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Shoot Me Please! 5 awful sex positions and what we hate about them

We put up with these positions because of you, just one of those things we do for love.

We love sex but there are some sex positions that we just hate but won't tell you because you may like them. In the honesty, these are five of those we loathe.

We all love sex, that’s not true. Almost all of us love sex, a large percentage of us like sex. Some sex positions are preferable to us because of how it makes us feel but the truth is that as guys, there are some sex positions that we don’t like because of certain reasons.

So, this is what we hate about the blady positions.

1. The missionary position

Virtually, the oldest position for sex in the world. It has a lot of benefit with intimacy and all that, you can look into her eyes and have that connectivity but honestly this position can be very boring. Also the guy does all the work, seriously the lady just enjoys it.

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2. Cowgirl

We love this position as guys either reverse cowgirl or not but sincerely this position has the highest risk of breaking one’s dick especially if the babe is over anxious, and rides too rough. Who wants to break his dick and lose the chances of ever using it if one maniac chic rides too rough?

3. Shower sex

Yea, we want to do this so much because the idea of shower sex is so good, the flow of water on the body is just so good, but there is risk of serious injury if the bathroom floor is slippery, even worse, you’re on your feet during the darn thing. Having sex in the shower is cool but shouldn’t be the reason why you die.

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4. Spooning

This position is very intimate and very nice but it’s also a very awkward position for anyone to stay in for an extended period of time. Unless you’re a stallion, it doesn’t suit a marathon sex themed weekend, and also, it’s hard to stare at those gorgeous boobs.

5. 69

Talking about awkward positions, 69 belongs to that category. For conservative being face to face with each other’s genitals might be a problem, it might be more okay if we take turns blowing each other, also there is the health risk of putting all over your weight on your partner.

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