Photo of the Week 5 - 'Deolu #ONIRANU Bubble!
January 15, 2021

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Photo of the Week 5

We would like you to give caption to the picture above, we’re looking for the most creative caption/title to this image, you can relate it to whatever connects to you.

Drop your title/caption with a conviction and your twitter handle in the comment box. More importantly, what you can see in her eyes.

At the end of the week, on friday by 5pm, we will announce the winner, we will be giving airtime worth N1,000 to the winner.

@Mz_Shadee Ā was the winner of last week.

The picture was supplied to us by @phatiei

Dangerous flower???? Loool, don’t mind me

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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  • The brilliant Lily is Hurt.

    The petals of the lily are as tender as they come. The blade, safety pins, the holes in petals are evidence of the hurt and the damage that the flower has been through. But despite this, the flower hasn’t wilted or lost its glory.

    I’m Jibola (@JibolaL)


    The lily represents a person, the blades and pins represents the things and people that continuously tear us up each day and the blood represents the hurt but despite all this, the lily still stands bold and beautiful and that is exactly how we should be and we should learn to share our problems with others as the lily made its hurt obvious to us.


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