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Oral Sex: From Your Mouth To Her BRAIN

We will not discuss whether you need to be giving your lady head. This is 2018, motherfuckers have graduated to eating ass [Recievers of this service cannot stop talking about how great it is],  just try to keep up. Ehn…Mgbanu?

Shout out to my WCE and delectable muse who brought about topic.

Men need to see themselves as pleasure givers. The problem with a lot of us is that we just want to bust a nut and the lady is just like a tool to get that done. Sort of like, a back stretcher used to get rid of that bad itch.

Guys, we need to take it higher. This post wouldn’t be long at all. This is just to change your approach of oral sex giving. We will not talk about her giving you head.

If we’re to take statistics, I’m sure the numbers will have it that more women give head than men.

The advantage of being good at head giving is that she will appreciate it and love you for it, and when it’s time to return favors, she won’t only blow you but blow your mind into smithereens.

Giving her head is a mindset thing, it’s not about how long you spend down there, it’s about the technique, it’s like free-kicks or penalties during a football match. Once you’ve mastered the technique,  you’ll be able to reproduce it as many as possible successfully.

When I say, it’s about technique, I mean it. Let me explain this through a simple analogy.

Imagine a child sprains his/her somewhere around his arm, and the parent takes he/she to the doctor. When the attending physician sits with the child. He takes the sprained hand and examines it very closely, pressing it all over to get the painful parts of it asking the child how painful it is.

As the doctor moves around the arm, back and forth, the child indicates pain where he/she gets to the sensitive part which gives the doctor the direction to treat.

You can use this same approach to oral sex for your lady. While you’re down there, tease your tongue all around the pussy, through the vulva, to the clitoris, the top, the bottom. Use your tongue to take a tour of the facility. Also, don’t forget to use different parts of your tongue too, the tip, the flat part of it, if you’re good enough, you’ll discover how to use the tip of your tongue with your lower lip together.

The point of this tongue tourism is to find out where she loves it the most, where she has the most pleasure, your position here is the pleasure giver.

At this point, concentrate on that. Her body will let you know when you’re doing a good job until she gets to that point where her waist becomes erratic and she is dragging your head forward, you have to keep trying. A lot of ladies find intense pleasure with the clitoris, that’s the top part of the pussy. That’s an expo for you.

Don’t be in a hurry,  the truth is when you find out, it’ll be easier to go there again. You can add that to your arsenal. When you find that spot, put your back into it, then go back to research and development. It doesn’t have to be just one places, the pleasure zones in the vagina has to be explored, look for other spits where she loves your mouth.

Build up your skills list, also learn to exercise your tongue so it doesn’t get tired quickly. Some ladies take a while to get into it but once they do, it’s the railing season, when it rains, it pours.

Feel free to swallow as well!

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