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June 5, 2020

Sex & Relationships

Hello Earthlings,

Wet wet Monday morning, not that wet jo, you crazy minded infidel, early morning rain ni jo. I got soaked a bit by it sha.

Okay, today’s post is actually a question that I would like you to answer by percentage. The issue of sex and relationship has been a constant discussion since the beginning of human interaction.

For us guys, we have a very different perspective about the two and guys can clearly separate sex from relationship which makes it kind of easy or not so easy for a guy to have sex with another girl while dating another girl. The guy can still maintain the relationship at a steady pace full of undying love and other romantic jargons and at the same time shag another girl without mixing up emotions.

Guys can also multi-task, you dig?

Like in the movie, Friends with Benefit with Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake by the way is moving slowly towards becoming an A-list actor, back to my initial digression. I remember a scene when they were both trying to justify why emotions shouldn’t be involved in sex. One of them sex was just like a sport, just like playing tennis. o.O

Kind of weird right, that’s how guys think, for the fact that a guy is shagging a girl doesn’t necessarily means he’s in love with her. He might be shagging her so he can use up his sperm so they don’t grow to be like tadpoles’….Loooool

You sha get the point.I think one of the reasons why ladies find it difficult to have casual sex is because of the whole scene of being naked and having to watch the face of whoever is shagging you. I might be wrong but if thats the problem, let me proffer a solution; how about doggie style or reverse cowgirl or wait for it, wait for it, you can cover his face with a pillow.

Problem solved? No???

For some ladies, not all ladies. I hate to sound like TweetOracle here but the bulk of ladies that like to attach sex with relationship are Yoruba girls, before you go and write some insulting comment, I’m a Yoruba guy myself and I have had several interactions with Yoruba girls.

Before i move on, Am i the only who feels weird about TweetOracle?? He comes and tweets crap insulting girls from different parts of the country and people hail him and keep retweeting it? Whats the problem??? Do we have more retards now or what?

Moving on, Yoruba girls always feel that you need to make some sort of commitment before hitting that, most probably be their boyfriend. Not sure why they have this barrier, maybe it’s to justify their conscience.

For Igbo girls that I am a big fan of :D, they have some evolved sense of doing things because they want to do it. If an Igbo girl wants to have sex with you, she will, end of it. She probably doesn’t care if you’re in a relationship or not, she just wants your magic stick. #Darrisall

Let me leave this whole classification something, now for me, I feel sex is a very important part of a relationship, like 50% of the relationship. You might argue with me that it isn’t, that it is tiny and insignificant but if you’ve ever climaxed as a woman and experienced how an orgasm can ravage your body, you might want to think twice about it.

I get the whole compatibility thing and I totally feel you on that one. I once dated a lady that we were in love but we had huge compatibility issues, we weren’t in sync but we had great sex…

*stares into the sky reminiscing some of the best sex we had together*

*Shrugs back to reality*

We broke up after a while. I have also been in relationships that we were good as in super good, we spoke about everything, and whatever I had in mind was the exact thing she was thinking as well. We looked like a celebrity couple, laughing together everywhere but when it comes down to sex, we didn’t have the best kind of sex because she isn’t exactly big on exploring different sexual activities, (don’t worry I never asked her for anal sex). She wasn’t particular about blowjobs and I couldn’t understand why at this stage of human evolution, anyone would think Oral sex isn’t a good thing to do.

Long story short, we broke up, I think in every relationship sex should be given a lot of priority. If it was that insignificant, why do you think God added it to marriage. Infact, its’ one of the biggest bonus in marriage. A friend of mine always says Marriage is the legalisation of sex.

It’s nice to know that some Nigerian ladies have also evolved into players. I was with a chic once and the only thing we wanted to do was shag. It was nice to talk about things randomly and after the shag, I let myself out…. I couldn’t believe it because naturally, Nigerian girls always have a sentimental attachment towards any guy they shag, they start to feel mushy about it. But this particular lady was already evolved specie of a lady just like that evolved Human specie from Fringe Season 4.

Once we finished, I wore my clothes, she stayed in bed, and then I left, without either of us seeing the other off. Ideally, she would have escorted me to my car where we’d talk a bit, probably about the next time we would hook up or something. We did see each other a few times after that. That happened to be one of the best FWB experiencesI have ever had.

I haven’t blogged about that yet in my DS Series, but soon.

Anyways, thank you so much for coming to reading my rant, now here comes my question, what percentage do you think sex takes in a relationship.

Use the comment box to send your thought(s).


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