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Nakeeeedddd in Cape Town V(18+)

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Nakeeeedddd in Cape Town V(18+)

“Sorry about her, she’s a loose cannon that one.” He offered.

“No, she was very nice.” Ijeoma’s tone was innocent in her reply.

Deyemi looked across at me this time, excitement in his eyes. “Is it true that you’re actually keen on the idea?”

The earth seemed to stop spinning as I pieced together what was discussed on the phone a moment ago. I glanced at Ijeoma whose eyes were wide.

I didn’t know how to reply, so I took a deep breath, and a long sip of wine, really searching for the right words.

“In theory.” I managed.

Deyemi smiled, “Most men are, really. Most are also afraid to admit it – to themselves, to their wives.”

Ijeoma was nearly shaking with nervous excitement, and Deyemi decided to help her relax by placing his hand on her thigh.

“Here.” He adjusted his seated position, moving slightly to face more towards Ijeoma. “This is a little test I do with new couples. May I?” Deyemi gently reached for Ijeoma’s hand.

Ijeoma delicately laid her palm into his. I later learned that Ijeoma already knew what he was going to attempt, his wife had told her during their bizarre conversation. I was locked in a trance, a strange feeling present in my stomach, an aroused one in my loins.

“Stop me at any time if this isn’t working for either one of you.” Deyemi somehow seemed extra genuine with the comment.

I looked on in aroused horror as he deftly placed it right onto what at first appeared to be his upper thigh. However, I quickly noticed the bulge running down his pant leg. My wife’s hand was on his cock!

Ijeoma reached up to cover her mouth with her free hand, seemingly in shock. After years of fantasizing about such a perverted scene, to finally see it – it wreaked havoc on my mind. But I was immediately aroused.

I quickly shot down a huge gulp of wine whilst glancing around the bar. I was relieved to see no one else on our side of the counter, Deyemi probably have already noticed that.

He calmly removed his hand from hers, speaking softly. “Just leave it there Ijeoma, explore it while you enjoy your drink.”

“My god.” My wife let the words out in a whisper. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Bah, it’s just a little fun on your vacation. Right?” He looked in my direction to gauge my reaction.

“No harm at all.” I managed, somehow. I continued to look like my wife’s small hand slowly moved up and down the length of his concealed cock, gently grasping at his thickness through his thin pants.

“Have you ever felt one that big?” Deyemi offered, calmly.

Ijeoma was lost, but she managed to reply, “God no.”

We all sat in a totally delirious trance of lust and heightened arousal as my wife explored his manhood.

After a few minutes of heavy breathing and high blood pressure, Deyemi offered, “Seems like you’re both enjoying this.”

Ijeoma looked at me with worried, lustful eyes.

“Deyemi, why don’t you give us one minute to talk,” I spoke.

“Certainly.” He stood, seemingly unconcerned with the massive tent in his pants as he headed to the restroom.

“Do you want to go up to his room?” I asked, anxious, panicked, hopeful.

“Oh god, what are we doing?” was her reply.

I leaned in and kissed her. “We have been married for years, Ijeoma. We love each other and we are just spicing things up on a vacation – it’s completely normal and incredibly exciting.”

“Aren’t you worried, embarrassed?” She asked, concerned.

“No, I’m excited. I can’t explain it but I’m completely fucking excited.”

I decided to see just how excited she was, and I reached into the bottom of her dress, rummaging for her panties. She gasped, eyes bolting wide. They were absolutely soaked.

“I think we should go up to his room,” I said, smiling.

“…Okay,” she whispered.

We both stood in a sexual trance. I looked around in a fog of impending sexual doom. Deyemi saw us both and returned.

I said, “I think we’ll take you up on that offer, Deyemi. A drink up in your room.”

He smiled, excited. “Great.”

The elevator ride up to his room was probably the most sexually charged in human history. Deyemi stood behind Ijeoma, close to her butt. At one point he reached around and gently grasped her tummy, pulling her ass into his crotch. Her eyes once again darted wide. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.” She spoke to no one, to herself.

“You’re gonna have fun tonight Ijeoma.” Deyemi confidently replied.

I was delirious with arousal, feeling like I was in another dimension with how fast things had progressed. The looming reality of my cuckolding was both sending my mind into a spiral, and turning my dick into steel.

When we arrived at this room he gently grabbed Ijeoma by the hand, ushering her to the chair. I immediately noticed that his room was a presidential suite and that this living room was much more spacious than ours, complete with a kitchenette.

“Why don’t you grab a wine out of the bar there. Make yourself comfortable.” He sat my wife down next to him on a plush brown chair.

I opened the mini-fridge door in a fog, leaning down to grab some beer and some whiskey from the side panel. When I stood back up I saw my wife kissing another man for the first time in my life.

The moment would be burned into my mind for all time. My heart began pounding as their lips met, my stomach tied in knots, my dick stood rigid. One of her legs was draped over his as she continued to play with the massive erection beneath his tenting trouser. I stood frozen as one of his large hands cupped her breasts, seemingly tickling at her nipples beneath the fabric.

He paused and glanced up at me, Ijeoma looked in my direction as well – eyes wild in deep embarrassment. “Why don’t you have a seat?” He pointed to the single stool across from his chair.

As I slowly walked over and sat, Deyemi leaned back onto the chair. I looked on in terror as he slowly began unbuckling his belt, it wasn’t long before he was sliding his trousers down. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his massive black cock sprung immediately upwards, incredibly aroused, and incredibly thick.

He shuffled the trousers to the floor, tossing them to the side along with his sandals. His cock was now the centre of attention in the room, his large balls rested on the cushion, and he leaned back looking at Ijeoma.

My wife’s expression was wide-eyed, fixated on his manhood. For the second time tonight, he gently grabbed her hand, encouraging her to touch him. She did. I watched awestruck as her small hand tried, hopelessly, to encircle his girth. Her tiny fingers had no hope of reaching all the way around his thickness.

She slowly began pumping his cock, completely entranced by it. Deyemi reached out and groped her breasts as she jacked him off, leaning his head back in pleasure.

My dick began straining hard against my own trousers, but I didn’t move to adjust it – I was frozen. My mind couldn’t process the scene occurring before me.

“It’s so big.” I heard my wife say through a haze of lust.

Deyemi slowly removed his shirt, exposing his impressive upper body. He moved to stand, lifting my wife up out of her seat in the process. In one swift motion, he unzipped the back of her dress, peeling it upwards and exposing my wife’s soaking panties, and bursting bra. He wasted no time, Ijeoma under his spell, he skillfully unclasped her bra – allowing her large breasts to spill out, nipples as erect as I had ever seen them.

His hand cupped them both, raising them, jiggling them – and then he buried his mouth onto her breasts. It caused her head to tilt back and the first moan of undoubtedly many to escape her mouth.

My mouth went dry, it was the most erotic scene I had ever seen, my entire body was frozen, gripped to the chair – as I watched this well-hung man control my wife.

Deyemi gently sat her back down onto the chair, taking a seat next to her once again. He leaned back, allowing her to feast her eyes and her hands on his manhood. “Go ahead baby, play with my cock.”

Ijeoma immediately began pumping it again, I noticed her biting her bottom lip as her arousal dominated her body. Her breasts were jiggling sexily as she jacked his huge cock. She began moving faster, inspired by the sexual site of her delicate hand travelling up and down the entire length of his shaft.

His huge balls began flopping up and down on the sofa, and she reached out her other hand to massage those as well. Deyemi tilted his head back again in pleasure, now letting out his own reserved moan.

“God.” He looked right at her. “I can’t wait to fuck you baby.”

Ijeoma froze, seemingly remembering something important. She glanced at me for a moment, eyes lost in her own desire, and then she reached for her handbag now plopped on the side counter. She immediately pulled out the condoms I had purchased earlier.

Deyemi noticed what she had grabbed and that they were Magnums. He let out a chuckle. “I don’t think that’s gonna fit.”

She glanced at him, and then his cock, and broke the seal on one of the packages. She began giggling as the latex condom snapped hopelessly against the wide girth of his cock head. It had no hope of fitting.

“Don’t worry Ijeoma.” He kissed her gently.

“I’m gonna cum all over these big boobs anyway.” Ijeoma leaned back into the chair stunned and aroused by the lewdness of his comment. Deyemi then leaned in for another passionate kiss, massaging again at her breasts. Her legs instinctively spread open, and he grabbed her pantie lining, peeling them down around her plump ass.

She lifted her legs, allowing him access to do so, and I watched in perversion as my wife’s panties slipped off her feet. Deyemi tossed them to the side.

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