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No Protection! 5 things you can do if your partner hates condoms

It's possible that your partner may not like the feel of a condom, here are ways you can cope with that.

It's possible that your partner doesn't like condoms, it can be selfish or for some reason due to a medical condition. Here are things you can do about that.

Safe sex is important for everyone, to avoid STDs and also pregnancy but it also happens that some people don’t like their partner using condoms.

Usually when this happens, it’s a guy thing, guys are the ones who would rather have skin to skin sex. Some guys prefer raw because it sensation is better than when the penis is covered with latex but there is also a possibility that ladies don’t like their partners to use condoms as well.

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One reason for that is latex allergy which is a real thing, latex condoms can them very uncomfortable, another selfish reason is similar to the guy’s reason, he just enjoys sex better when there is no rubber in between.

When this happens, there a handful of ways to deal with such;

1. Use other non-latex condoms


There are other types of condoms that are not latex based that your partner hates, you can use other types like Lifstyle Skyns, the non-latex ones even feel better than the latex ones, as the material is thinner, the heat transfer is better than the latex brands.

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2. Use female condoms

It’s simple, if she doesn’t want her partner to use condom, she can wear one herself, the material female condoms are made out of do not trigger latex allergies, they are made from nitrile, and they have got way more variety of lubricants.

3. Use contraceptive sponge


Using a birth control sponge too can work, just make sure to insert it like 24 hours before. Porn stars use it when they need to film and they’re on their period, other options in this regard include, diaphragms and cervical caps.

4. The good old pull out

Let’s be realistic, we have all done this before, and to be honest, the pull out method works when it’s done with the perfect precision, if you’re a pro at this then you’d have a maximum shot of 78 percent at reducing the chance of pregnancy, other methods are lower than this.

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5. There is oral sex


This is the one that totally removes the chance of pregnancy happening, if you never take the penis to the vagina, then zero risk of pregnancy. Oral sex can give her orgasm as well, so improve your head game and get in there.

Also, you can try anal sex, no chance of pregnancy there, you can throw in sex toys as well. Expand your knowledge base about sex and watch things flourish between you and your partner.

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