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Mind Over Matter: Chances are thinking about better sex can lead to it

Mind Over Matter: Chances are thinking about better sex can lead to it

There are times when mind can triumph over matter meaning your state of mind can make sex better for you.

According to science, its quite possible to get better in bed by just thinking yourself into it. Weird isn't it? Can I also think myself into a new car?

Confidence is a crucial factor in character building, confidence not over-confidence, there is a world of difference in between those two.

The right kind of attitude can make a lot of things go so well, and this can also have real effects on your sex life. With the right amount of confidence, we can achieve a lot in life as well as in bed.

According to new findings from a research work, it has been revealed that if you actually believe in the relationship you’re in, your sex life with your partner and your life will be better for it. These findings have been published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

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It was conducted with six different studies with about 2,000 people, they found that people who believe in putting work towards their sex life are the happiest and mostly sexually contented in their relationship.


The research also found that if you prefer to let things be the way they’re, the conversations about sex can be damning, because there is no work been done to make it better, it becomes stale and awful unlike if you put conscious effort into making it better.

We all want to reach Eldorado in relationships, we also need to put the work into it. It won’t just fall into our laps, we are not all Jay-Z.


It is also worthy to note that your sex life is a garden that needs to be constantly watered and nurtured. If you’re having problems with your partner, it’s okay. No need to burn down his house or slash his tyres or smash his windshield. You just need to work on them like civilised person that you’re.

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