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Nakeeeedddd in Cape Town [Finale](18+)

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Nakeeeedddd in Cape Town [Finale](18+)

Her pussy was inflamed and ready. They regarded each other with impossible lust, and Deyemi slowly leaned my wife down against the cushion, shifting his knees in between her legs in the process. He leaned atop her, looking down, and began to align his hulking member above her pussy – eventually resting it down against her folds.

She squirmed in anticipation, momentarily covering her eyes in disbelief.

I swallowed hard, clearing the lump in my throat. He spoke to her, “Watch baby.”

She looked down at the impending collision. Deyemi jostled his shaft against her folds which caused Ijeoma to squeal in delight. I leaned in, unable to grasp the gravity of what was occurring. Slowly his large head began bumping at the entrance to her womanhood. She spread her legs more, inviting him inside of her.

She tilted her head back with a loud moan as his head entered her for the first time. She placed a hand on his chiselled abdomen to prevent him from entering too fast. “Go slow Deyemi, you’re so big.” She whispered it.

“I will, baby.” He leaned down and kissed her. Their tongues met as he began another thrust – pushing another couple inches of his manhood inside of my wife. Her next moan was louder. “Oh god!” Every time he reversed you could see more and more of his organ covered in my wife’s wetness until eventually more than half of his huge cock had entered her.

I knew he was already deeper than I had ever been, and I wondered how she was feeling having that much dick inside of her.

“Oh my god, Deyeeeemiiiii!” Her cry was loud, her pleasure obvious.

“Almost home love.” He replied, and thrust back into her once again. It took several minutes, but I looked on in shock as my wife’s delicate pussy lips clung to his cock. She was impossibly stretched as she finally took all that he had to offer. His massive bush was mushed against her plump backside- his huge shaft completely inside of her.

They looked into each other’s eyes. “Do you like this dick, Ijeoma?” Deyemi asked, already knowing her answer.

“Yes.” Was her reply. She bit her lip, continuing, “I’ve never felt so full.”

“I’m gonna fuck this pussy good baby.” He kissed her, she moaned, and he followed up on his promise.

He began to churn into my wife, his huge shaft pumping in and out of her pussy – a white lathering developing on his length as she creamed all over him in delight. Her legs spread wide, and then around his lower back as she latched on for his ride. Her moaning ramped up slowly but quickly turned feverish. I had never heard her react to sex in such a manner.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Deyeeemiii! Deyeeemiii!” She would grunt in between her words, clawing into his shoulders as he ravished her. I began to hear his large nutsack flopping against my wife’s ass as he drove his huge manhood into her pussy.

Juices squirted out all over the cushion as their organs collided with one another.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh my goddd!” Another groan, another moan. I could hear it building rapidly.

It was too much to bear, I had to unzip. I exposed my dick which was about to explode from delirious arousal. However, I relented from touching myself for fear of premature release.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Deyemi don’t stoppp! I’m gonna…! Ohhh!”

Deyemi grunted, sweat developing on his brow as he took my wife to a place I never had – a hard vaginal orgasm.

He spoke, “That’s it, baby. Let it go! I’m gonna make that pussy cum!”

Her body convulsed, legs flailing as the orgasm surged through her body. She clawed hard into his back, screaming as loud as I had ever heard her. I looked on in disbelief as her eyes rolled back into her head.

“Ohhh!! Myyy!! Fuckkk…!!” Her pussy was bucking on his huge cock as she unloaded her essence all over his shaft. Deyemi held onto her as the waves of pleasure took control of her nervous system. My wife gave herself to him as she achieved the highest sexual peak of her life.

He leaned down and kissed her as the orgasm finally subsided. I blinked for the first time in what felt like hours.

“Jesus Christ.” Was all she could manage.

“You’re hot Ijeoma.” was Deyemi’s reply. He pulled her up off the couch, smacking her ass as he began to position her back down on all fours. “Look at this ass too.” My wife was still recovering from his first onslaught, blinking heavily as she steadied herself for him.

He smacked his heavy member against her plump buttocks a few times, causing some of their sticky sexual essence to cling to her skin. Then he lowered himself and smacked upwards into her clit from her underside. She shuddered as more pleasure returned to her body. That’s when she noticed me again, staring at her slack-jawed and lust-filled.

She smiled, impossibly embarrassed but as womanly as I had ever seen her. “You were right, this was a good idea.” She chuckled absurdly, which caused a smile from both Deyemi and I.

“Your husband’s having almost as good a time as you, trust me,” Deyemi said to her. Somehow, against all societal norms, he was entirely right. I had, not since my developing years as a teen first exploring the female body, been as sexually excited as I was here tonight. It was such an absolute mind fuck cocktail of primal emotions that caused the most intense kind of arousal from me.

Deyemi slapped her ass again, causing it to jiggle. She looked back at him sexily. “Fuck me.” She said,

I almost came without physical provocation. Deyemi smiled and stuffed himself in her from behind. Her eyes closed as she took him inside of her again. She loved it.

He began fucking her with passion, gripping tightly into her hips as he claimed her. Her heavy breasts began swaying in the most erotic fashion. They bounced back and forth responding to his thrusts, the slapping noise and sexes meeting once again filled the air. Her moans and compliments weren’t far behind.

“Oh god. It’s so good.” She looked back at him, “You fuck me so good Deyemi.”

He smacked her ass. “I know it, baby.”

That’s when she looked in my direction, looking into my eyes. I instinctively began pumping my dick.

“Oh god baby he’s really fucking me!” She squealed it in a sexy high pitched voice that nearly caused me to cum on the spot.

“I know, baby,” I replied, throatily.

“Do you really like watching me?”

I drew her attention down to my throbbing dick, “What do you think?”

She moaned, “Oh my god this is so fucking naughty!” she buried her face into the chair as Deyemi continued to pound her.

Deyemi’s groans started to grow more frequent, and I had to figure he wouldn’t last much longer.

Ijeoma looked back at me, “Come here.”

I stepped out of my trouser, and approached her, dick absurdly sticking straight out. She balanced herself and pulled me to her mouth, engulfing my throbbing dick. It would take absolutely nothing to make me cum.

She sucked me for a few moments, eyes connecting with mine as Deyemi dominated her sex from behind. It was too much, and I was moments from cumming. Suddenly Deyemi groaned, pulling his cock out and twirling Ijeoma onto her back, breasts flopping wildly as she hit the chair. He unloaded, rope after rope of his heavy seed erupted from his engorged head, splashing against my wife’s breasts and tummy. The sight of it caused my own eruption, and I came all over her face.

She looked on in complete disbelief as her husband and a man she had only just met came all over her body. Although Deyemi’s load was much more substantial than mine it made no difference to me – it was an insane sexual high for all three of us.

After the ejaculation had subsided the three of us were silent for a moment, and then Ijeoma smiled. Suddenly we broke into a relaxed, relieved, satisfied laugh. Deyemi interjected, “I told you guys this would be fun. I’ve never had a bad experience doing stuff like this – I guess I know how to pick ’em.”

After a few panting breaths, my wife spoke. “I need to clean up,” Ijeoma said, absurdly – standing. Cum was coating seemingly her entire body. Deyemi offered the shower in the other room, and she scurried through the door. Deyemi shuffled his trouser on and moved to refill my drink.

I strapped my own trousers back around my waist and collapsed back into the chair.

“Good shit. Right?” Deyemi offered, somehow casual.

I could only nod, still rather delirious. “I can’t believe how hot that was, it doesn’t make sense.”

“Hah, I know it.”

Before I could continue the discussion I found myself fast asleep, or rather, awoken to a darker room some hours later. I was groggy, and I realized that the sexual release, the drinking, the excitement – had all combined to sap my energy.

I glanced around to an empty room, but before long the noises made themselves apparent.

My wife was moaning, distant, but near. I soon saw a light shining through the cracked bedroom door. I stood, stomach once again in that now familiar knot, dick once again standing at attention. I slowly paced, barefoot, across the living room carpet.

Her groans grew louder, and the noises of their bodies mating began to make an appearance. I glanced into the door and saw them, naked, fucking on Deyemi’s large suite bed.

They were fucking freely, enraptured by one another’s sexuality. They had experienced that initial explosion of sexual exploration, and now they were aimed at something deeper.

He had Ijeoma doggy style on his bed. I looked on as my wife’s large breasts bounced violently as he took her from behind. Her ass jiggled as she received his assault. It was similar to the scene from earlier, but their words were more inciting.

“God I love this tight pussy.” Deyemi grit his teeth and smacked my wife’s ass, pumping his organ in and out of her as he spoke.

“Oh fuckkk…” Ijeoma’s moans were passionate and unshackled, she looked back into his eyes. “I love that big cock.”

Their words were hushed, seemingly to avoid waking me. She moaned back at him as she spoke.

He grabbed some of her hair, picking up speed, his large nuts were smacking into her clit as he fucked her. He was in total control.

“Who’s pussy is this?” He looked into her eyes as he asked. I had never been so assertive with her.

Her eyes glazed over as she searched for the words. A lump formed in my throat as I began to fidget with my dick as I watched. Ijeoma moaned low, “Oh! God… No one has ever fucked me like you Deyemi!”

He smacked her ass again, this time harder. Her cheeks rippled in response. I looked on as her toes began to curl. It was, absurdly, the first time I noticed her nail polish all evening. “Who owns this pussy Ijeoma?” He repeated it.

She groaned again, closing her eyes as an orgasm brewed deep within her loins. He smacked her ass yet again, causing her to shake. “Tell me I own it, Ijeoma. This is my pussy.”

She moaned again, his pace quickening, her breasts bouncing as his cock reached depths of her womanhood that no other man had ever been.

She looked back at him one last time, eyes fully distant, lost in the purest form of lust. “It’s your pussy Deyemi. Take it, baby.”

They both moaned deeply, lowly, truly. Ijeoma squealed as her ass bucked back into his crotch, milking him as he released his seed deep into her womb. Her hands clutched into the bedsheets, her toes curled violently. He roared, “Oh fuck yeah baby! I’m cumming in this married pussy!” His massive scrotum pulled up into his shaft as it pulsed, unleashing rope after rope of potent seed deep into my wife. She screamed in complete pleasure as this man claimed her in every primal sense of the word.

I came in my trousers as their mating came to completion in front of my eyes, squirting my own load against the fabric of my trousers. Ijeoma collapsed face-first into his bed, completely satisfied.


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