not been expecting this form of reward. Now, he was at a crossroads because he was still undecided about divulging the great secret he bore within.

“When you are done getting yourself together, I would need you to head out to the park. Want you to pick out a car for my wife and then need to go shopping a little for her.

Been a while I spoilt her”. Ahmed stood up.

“Ohh, oh okay sir. I will go get the driver to come around immediately” The assistant followed suit and stood up, rushing to the door before turning back to stare at his boss.

“Thank you very much, sir. May God continue to bless you” And then he was gone.

Ahmed fell back to his chair, the smile still plastered all over his face as he thought of his plan for the evening. He really was going to surprise Aisha. He had to apologize for all he had put her through for the last couple of months and then he was going to fuck her like it was their first time.

He would make up for it all, that he was certain of.


“So, what are you going to do?”
Olumide sat up in bed as he propped up pillows to support his back. Aisha was staring at him through the smoke she exhaled, they were both naked but none was in the mood for some more sex at the moment.

This was a crossroads in their relationship and some things needed to be taken care of first.

“Nothing” She whispered.

“Nothing?” Olumide was surprised.
He had been surprised since he had let her watch the video of her husband fuck some other lady and she had remained calm all through. She was not anything like the Aisha he knew, she was meant to be throwing tantrums and asking to know the lady and how she could get back at Ahmed.

But instead, she had turned around and fucked him like her life depended on it. And now she was dropping more shockers, she was going to do nothing.

“Yes, nothing. What would you have me do? Should I go and confront him and tell him you snitched on him? And even have video evidence? What would you say” Aisha said before taking another drag of the joint she held between her fingers.

Olumide had to admit she was making sense and now sounding like the Aisha he knew, the cold-hearted one.

“So?” he asked.

“So, I wait. If my husband now fuck whores around, it is only a matter of time before he slips up”.

She could not be more wrong, Olumide thought to himself. If only she knew he was the one that had hooked up her husband. And that the kind of ladies he had was the fuck and go, no attachment types.

If Ahmed stuck to fucking these kinds of ladies, Aisha was never going to find anything in a lifetime.

It was none of his business anyway, Ahmed was still his friend. It did not matter if he was fucking his wife on a regular, he could still offer him some protection.

They sat there in silence, each to his and her own thoughts. Aisha smoked slowly thinking again of Ahmed’s dick and how it had been going in and out of that pussy. Olumide’s phone ringing beside her broke into her thoughts.

The phone was on the stool right next to her. She picked it up and looked at the caller ID, it was Ada.

Aisha scoffed and threw the phone at Olumide. He caught it mid-air, looked at the caller ID, and understood the sudden change in the air.

Aisha watched him as he spoke on the phone and she despised him. All she could pick out from his conversation was


“I will text you then” He hung up and looked up at her.

“So you still fucking that hoe” Aisha sneered.

“Don’t call her that. And if I remember correctly, you were the one who made the move to fuck her that day” Olumide corrected.

“I was high, so sue me. You are fucking her behind my back” Her voice was rising now and Olumide knew better than to reply.

“Who do you enjoy fucking the most? She or me” Aisha asked with a whisper.

“Why would you even ask such a thing? You know nobody compares to you” Olumide replied quickly with a smile.

“LIAR!!!” She yelled and flung the rest of her burning joint at him. Olumide stood up and headed to the bathroom while Aisha watched him wondering why men were scum.


She gripped the sheet harder as Edward spanked her again. She wanted to turn around and plead with him to stop but she knew that would only push him further. There was only one way to make all these go away faster, she thought to herself as she began moaning out loud and hitting her ass back against his pelvis.

He spanked her again but this time his palms stayed on her ass and gripped her so hard that she could feel his fingernails digging through.

“Fuck! Fuck! I am cummmiiimnnnn…….” He was groaning out loud behind her as his grip on her ass eased up. Thank God, she had gotten a condom on him this time before fucking. She rolled her eyes as he emptied himself into the rubber. He pulled out of her and fell right by her side with a gasp.

She had put her face back in good shape just in time. He looked and her and laughed.

“Fuck, babe. One of these days, you are literally going to kill me” Edward said as he pinched on one of her nipples.
“Kill you? When you are the monster. I am not sure just how much more of you I can take” She said as she got off the bed.
“Where are you going?” He asked lazily.

“I need to take a long hot shower” She turned to look at him and his limp dick with a condom bag of semen.
“Maybe I should join you” He tried to raise his head up from bed but he just fell right back.

“You better relax and gather your strength. We have still got a full day to spend here” She winked at him as she grabbed a bag and stepped into the bathroom. She locked the door behind her and heaved a sigh of relief.

She opened the bag and pulled out a dildo. She stared at it for a while before kissing it, she let her lips play around the tip as she closed her eyes and thought of the pleasure it brought her.

When Edward had first made a move at her, she had been just too happy to give in. Asides the monetary and gifts benefits she knew was going to come her way, it was a good chance to have a different dick fuck her after all this time.

She had been the faithful wife for the first four years of her marriage but then she had gotten bored.
Her husband was okay in bed, right dick size to have her gasping for air whenever he dug into her but after the first two years, everything had gone downhill.

The problem was not with her husband, she knew that for sure. He was still his usual self when it came to sex but after the first two years, she no longer had orgasms with him. If he had noticed, he did not show or he simply did not care.

So, she had bore her dissatisfaction in silence, until Edward made a move on her. She had jumped at him and proceeded to fuck him in the office the first chance she got.

She hadn’t be prepared for the shock that was waiting for her when she unzipped his trousers to have her mouth measure him. She could not explain what she was seeing, his dick was just like some twin finger battery.

It took great restrain for her not to hiss and stand up. She calmed herself and proceeded to suck or in this case, kiss his dick for a while before he had pulled her up hungrily.

Spread her out on his table, he had gone on to give her the worst sex of her life. She was staring at him the whole time he was ‘fucking’ her and the expression he had on his face was one of ecstasy.

His eyes closed and groans that indicated that he was in heaven.

She thought of what she could probably gain from him and gone on to give a porn star like performance complete with soundtracks. To her surprise, he lasted longer than the average man though that did not make up for the lack of filling she had in her pussy.

He finally came to and told her she was the best fuck he had ever had and judging by the look he had on his face, she could not doubt him.

If she was having any doubts about fucking him again, the cheque that was waiting on her table the next morning was more than enough to dispel any doubts she had.

Ever since then, she had been stuck with having unfulfilled sex with her husband and boss, well at least her boss spoilt her. Then she had gone ahead and bought herself a dildo to fill in the gaps.

Why could she not find a man who gave her as much satisfaction as this rubber gave her?

She thought as she pulled the dildo off her lips and took it lower between her legs. The gasp that escaped her mouth was loud enough to fill the hotel room but luckily for her, Edward was fast asleep.

Ada peeped in for the third time that night to make sure the children were asleep before heading downstairs to look for the maid.

“Ego, I am heading out for a vigil. I would be back very early”.
“Okay, ma” The maid knelt down in understanding. Ada nodded and went for her car keys.

Five minutes later, she was driving out the estate and past the junction leading to the church. The air and freedom between her thighs told so much about what the night was really about and she could not wait.


Ahmed is ready to show his wife his new and improved self, but he will be surprised when she confronts him about the video of him cheating.

Ahmed folded his hands across his chest as he smiled at the new Range Rover that was parked in the compound. Surely, it would go some way in his plea bargain with Aisha.

And it was just a tip of the iceberg, he still had a couple of things lined up to make up for his past sexual failures. A shopping weekend in Dubai was top of the list, there was nothing as therapeutic as shopping to Aisha.

He had learned that a long time ago. He walked towards the car, keeping his eyes on the customized plate number AISH.

She deserved all these and more but yet a part of him was still in pain. That pain was something he did not want to think about too much. Could he really say she had not cheated on him all this time?

He knew the answer to that, or did he?

He could find out if he wanted to, or not? He shook his head, now was not the time to think of such nonsense. He had not caught her cheating and she had not given him any reason to believe she was.

Asides her words when she threw tantrums but those could not stand as evidence of infidelity. She was in her right to insult him and more, he told himself. All that did not matter anymore, he was fixing his marriage up. That was what important.

He looked at his watch, it was almost six. Just as he decided to go into the house and watch some television, there was a car horn sound from outside and the gateman was running to open up.

Aisha’s BMW coupe drove in and parked right next to the Range. Aisha stepped out and Ahmed welcomed her with a smile, she did not smile back. She wanted to walk past him and into the house but he blocked her path with one arm around her waist.

“What is it?” She asked him with a frown. He did not reply, all he did was smile down at her then he reached into his pockets and brought out a set of keys. He handed it to her.

“What is this?” Aisha asked with a raised eyebrow.

“The car, it is yours”. Ahmed had the smile still playing on his lips.

Aisha wanted to say something but no words came out of her already open mouth. He wanted to ask her what was on her mind but thought the better of it. And it was a good thing that she did not speak because she was about to ask him if the car was meant to be his way of asking for forgiveness for his cheating.

He held onto her hand and led her into the house like a lamb led to slaughter. He took her bag off her hand and motioned for her to go into the bathroom. He did not follow her in as she expected but just closed the room behind her.

Aisha undressed slowly while she kept thinking of the video she had watched at Olumide’s place. Her husband giving another lady the dick he had so deprived her of. She laid in the bathtub with different thoughts running through her mind as the water ran through her body.

What was she to do? She knew it was not advisable to confront Ahmed with the evidence she had. There was no way she was going to do that and not implicate Olumide.

The rage in her heart at the moment was one that needed an outlet.

At that moment the bathroom door swung open and Ahmed walked in. Aisha stared at him, closed her eyes, and shook her head. Then she opened them again and she knew it was true, this was no dream.

Ahmed was standing naked right before her with his dick at full stretch. All nine inches of it with veins popping from every side of it. Even though her body was underwater, Aisha could tell her pussy was extra rainy.

And as it had happened earlier, she opened her mouth to say something but no words came out. Instead, Ahmed moved closer to her till his dick was sliding right into her mouth.

Her mouth opened up more to take all of him in but she could not contain him. She knew that but it was also a game between them back when their sex life still had meaning.

Anytime they had sex, she always tried to show off just how much of him she could take in and he always ended up laughing at her.

But there was no laughing this time as his hand rested on her head. He held on firmly and proceeded to fuck her mouth. Started up slowly at first but then he switched up the pace, choking her in the process but there were no complaints from her.

She had waited for this for so long and she was going to savor every moment of it.

Ahmed noticed tears running down her face and thought it was about time he stopped. She was not sucking his dick, he was fucking her mouth. But just as he was about to pull out of her mouth, her hand grabbed his butt and proceeded to start sucking him. Her long-running lines by the side of her mouth with enough saliva was enough to fill a cup.

Now it was Ahmed’s turn to close his eyes as his wife’s mouth was sending waves of sensation to his brain. He knew it was just a matter of time before he blew his load in her mouth but he did not want that.

He wanted to dump his first load in her pussy.

So with all the strength, he could muster, he pulled out of her and proceeded to grab her hands pulling her up and out of the bathtub.

She freed her hands from him and stepped out of the tub. She wanted to take a position, he thought to himself but then watched as she grabbed a towel and walked to the door.

She grabbed the doorknob and turned to look at him and his erect dick.

“You want to fuck me like you fucked her?” she asked with a straight face before walking out.

Ahmed stood there in shock with his dick deflating at a rapid rate.


“So, tell me about your day?” Olumide said to Ada as he handed her a cup of wine.

“Nothing much to say or do, just the usual boring day” Ada said as she took a sip out of her drink and folded one of her legs on the couch.

She dropped the wine glass on a nearby table. Alcohol was not the reason she was here and he knew it.

“You know you should get a job, just to keep your mind busy and all that.” He said as his finger began to play up her thighs. It was a good thing she had come over in a body con dress that was too short to be worn anywhere but indoors.

And for occasions like this, she did not need to tell him that she had skipped panties.

“That is if your friend would let me have one. He specifically spelled it out to me before and after our wedding that he wanted a full housewife to sit and take care of the kids. And to be honest, he has been keeping his end of the bargain. Taking care of me and the children quite well. I would be an ingrate to complain” Ada confessed.

“I understand all that but the question is are you happy? Are you content?”

This was the million-dollar question she could not answer and did not have to because at that moment Olumide’s fingers were rubbing right across her pussy and the ease at which they were moving showed just how wet she was.

She opened her leg further in welcoming him but he was taking his time. They had all night and he was not in a rush.

“I asked you a question.” He said she closed her eyes as her breathing got heavy.

“I don’t know the answer to that” She answered with her eyes still closed.


“You cannot seriously expect me to think straight and answer that question.” She opened her eyes to stare into his.

“But what am I doing?” He asked at the same time he dug a finger into her. She gasped out and reached to hold onto his wrist not knowing if she was pushing him his hand away or further into her, all she knew was her pussy was on fire. She started moving her waist slowly to match the tempo his finger was setting inside her.

His other hand was up and pulling the dress off her shoulder till her bra was all that was standing between him and her nipples. The bra was gone in record time and there was her nipple all erect begging for some attention.

He could not deny the plea as he bent lower and took one nipple in his mouth having his tongue run a wet circle around it as he did so.

His finger was gaining momentum further lower as she started to moan now, her eyes staying closed.


Ahmed did not wait for his driver to park properly before jumping out of the car. He had managed to hold his sanity long enough throughout the drive down to Olumide’s place.

He could not even tell where the calm and sense came from for him to ask the driver to take him down. His first instinct after Aisha had dropped the bombshell on him was to drive down to Olumide’s house by himself.

But common sense had prevailed, telling him if he did that in the condition he was in, he was most likely going to end up in a car crash. Through the drive down, he had his fists all clenched as he tried to make sense of everything.

Had Olumide told Aisha about his infidelity?
Was his wife that close to his friend that he had to tell her?
Or was it some moral compass issue? He had dropped the last though, Olumide had no moral compass, he told himself.

Edward was the saint with that. So what was it? Or was it possible the lady Olumide had provided knew Aisha and had gone ahead to spill her guts? The scenario was highly unlikely but it was the one he was trying so hard to believe.

Yet he was walking up to Olumide’s compound with the composure of a man out for blood. He walked in through the gate and nodded at the gateman who was seated right at the entrance to his BQ and had stood up immediately.

Once he saw that it was Ahmed, he greeted and sat right back.

Olumide’s two cars were in the compound so Ahmed knew better than to ask if he was around. He tried his best to calm himself as he walked up to the door reminding himself that there was a slim chance that Olumide might be innocent.

He got to the door and took a deep breath. And just as he was about to knock, he heard it. It was a lady’s voice, not just any lady.

It was the voice of a lady in ecstasy and begging for more. The voice sounded really familiar to Ahmed but there was really no one he could think of at the moment.

One part of him told him to go back home, Olumide should have his space but then again this was not the time for rational thinking.

Ahmed banged on the door.

“Don’t go.” Ada crooned by Olumide’s ear. But he was up even before she finished her sentence.

“I have to see who it is, might be something important”, Olumide explained as he reached for a pair of shorts to get on. He did not bother about boxers.

“Something or someone?” Ada hissed. He paused to look at her, all naked with a duvet just covering up her ankles.

“What do you mean?” He knew where she was headed.

“You want me to spell it out for you? Does Ahmed know you are fucking his precious wife?” She kept a straight face on as she spoke. There was silence as Olumide stared at her wondering what she was driving at.

Was she not also in the same situation? Or had she forgotten Edward was also his best friend?

Or was there something else going on that he knew nothing about.

The loud knock on the door came again, jolting him out of his thoughts. Olumide turned and walked out of the room as Ada sat up watching him go.

She could not explain how she was feeling right now. What exactly did Olumide think of her?

Even if she had managed to contain her emotions the other day when she had discovered he was also fucking Aisha, the sex between the three of them had also helped in calming her down but that was then. She was not expecting him to continue to throw his sex life in her face.

She had half expected him to let Aisha out of his life, she would not have as much problem with him fucking other ladies as she would have him fucking Aisha.

There was just something not right about the whole arrangement. Did he not feel anything for her, was she just another booty call? She reached for a T-shirt by the nightstand and got out of bed, it was time she gave him a piece of her mind.

Olumide walked to the door with a frown on his face wondering who it could be that was so confident to come banging on his door. He was a few feet away when the bang came again.

“Who is it? I am coming!!”. he yelled in anger. He was pissed and knew he was going to give whoever it was a piece of his mind, no matter who it was.

With his anger still at full strength, he turned the key and opened the door. He swung the door and opened his mouth to rant at whoever it was but the image before him left his mouth open and speechless.

There was Ahmed standing with his arms folded across his chest and anger pasted all over his face.
Olumide did not know which problem he was dealing with at the moment but he knew the emotion he was feeling quite alright and it was Fear. But he just did now know which was more paramount, the fear that Ada was in his room, naked on his bed or the fear that Ahmed had somehow found out about him and Aisha.

Ahmed saw the hesitation in Olumide’s eyes and took that as an admission of guilt.

“May I at least enter?” Ahmed asked calmly.

Olumide closed his mouth and just nodded before stepping aside to let him through. Ahmed dropped his arms and walked into the house. He was barely five feet in when the door to Olumide’s room swung open and Ada stepped out with nothing but a T-shirt on.

She froze in her tracks as she saw him, her eyes widened in shock.

Olumide closed the door and turned around just to see Ada standing there having a staring contest with Ahmed. Not one of the three of them could say a word, no one even knew what to do.

Ahmed finally sighed and walked to the minibar Olumide had in one corner of the living room.

He grabbed a bottle of Jameson whiskey and a glass cup. Sitting on a nearby sofa, he put the cup on the table and poured himself a drink.

“So, anybody wants to talk first?”.. he said looking up at them.


“Take care of yourself and take two days off. Bye.” Edward closed the door and waved as the car pulled out of the lot. He stood and watched till it was out of sight then he turned to driver…

“Let’s go”

“Okay, sir”

Edward leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes. The last two days had been amazing, so amazing that he could not even pick out his best moment. Was it when she had sucked him off underneath the shower that had him falling to the floor after nutting in her mouth?

Or when she had dragged him out to the balcony in the middle of the night and bent over the railing before commanding him to fuck her?

Not to mention waking him up every morning with his dick in her mouth. He smiled and shook his head before opening his eyes.

She deserved a raise and he sure was going to give her.

“Don’t take me home”. he called out to his driver.


“Take me to Olumide’s house”.

“Okay, sir”

After the kind of experience he had had, his wife was the last person he wanted to spend the next few hours with.

And nothing would be better than having a drink with his friend.

He really needed that drink.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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