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My “Not-So” Detty December by Olukay

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My “Not-So” Detty December by Olukay

The jazzy Amapiano beats sifted through the speakers electrifying the crowd before the music even started.

“Ehhhhhhh” the crowd cheered, stomping and swaying in a frenzy as the electrifying voice boomed.

“I nor dey move that way. Don’t make me move that way…”

I was delirious with excitement as I ground my ass into Glasses crotch, feeling the bulge between my ass cheeks with satisfaction. I grinned evilly, thoroughly enjoying the music.

My ashawo dress rode dangerously close to my snatch and the thrill of getting so close to nudity intoxicated me.

I was having a goood time, and boy! Was Glasses cute with his braided hair and broad shoulders.

I didn’t even know his name.

It was the HennyArtistry21 party at Balmoral and Lord knows I needed this break.

The year had been rough on me. I’d lost my job in 2020 during the pandemic and spent the first four months of 2021 job hunting.

Then in May I resumed at my ‘dream’ job only to find out two months in that my boss was an absolute hoe-man whose purpose in life was to fuck all his female employees. I managed to fend him off for three months until –

“Babe, let’s get out of here and go grab a bite. I’m starving”, Glasses yelled above the frenzy of AG Baby performing ‘High’.

“At this time?” I yelled back on tiptoes to reach close to his ears

“Yeah, there’s a place where they sell good Suya at Glover Court”.

He grabbed my arm lightly and half dragged as I pouted, angry to leave just went Davido’s voice was promising to chop me like Oha

I had no idea of Glasses name and I could care less. He’d asked me to join his table just when my heels were aching from standing in the regular section. He helped me up to the VIP platform where his friends and their partners were. Glasses and Tinted Hair appeared to be the only two without a partner.

So I wasn’t surprised to see Tinted Hair trail behind us as we exited the Convention Centre.

Was it the fact they both smelled so gooooodddd? Their strong male perfumes had assaulted my nostrils when I first joined the VIP table. Or was it the Henny I had been taking on the rocks? I felt strangely at ease with two men whose names I didn’t even know.

I dropped a chat on the Detty Girls group for Ify and Lami that I was leaving with Glasses and the stream of graphic stickers made me tuck my phone away in my clutch, chuckling lightly.

Glasses had a nice whip. A sheen black Mercedes GLE 350 with a moonroof. The screen was visor slid back and the night sky dimly lit the car as we sped down Ahmadu Bello towards the ramp to Third Mainland. I wondered why he didn’t connect Akin Adesola through Adeola Odeku.
As if reading my mind, he explained he was trying to cut off the Police at the traffic light on the overpass.

“Feds?” I quizzed, chuckling. Glasses was such a gentleman. He grinned lightly.

“He’s talking about them cops around Falomo bridge”, Tinted Hair chipped in from the backseat.

“Yeah, I know. Just, no one calls the Police Feds around here. No one!” And we all laughed heartily.

We soon connected the expressway that goes past Dolphin towards Kingsway and I felt mischievous a little. Perhaps it was the AC blasting straight at my thighs or the sexy way Glasses gripped the steering wheel with his left hand, tapping the gear knob with his right hand.

Lord! Those well-manicured, slender fingers..

I leaned in towards him lightly stroking his thighs and feeling a bulge gradually grow under his loose shorts. He shot me a “you’re-serious-right-now-look?” almost pleading with puppy eyes. I laughed wickedly, snaking my left hand through his shorts, releasing his semi-flaccid, beautiful dick.

It twitched slightly as I twirled the cap with my tongue. He groaned in pleasure. I think Tinted Hair suddenly realized what was going as he muttered “Damn, girl”.

We made a turning into Glover as I bobbed up and down Glasses’ dick, drowning him with my spit. Suddenly I had an idea. I released his dick and turned to look straight in Tinted Hair’s eyes.

“It’s rude to stare. Grab my tits and make yourself useful”. His eyes nearly popped out of the sockets as his reached for my titties, releasing them from my dress. I didn’t have a bra on. I moaned as I felt the AC on my naked tips.

Glasses slowed down. I was giving him a slow sensual handjob while playing with his balls.

“Keep going”’ I ordered softly. Tinted Hair must have thought the order was for him too. He leaned in and flicked his tongue around my rock hard tip, fiddling the other with his thumb and index finger. I threw my head back in pleasure.

We turned off Glover Road into the Glover Court close and slowly inched into the courtyard. The Abokis were still very active. Good thing the GLE windows were a dark tint as my jugs were on full display with Glasses’ dick throbbing in my palm. I squeezed hard and released it, whispering into Glasses to go get the Suya.

“I’ll be dripping wet for you when you’re back”, I teased, blowing him a kiss.

To be continued…

Written by Olukay

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