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June 5, 2020
Mr. “Almost” Right

Mr. “Almost” Right

No be today, guys and girl interaction dey cause all kinda things, but no matter how bad or awful, things turn out, ladies still believe that somewhere some place, the right guy dey wait for them.

Well, in my own opinion, i think you might just have met that guy sometime ago, no be small thing, guys are getting smarter and ladies also smarter as well, guys know what they want but ladies for some reason don’t, don’t get me wrong, chilax first, for the records, he was that guy that guy that was cool, gentle, loved you, took you out, but u had issues with him for some reasons.

Most ladies tell you the man of their dreams, tall, handsome, chocolate, rich and very kind, mumu to an extent and his mum is dead, yes guys, most girls wish your mother was dead for no other reason than she doesn’t have to compete with another woman for your affection, pretty much needless to say, its tougher for them if your mum is the kinda woman that likes to know everything about her son most especially if you are the first son.

I know a lot of ladies that never marry who they tell you they wanna marry cos those kinda guys they dream about wont even be willing to date girls like them at all! I mean after i get all that money, na babe like you i go come dey look for date? I dey craze?

Anyway back to the initial gist, guys can be that man the lady wants, you don’t need to look like boris kidjoe or will smith, although, it would be a lot easier for you, you wouldn’t need to prove your point that much, a will smith would just smile and say hi and the ladies will keep falling like that AXE ad – “even angels would fall”, have u seen that ad.

I like to digress a lot, but thats me sha, there are a few tips of how to behave with a babe.

1. You need to be confident even if what you’re saying isn’t true, this tip is from marketing, more like sweet talking.

2. You need to smile and look her straight in the eye during the conversation, no looks to the boobs, you can stare at her lips and tell her how sexy they are, but never the boobs, you can do all boobs thing wen you get her into bed, hen so gbo?

3. You need to seem to agree with some of her points, not all of them, because you need to project an image of a strong independent man and also at the same time, you need to show her you share a lot in common, so on some issues agree with her and disagree with valuable reasons o (not i just don’t feel that way), like for one, i don’t buy the idea of a scary movie but i know most ladies like horror movie, i find it strange watching a movie that is intended to scare me so to get my groove, but you can agree with her in the point of its unpredictable (even though we all know only the actor with his love interest will survive).

4.You need to ask her questions and never talk about yourself too much, it gives off a lot of bad impression, ladies hate guys that are full of themselves, it shows pride, so in as much as you wanna tell her how fantastic your life is, save it for later like when she really wants to hear, if she’s a student ask her about school, classes, her friends, even family and for the love of God, look very interested.

5. You need to dress well, if you’re looking horrible, please don’t see her that day, see her on a monday when you know you’re too hot to handle or on a nite, you know you’re sharp, ladies loathe guys that cant dress, imagine wearing baggy shirts on a baggy pants with a “sap” (pronounced “sharp” actually…lolllz) shoe , be sharp, it goes a long way, if a lady will sleep with you, she will know her in the first few minutes, part of what will influence this is your looks, your dressing and not forgetting your persona.

6. Have a bad/naughty side to you, no what how cool or hard you’re, you need to show her adventure, that will get you laid faster you can imagine.

7. try for the love of God to be funny, you need to make her laugh, its important, nobody wants a boring guy, laughter is a good everyone’s health, so whenever she isn’t with you, she’ll remember how much fun she had with you.

8. I have said this before, and i will continue to repeat it, make sure your mouth or body aint stinking, no one i repeat no one likes odor especially body odor, it kills everything

These are some tips that can make you look like Mr. “Almost” Right.

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