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June 5, 2020


Your names?
Samuel Martyns-Yellowe
[‘Deolu: I resolve my comment about your name…]

#1 Network

Twitter,because I get loads of information there

Your interests

Dancing and singing

[‘Deolu: Are they both bathroom hobbies or you actually do them on-stage because am a professional bathroom dancer myself, I have mastered all MJ’s steps but I can only perform them in the bathroom, that’s not weird right? No?]

Your #1 hobby

 Watching movies

[‘Deolu: Another something we have in common :)]

Your kinda babe?

Someone with a good sense of humour, pretty and hawt to *winks*

What’s on your bucket list?

Perform with Chris Brown

Do a duet with Beyonce

[‘Deolu: I know a couple of people who have done both…:B]

Have dinner with Kim Kardashian *smile*

[‘Deolu: I don’t mean to fault your bucketlist but am seriously wondering what you wanna discuss with Kim, I would prefer if you said you wanted to bend her over a dinner table and probably tape it then sell the tape…Or is that a bad idea? ]

Role models?

Errr Not really

[‘Deolu: So, you never wanted to be like anybody when you were younger??????? You must have been a dark kid like the one from the problem child. By the way whatever happened with that child actor sef? ]

What was growing up like?

It was really fun, to think am a twin, we was partners in crime *big smile*

[‘Deolu: I hope it isn’t the ‘Ibeji Oran’ or Aki & Pawpaw kind of twin sha]

What’s your deepest fear?

To be poor

[‘Deolu: I concur on this one]

Any superpowers?

Still don’t want them to know yet hehe

[‘Deolu: Do you want me to put you in the category where people wanna kill themselves when you come into the room? No….iKid ofcourse. This ability has been called Superpowers in some circles :D]

Top 5 movies of all time?

Mission impossible 3


Tomb Raider

Coming to America


[‘Deolu: O.O The American movie or the Nigerian one?]

Top 5 music of all time?

Black or white(MJ)

A mili(Lil wayne)

Gyptian (Hold Yhu)

Single ladies(Beyonce) [‘Deolu: Should I be bothered about you with this song? Do not tell me you dance to it alone]

Chris brown(look at me now)

5 people you would like to meet before you die?


Chris Brown



Lil wayne

What would you say is the biggest risk you have ever taken?

Going out without money

[‘Deolu: I do that all the time \(- -)/]  

What role has the Nigerian factor positively and negatively played in who you are today?

I take anything as it goes

[‘Deolu: I cant agree more, I passed by Leki tollgate and I asked myself what happened with all that protest saying no to tolls. Sigh, We just move on don’t we?]

What is your most memorable experience?

Performing on the same stage with Fabulous

[‘Deolu; Cool, so I can safely assume here that you’re a professional dancer]

What experience would you rather delete from history if you could?

Hmmm can’t say anything for now

[‘Deolu: The evil that men do…..i will leave you to fill in the rest yourself]  

If you are not into what you are doing now, what would you be doing?

Dangerous things

[‘Deolu: Ermm…..we would actually appreciate a list of the devilish vices here]

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Music full time

[‘Deolu: Now, I see the Chris Brown connection, singing and dancing full time]

Name 3 people you met and completely changed your life positively?

Some three friends loool

[‘Deolu: We would really really appreciate their names or handles here]

Who are your partners in crime?

Me,myself and I *smiles*

[‘Deolu: This guy is just too self-obsessed about himself *not interested look*]

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