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October 31, 2020

Smoking Bass: The Circle [Part 2] (Legend Series) {18+}
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Smoking Bass: The Circle [Part 2] (Legend Series) {18+}

Ahmed wiped his forehead and closed his eyes in an attempt to get a little sleep before the plane arrived at its destination. But sleep was just not his friend in these trying times. Things should not be this difficult in his life, he had a multi-billion business empire. He was handsome, had an amazingly beautiful wife.

His wife… that was the one major problem in his life. Could the blame be laid at her feet though? He knew the truth, it was all him. All his fault, there was no way to deny that.

When they had gotten married, it had been nothing but paradise, the money and all the comfort it could provide was more than enough cushion plus their sex life had been lit. Aisha was a nympho and that was one of the reasons Ahmed had fallen in love with her.

He loved that she was quite liberal with her sex life and taste, added to the fact that she was spontaneous. He could not even try to remember how many times they had had sex or the number of crazy places it had happened but Aisha’s parents’ bed had been used once when they had gone visiting.

Ahmed shook his head remembering just how he had had to choke and gag her as he was fucking her doggy on her parents’ bed. Then six months into the marriage, things started to go downhill. Started with him being unable to hold an erection during intercourse.

At first, Aisha had been understanding thinking it was all down to some mid-life crisis or something but then it had gotten worse. To the point that his dick stopped rising to the occasion anymore. It was not long before the foundation of their marriage started to crumble. Aisha stopped making his meals, left that duty to the maid.

She started staying out and returning late nights or not at all. He did not have the grounds to complain particularly about the fact that she covered with everyone whenever they asked why they had no children yet.

She was always quick to defend him and say they were simply not ready. In public, she was his warrior but in private she scorched him. He could never understand why she could not just leave. It was definitely not for his money, her family was just as rich and she made quite enough on her own.

Whatever reason it was, he knew it was not going to last. Ahmed sighed and thought about how many times he had tried to tell his friends what was going on but could not just do it. He did not know where to start from or what to even say, the shame would be too much to bear but deep down he knew Olumide would possibly have a solution for him.

He did not tell anyone but had kept his mouth shut, continued to suffer in silence. Till two days ago, it was two days ago… right after Aisha had come at him in front of his P.A, he had been so ashamed to walk out of the house but in the end he had made it out.

The trip down to his office to pick up some paperwork before heading to the airport had been in silence. His P.A sat in front with the driver and said nothing. Till they had gotten to the office and the driver had gone into the office building to pick up the paperwork. Then his driver had turned to face his boss.

“Sir, I am sorry about this morning” He had started.
Ahmed had opened his mouth to talk but did not know what to say. Was he to scold his P.A and tell him to mind his business or break down and talk to him? He did not know so he just closed his mouth back and listened.

“I really don’t know much about what is going on but if it is what I think it is, there might be a solution”. The statement from his P.A had gotten all of Ahmed’s attention and in no time, he was telling him everything. About how the problem of having an erection that can lead to the collapse of his marriage.

All through his tale, his P.A had just nodded with no words of comfort said. In the end, Ahmed had looked up at his P.A who by now had a smile on his face.
“Sir, you would have to postpone this trip” Was the next thing he had said.
“Why?” Ahmed did not understand.

Then his P.A had told him about a man in Makurdi who could help him within a few hours and with some herbal treatments. His case was not critical, his P.A had assured him. And it was going to cost him just a few thousand Naira.

Ahmed did not believe a word his P.A had said until he had told Ahmed that if the treatment did not work, he should be fired with no payoff.

Ahmed had taken a few minutes to think about it. In the end, he had reasoned that what was the worst possible outcome. He had asked the driver to drive them to the airport and rather than heading to Abuja, he had gotten his P.A to book them a flight to Makurdi, Benue state.

That was two days ago. He had spent a whole day in a hut in some remote village on the south bank of the River Benue. An old man had tended to him, telling him it was nothing. After giving him several herbal concoctions to drink and two bottles to take home to be used for the next few days, the old man had told him he was back to normal.

Ahmed still was skeptical but with a good heart, he had given the man double the fee he asked for.
Now he just needed to put himself to test and he knew for sure he was not going to have that with Aisha. There was only one thing left to do.

As the plane touched down, Ahmed asked to be driven to Olumide’s house. His friend always had lots of loose ladies around him. Olumide would help.

“So when would I see you again?” Olumide asked as he watched Aisha get dressed as he lazily stroked his dick.

“I don’t know. At least not for the next few days, Ahmed should be back any minute from now. I am even surprised that he has not called me yet but then again” Aisha said as she hooked her bra up. It was taking all of her restraining power not to jump back in bed and take his dick in her mouth.

She had been having it for the last two days and yet even that did not seem enough.
“But then again, what?” Olumide asked.

“I gave him hell before he left the house. So he might probably still be trying to soothe his ego” Aisha hissed as she reached for her dress which was on a chair nearby.
Olumide chuckled as he watched her step into her dress, his hand still on his partly hard dick.
“What’s funny?” Aisha raised a brow at him.
“Nothing really. I just find it funny that Ahmed has got such a beauty like you in his bed every night and still can’t get it up”
“Well, you know the men are scum saying. You get to fuck this amazing body yet you still go on to screw Ada”

The statement really hit Olumide but his facial expression gave nothing away as he recovered in record time.

“Can you really blame me? You leave for days, weeks at times. I get lonely. And you of all people know Ada is just to help pass the time.”

“Oh really?” Aisha zipped up her dress.
“You do. If not, why did you let us fuck her?” Olumide sat up now but his hand still did not leave his dick.
“Well, maybe I just wanted to try it out” Aisha walked towards him.
“Hmm, what else would you want to try out? Tell me, perhaps it can be arranged” Olumide could not hide the excitement in his voice.

She did not say a word, just grab his hand and took it off his dick, replacing it with hers. She stroked him slowly as he grew within her grasp. He closed his eyes and enjoy the feeling her hand was building up.

“You want to know what else I would love to try out?” Aisha whispered.
Olumide nodded, eyes still closed. Aisha smiled and then bent over, letting her tongue out. She licked the pre-cum that was already spilling out and then slowly kissed his dick cap. Then she stopped abruptly and stood up.
“You will just have to be a good boy and find out later on” She picked up her shoes and left the room.

Olumide opened his eyes just in time to see her walking away, he just shook his head at the sight of her hips swaying from side to side till she was gone. He sat there looking down at his dick which had refused to go down.

He was there till he heard the main entrance door slammed shut and he knew she was gone. He sighed and stood up, walked up to the human-sized mirror he had in a corner of the room, and stared at his naked self in the mirror. He was not looking at anything in particular but his dick, knowing it was going to land him in trouble someday.

Just hoped the day was not too soon, he prayed as he walked off to his bathroom. He turned on the shower and had just put one foot in when he heard the entrance door opened. What had Aisha forgotten now or had she decided to have one more fuck for the road?

“Guy, How far? Where you dey?” Olumide’s eyes widened at the voice.
That was not Aisha’s voice, it was Ahmed’s

Ada stared at the ceiling and tried to gather her thoughts. Was this the life she had really pictured out? A loving husband and adorable kids with a nice home. Yes, she had it all… so what was the problem? Or was it because she was a stay at home wife?

She knew things would occasionally get boring, she expected that. So that was not the problem. Deep down she knew what exactly was wrong. Ever since the night Edward had hit her, something had changed but she just could not put a finger to it, at least not yet.

The morning after he had hit her, he had woken her up with a forehead kiss as always, gone to have his bath as she made him his early morning coffee.

They had gone through their usual early morning routine with neither of them bringing up the events of the previous day. But deep down, Ada knew something was amiss. She just knew and right now her only prayer was for whatever it was not to take a turn for the worse. Her phone rang by her side and she picked it up only to see the caller ID. It was Aisha.

Ada stared at the phone for a while before dropping the phone. The phone stopped ringing, Ada half expected it to ring again but it didn’t. She remembered the feeling of Aisha’s tongue on her nipples as Olumide fucked her. The way she paid close attention to each nipple taking her time to wet them before licking all around them.

She stopped thinking and stood up from the bed. Walking to her wardrobe, she let the nightie slip off and fall to the ground.
Opening up the wardrobe, she pulled her Dildo.

Olumide walked back to the living with a bottle and a cup before settling down with his laptop. He opened it up and scrolled down to his video files. Now he needed answers and hopefully, the video he was about to watch would provide them.
“How far?” Olumide had opened up the door trying to calm the fear in his voice. He could not tell if he was doing an amazing job or not. Ahmed did not seem to notice.

“I am good o, just getting back from a trip and needed to come see you” Ahmed said as he walked past his friend into the living room.

Olumide adjusted the towel he had hurriedly tied around his waist as he watched his friend take a seat. What was going on? Aisha had left barely five minutes ago, was it possible that she and Ahmed had crossed path? Or had Ahmed known she had spent the last two days here and had just been waiting for her to leave before he comes to confront Olumide?

For the second time in a space of two days, Olumide’s mind was in turmoil.
“Ehen, where did you go to this time around? Mr Globe trotter” Olumide asked with a forced smile.
“I just went to Abuja, had some quick business to tie up” Ahmed was not ready just yet to tell anyone his problem or the length he had gone to, for a solution.

“Oh, sha share this money when the time comes abeg” Olumide was still not at ease.
“So, what will you drink?” He continued.

“Sit down first, Olumide. That is not the reason I am here although I would still have a drink before I leave but more important matter first” Ahmed motioned to a chair right beside him.
“Okay?” Olumide nervously sat down, a thousand scenarios running through his mind. Was his friend about to kill him for sleeping with his wife? Or was he about to plea and tell him something else?

“Bro, I need you to help me arrange one lady for the evening. I need to relieve some sexual tension” Ahmed dropped the bombshell.
“Ehn!” Was all Olumide could say as his jaw dropped.
“I am serious, need to fuck someone senseless”. Ahmed said with a straight face.

Olumide had never been more confused in his whole life. Aisha had told him that her husband had not been able to have an erection for over a year and now the said husband, his friend was asking him to hook him up. Something was not adding up.

“I don’t understand”. Olumide finally managed to whisper.
“Guy, why are you like this na? We all know you have different ladies at your beck and call. I just need one for today. One to blow my mind” Ahmed said with a mischievous smile.
Were they fucking with him? Was it possible that both husband and wife were playing some sort of sick game with him?

“Wait, wait. Aren’t you married? What happened to Aisha?” He managed to summon up the courage to ask.
“Nothing, she doesn’t even know I am back yet but occasionally it is needed to try somethings outside” Ahmed still had the smile on his face.
Olumide had not understood anything that was going on but still he had gone ahead to call up a lady for his friend. Then while they waited, gotten drinks, and talked.

The lady had arrived within an hour, she was one of those who lived for the feel of a good fuck and nothing more.

Money was not the main attraction for her and Olumide had chosen her for this specific reason. After the usual introductions and another bottle gone, she had stood up and pulled Ahmed up by the hand and led him to Olumide’s master bedroom. Olumide had wanted to object and ask them to head to one of the spare rooms but he thought of it and said nothing. He watched them go while he sat down to finish up his drink.

There had been no human sound from the room except for once when he had heard the lady scream out and then there was silence. He heard a couple of things crashing around the room but still, he did not stand up. He was confused and intrigued at the same time but he knew he would have his answer by the end of the day.

For he had a camera in his master bedroom, he had fixed it for the sole purpose of recording his sexual conquests especially whenever he fucked Aisha, she was the perfect porn star and he always loved to re-watch fucking her.

As he sat and watched Ahmed fuck the lady, he began to have serious doubt about the true profession of husband and wife. He had never seen anyone fuck like that, well except in porn flicks of course.

The way Ahmed had taken her from behind and drove into her had caused the scream he had heard earlier. Then he watched as Ahmed had pushed her head into the sheets and continued to fuck her like some incubus. He had no idea just how turned on her was till he could feel some pre-cum rubbing against his skin and boxers.

He reached for his phone.
And scrolled down his contacts to Aisha.
Edward looked up at the ceiling as he could bare to look down at the bobbing head between his thighs. He gripped the pen in his hand extra tight, one part of him saying it was only a matter of time before it snapped.

He could be less bothered, he was in heaven at the moment. He looked downright about the same time his secretary was taking her mouth off his dick. She looked at him and smiled with saliva running down the side of her mouth. Her hand was still at work stroking him, she keeps eye contact with him as her other hand went to her shirt and got to letting the buttons free.

She let two buttons go and her massive boobs still enslaved in a bra came to view. Edward swallowed his saliva as his attention moved away from her face to the cleavage now unveiled before him. He knew he was in trouble, the kind of trouble he liked. Her head went down again but this time she did not take him in her mouth, she only let saliva roll down and onto his dick as her hand began to go slower now.

Edward closed his eyes as he tried to search for some self-control but he knew it was a losing battle even before he began the search. With despair running all over him, he opened his eyes and jumped up with his dick sliding out of his secretary’s hand. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up, turning her around aggressively.

She knew what was coming next and promptly prepared herself for it by grabbing her tight skirt by the hem and pulling it over her ass. Her hands were holding onto the table for support as her boss grabbed the thong she had on and ripped it apart. She bit her lips as she felt him rubbing his dick between her ass cheeks.

The dick was still well covered in her saliva and the wet feeling between her ass was more turn on than she could explain, so it was with a scream that she welcomed a finger sticking into her asshole. Her voice had barely died down when his dick went in to her and then her voice was gone.
Her mouth was all open but no sound was coming out. Her hands became tighter around the table as her boss started to fuck her like a prostitute he had paid in full for.

Edward was panting as he started to fuck his secretary like his life depended on it. He looked down to see his dick going in and out of her covered in her wetness making his dick glister in broad daylight. And there was the flimsy thong he had torn into two flapping in the air. He grabbed a huge chunk of her ass and squeezed as hard as he could.

Fucking her gave him a feeling he could not explain, there was something different about her that even his wife could not give him. She was his guilty pleasure and it only fueled him to keep fucking her the more each time he remembered she was also married. He grabbed her by the neck, tightening his grip around her neck before pulling her up till she was his height, the heels she had on helped.

This position made her lose grip on the table, only her fingers were touching. His hand was tighter around his neck and choking her but the pleasure was much more than the pain that she could not complain.
“Does your husband fuck you like this? He grunted in her ear. She knew this was more of a turn-on for him than her as she shook her head. She could not talk even if she wanted to.

“Does his dick take control of you like this?? His thrust into her became deeper with this question and she paused before shaking her head in the negative.
He did not get to the third question before groaning out loud and emptying himself into her. She was not bothered about this considering she was on pills, not even her husband knew about this. She was not ready to lose certain privileges just for a baby.

Edward closed his eyes and buried his face behind her neck as his limp dick slowly slid out of her.
The usual thought of running away with his secretary came up again and once again thoughts of his kids put that on the back burner. Do not mix emotions with good sex, he told himself.

Aisha ran her tongue along the rim of the wine cup she had in hand as she watched her husband sleep. Her thoughts were all over the place. The phone call she had received from Olumide half an hour ago was about to change her life. For good or for bad? Was the dilemma she was facing right now. Or was it possible that Olumide was lying to her? But why would he want to? Maybe he was trying to dump her and keep on fucking Ada.

That was a good enough reason. Because there was just no way she could imagine her husband fucking like the porn star Olumide had described. He had sworn on his life and told her he even had a video but was not going to send it to her. If she wanted to see it, she was going to have to come over to his place.

She smiled as she drank her wine, tomorrow she would go over.

Tomorrow she would know the truth.

Olumide was grinning as he walked to the door. He was all dressed up for work but he knew he could spare an hour or two for his early morning guest. He opened the door to see a straight-faced Aisha standing there were her arms folded right beneath her breasts.

She had a black Jellabiya gown and black scarf on, black sunglasses to top it all off like a woman in mourning. Olumide was unsure as to how to welcome her so he just said the first thing that popped up.
“Good morning to you too” He finished up with a smile.

Aisha did not respond, she merely walked past him and straight to his living room.
“Where is the video. Let me see it” She said as she dropped the handbag she had with her on a nearby couch.

“Wow! What is with the attitude? No good morning, no hugs” Olumide was trying to be on his best behavior.
“Olumide, I am pissed at you as it is already. Do not push me further” Now she was frowning and Olumide was confused.
“Me? What have I done?” Was the logical next question.

“You aided my husband in cheating, just what kind of friend are you?!” She screamed at him, Olumide took two steps back. Now he was more confused than ever, wasn’t this the same lady he fucked often. Was that not also cheating? Or were the rules different? But he knew better than to ask that question now.

“I thought you did not believe me when I told you so what are you now mad about? Besides who told you that I aided him? Do you know how much I tried to talk him out of it? And if I aided him as you so put it, would I have called you?” Well, Olumide knew in times like this, certain lies were required.
“Just show me the video” Aisha could attack him no further as she started pacing back and forth the living room.

Olumide walked to the table and chair he had set up in a corner of the room for studies. He took his laptop out of hibernation, the screen came alive with the video on pause where the lady had Ahmed’s dick in her mouth. Olumide had purposely played and paused it at that scene so Aisha could understand just what he was talking about.

“Here it is” He called Aisha and stepped back so she could have the chair to herself as he stood behind her.

Aisha was stunned, to say the least, she knew what she was seeing but her brain was having a hard time processing it. There was a dick as hard as any she had ever seen in between a lady’s full lips. She wanted to argue with herself that it was not her husband’s dick that was so hard. She put her hand on the space button, let it linger there as she continued to stare at the screen.

She finally summoned enough courage to push the enter button and her husband cane into full view as his hand grabbed the lady by the head and he started to fuck her mouth, choking her with his dick. She was not complaining, Aisha knew how that felt.

She could not fathom out what was going on but one thing’s for certain, Ahmed’s dick was just fine and it seemed it was even better considering the way the lady screamed as he flipped her around and took her from behind.

She watched as her husband pushed another lady’s head into the bed just to muffle her sounds, she watched as her husband slapped another lady’s ass. She watched as the lady’s hands went all over the place looking for something to hold on to.

Ahmed was more than a porn star fucking this random lady and at some point when he pulled his dick out of her, Aisha could swear she saw him look down and smile at the sight of his dick.

For some weird reason, it turned her on as she watched her husband fuck someone else. Was it because it had been quite a while she had his dick in her? She could not tell and Olumide’s hand on her shoulder was not helping matters at all. It did not take long for him to start massaging the shoulder as they both watched the show Ahmed was starring in.

Aisha turned to look at Olumide with lust filled eyes and wondered if she should tell him she had no panties on. No, he would have to find that out for himself, she decided.
“When will you be back?” Ada asked as she watched her husband knot up his tie.
“I don’t know yet, it depends on how good the offer is at first and how the negotiations progress”.

Edward was straight-faced answering her. He had made up his mind last night while coming home from the office. He needed to flush the sexual hold his secretary had on him and he had decided on the best way to go about it.

He was going to spend as much day as he could with her and fuck her till he could go no more. The first step to doing this was calling her and informing her that they were traveling to Ghana for the next few days and she should pack up for the flight early the next day.

Surprisingly she had put up no hesitation and just said she would be at the airport at the time put forward.
His wife was not his problem.
“Junior’s birthday is next week” Ada whispered.

“I know, I would be back before then” He heard her and replied as he picked up his bag and kissed her forehead. The kiss was cold and they both knew. It was not his concern as he walked out of the room.

Ada sat up in bed and smiled, this was no longer a marriage. It was a dictatorship and as in every dictatorship, there was always rebellion.

She picked up her phone and texted Olumide.

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