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March 9, 2021

Marvis Chronicle: Self Hate
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Marvis Chronicle: Self Hate


I was sceptical about Shade not picking her calls, she keeps to time and hates to be kept waiting and also very good at counting scores so it was odd that she was doing the very thing that she always avoided.

She hasn’t been herself lately and I can’t wrap my fingers around it. She airs her mind and moves on the next minute but whatever it was really got to her for her not to speak about and withdraw into her shell. When after an hour she didn’t return my calls, I decided to head to hers and lash at her for doing the very thing that she criticised us about, that was when I saw it; Shade was hanging on a rope in the middle of her room with an epistle right under her.

Dear Self,

You don’t deserve to be here, with this toxicity that comes from different angles and spheres of your life. You got people who doesn’t deserve your love and kindness, people who regarded you as nothing, people who saw your strength as weakness and gullibility. You gave out more than you should and got nothing in return.

You loved way too much, your hurt you bottled up inside and smiled even when you shouldn’t, you cared and showed compassion even when you are supposed to walk away, you fucking stayed.

And what did it get you? Nothing, absolutely nothing but hurt and more hurt where that came from.  You were in-love with people who didn’t love you back, surrounded by foes in friends clothing.

Ayo came with a cute face and body, a poised personality but laced with bitterness, you were not permitted to be happy when he’s sad, you were compelled to make his friends your friends and his foes yours, you had no right to happiness with him yet you loved him like that and waxed stronger by the day so when he finally broke you and left the emotional abused though gone physically lingered in your head.

Jide came and used you both as a punching bag and as a bank, you didn’t complain even when you knew he was fucking two of your friends behind your back; you comforted yourself with ‘if I love him right? He will change’ you covered up for him till he finally married one of your closest friend. You saw all these and yet you never gave up on friendship, you were first a friend and next a lover.

So when your best friend finally decided to slide into the love zone, you embraced him wholeheartedly. After all he’s Pat and you’ve known him for too long, he knows you in and out and you know him too. That was your best relationship, he knows how to drive you to tears with happiness, and he understands your emotions and knows the right words to say.

The first he fucked you, he kindled a fire you never knew can be lit, he tore those panties, yanked off those bras, teased them boobies and ate them pussy till you were crazy with climaxing and when you thought you have gotten to the edge of your climax, he plunged in with one of the biggest cocks that you have ever seen and fucked you.

He spanked that ass of yours carried you all the way from his room to the sitting room not without stopping at every odd corner of his house to fuck you and give you memories that you won’t let go ever, he got to his sitting room and took turns in fucking you on every couch in his sitting room and when you thought he was done because he was finally on the last couch, he took you from one corner of his sitting room to the next one.

Your body and senses was going crazy with pleasure and your emotions were going top notch. He finally whispered when you were on his kitchen cabinet that you can cum now, and you did. Your squirted spasm of cum after cum on his dick, you coated his dick with cum and he pulls out to lap it all up by eating and dragging you to climax again.

Seeing you pleasured made him plunge in again and came hard inside you. He fucked you constantly in different ways for the one week you were at his place only for him to get married the next Saturday and you saw it online, no other place but his story. I couldn’t believe it, that my Pat could do that, I went to his and confirmed it, he even laughed at my face and called me gullible.

That was the height. So my dear self as we journey on in this endless journey; if you ever wish to come back, if you ever decide to return, E jor return “Heartless”  return without a soul, we cannot be fooled twice.


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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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