This is the real temptation, this plumber after fixing her kitchen pipes, she was soliciting for his "pipe" as well. Guess what he did?

Do you remember the last place where you saw this? It was in a porno, where else is sex the acceptable tender for services rendered. Unless it has happened to you, in which case, please take this as my congratulations. I’m yet to be bestowed this honor, of receiving payment in kind for something I did or have I?

It was a prank that a girl made on her man. She watched as her man was baited into sex by a very sexy woman. She did a cheat test on him where he was being filmed as well, in the video he was trying to fix the woman’s sink, reports Zoe Drewett, Daily Star.

In the video, the lady was so casual that she had on only an underwear and satin robe. After the guy finishes his work with the pipes, the lady refuses for him to leave, she didn’t allow him excuse himself.


After which, she told him, “I could do something for you. I’ve been lonely at night”

While all this was happening, the girlfriend was watching this play out on the screen of the laptop. This difficult test was set up by the hosts of Youtube Channel, To Catch A Cheater.

“Did you hire a hooker?” The angry girlfriend asks

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The man however manages to resist the advances from the busty firecracker, apparently, not all men are scum.

Hear this, females of Nigerian twitter. She even went as far as asking for him to have sex with her, but clearly the man was filled with the Holy Spirit because he didn’t oblige her.

She threw herself at him helplessly but he managed to make his girlfriend proud, and resisted, he told her, “Unfortunately, I have to go”.

The girlfriend is the happiest as the clip ends. She smiled at the camera and said; “We just harassed my boyfriend at work but I’m very happy, good job baby.”


This prank video has been seen over 260,000 times in less than after it was uploaded.

Some comments on the video were that, the woman was too aggressive, that’s why he ran away.

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Would you pass the test if you were tried like this?

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