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December 1, 2021

Sex Fetish: Night at Uncle’s Funeral (18+)[NSFW]
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Sex Fetish: Night at Uncle’s Funeral (18+)[NSFW]


My uncle had just passed away, and I had to return home for the funeral. Because I and my sisters were in our 30’s, we had all grown up and moved away. It had gotten to the point where I only saw my parents and siblings when there was a death in the family.

We were all staying at our parent’s house, it allowed us all to be together and stay in our old bedrooms. My sister Nora and I were close, as in we spoke almost daily, but my oldest adopted sister Peggy and I weren’t as close.

Peggy showed up the same day as I did, but Nora wouldn’t be here until the next morning. My Mom, Dad, Peggy and I had a small gathering in the living room and drinks. Mom and Dad now in their 60’s didn’t last long and went to bed.

Peggy and I were left having an uncomfortable small talk. She loosened up a bit by the end and we started talking about sex. Both of us were married, we left our significant others back home as we both had kids and since it was just an uncle passing away, there wasn’t much need for bringing the entire family. We both confessed to each other some things we were into with our partners. She admitted that she had recently started having and enjoying anal sex with her husband.

I was shocked that she admitted that because Peggy was always a little quiet, shy and seemed like a prude.
Since she admitted that, I felt I should admit something a little more so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. I confessed to her that my wife lets me have sex with other women from time to time.

“What?!” She screamed and laughed “Does she enjoy being fucked in the ass too?!” She asked

“No, it’s not like that. she just likes experimenting from time to time, but yeah, she has complimented anal sex once .” I confessed
Truthfully, that’s not the craziest thing my wife and I are into but I felt it was about what I needed to admit to keep her comfortable with the conversation and not think too much less of me.

Our sex talk went on for another hour or so until when we both returned to our rooms for the night. I called my wife and we had some dirty sex talk on the phone while I stroked my dick a bit but I didn’t finish. When my wife hung up, I was hard as a rock and needed some kind of satisfaction. I started perusing various porn sites hoping to find something interesting to calm me.

My wife and I had just started pissing on each other experimentally in the shower. I was enjoying it a little more than she was I think and I had found a piss video that had a ridiculously hot girl getting pissed on and pissing on a guy. It made me want to piss on her and have her piss on me so much! I felt the urge to piss after a bit, but I certainly couldn’t do that in my room.

I went to the bathroom and stripped down and jumped in the bathtub. My dick was still hard and I was still watching the piss video. I stroked my dick just a bit waiting for it to piss. I felt it getting close, so I laid back and relaxed.
Seconds later a stream of warm piss shot up in the air and back down on my face.

Almost as soon as the piss hit my face, the bathroom door flew open. I saw Peggy for one second and then the door slammed shut. Before I could realize what happened, the door swung open again and Peggy scampered into the bathroom, shut the door behind her and turned towards me.

“What the hell are you doing?” She whispered

“Don’t worry about it, it was nothing.” I said nervously “Can you please get me something to cover up please?”

“Oh my god, we’re adults and family. I helped mom change your diapers. I’ve seen your dick, and what you were doing didn’t look like nothing!” She said laughing

“*sigh* All our talk outside got me turned on and then I called my wife and she got me all worked up. Peeing is one of the things we’ve been exploring with.” I explained

I continued to explain to her what and how we pissed on each other in as much detail as she asked for. Maybe it was the beer inside both of us but I no longer cared that I was stark naked in the tub with my sister sitting on the edge hovering over me.

“Well, I came in here to pee. Want me to pee on you?” She asked laughing a bit.

“Wait?! What?! Are you fucking with me?” I asked confused

“Yes and no.” She said as she stood up and locked the bathroom door. “Maybe we’re crazy, maybe we’re drunk. Who cares, not like anyone will ever find out, right?” She explained as she pulled her pyjama pants down.

My dick had softened at this point but seeing my sister standing next to me with no pants on made me harden up right quick. She had a nicely groomed bush and I was shocked that her clit was pierced!

“Where do you want it?” She asked as she climbed in the tub and straddled me.

I was staring straight up at her pussy now! I was a bit speechless.

“Uh, sorry.. on my face or in my mouth,” I said mesmerized by her pussy.

Peggy inched her feet forward almost up to my armpits and reached down and spread her pussy lips. A second later a stream of warm piss hit me right in the mouth. My mouth filled up quickly and it started pouring out and down onto my chest. We had drunk our share of liquor and she just kept pissing.

“How’d I do?” She said as she finished pissing, stepped out of the tub and sat back down on the rim of the tub.

“Wow! That was a lot of pee!” I said as I unknowingly stroked my dick!

Theresa reached down and pushed my hand aside. Her hand replaced mine on my shaft and she began stroking me.

“Whoa! What are you doing?” I asked uncomfortably

“I can piss all over you but I’m not allowed to finish you off?” She said laughing a bit

I didn’t even respond, I just accepted it and laid back. I closed my eyes and let her do her thing. It felt amazing!

“Do you want me to play with you?” I asked

“No, this is just about you.” She answered

I closed my eyes again and rested my head back. A minute later I felt it coming. Before I knew it I shot a hot wad of cum straight up and landed on her thumb. She squeezed my shaft a bit and when she let loose another spurt of cum shot up and landed on her hand. She squeezed again and again until I was done cumming.

To my further surprise, she licked the cum off her hand, got up and left without saying anything. I lay in the bathtub stunned at what the last five minutes of my life were like. I didn’t see my night going that way at all.

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