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Losing the V (18+)

I met this boy shortly after my 20th birthday. He was cute and funny and we were able to hit it off real quick. We chat online constantly, never running out of things to talk about. He was quick to ask me out and I was quick to turn him down.

It did not affect our friendship though, we were able to keep in close contact. I knew I was in trouble when I started to miss his presence and I started to check on him through calls when he was not online. He was just so sweet but still, I maintained my stance on not dating him.

One day, he paid me a surprise visit. I was shocked to see him but happy and shy too. We went for a walk and soon found space with very few people. We sat and discussed a lot of things, we laughed and had soft drinks. In the midst of our conversation, he suddenly turned around and kissed me on the lips.

He totally caught me off guard and he apologized. I complained about people being around and what if someone sees us but he did not seem to mind. Before we left, he kissed me again and again but I did not complain. Maybe I love his guts.

That night, he told me how magical those kisses were to him and how much he loved them. It was all sweet but I still declined his request. The kisses were wrong. He was not my boyfriend. He saw I was serious and accepted his fate, we continued as friends and shared our daily problems with each other.

When he told me he was leaving town for a while, it hurt, I knew I would miss him but I had no choice. We continued to talk and I tried to limit my questions on when he would be back so it would not look like I was desperate for his presence.

Due to our constant conversations, we talked dirty sometimes and one day, out of curiosity, I asked if he was a virgin. My heart sank when he told me he was not, it felt like I had been cheated on but I shrugged it off and continued our conversation.

He found out I was a virgin that day. It brought back his want for me because he never thought I would be a virgin. I continued to turn him down even when I did want him, deep down in my heart. He phoned one day to tell me he was back in town, it was good news and I could not wait to see him.

I paid him a visit. He was a gentleman and all. The moment I was expecting came again, his lips on mine. Gosh, how much I had missed his lips. He kissed me gently and smooched my boob through my bra. It was a very good feeling and I didn’t mind that, not even when his hands entered my blouse and ran over my bare skin.

I felt his hand run over my cleavage massaging the top of my breasts. This boy was making me run out of breath. His other hand massaged my back and the moment I felt it on my bra hook trying to unclasp it, it felt weird and I quickly disentangled and stopped the whole thing.

He was horny and disappointed. I could see it on his face but I reminded him I was a virgin and also accepted to be his girlfriend. You cannot blame me, can you? I love him. I left and that night we discussed everything that transpired during the day.
He made me understand that there was no way we would be in a relationship and not eventually have sex. I understood him but asked for time and his patience. I was a novice and for the next few days that followed, he was teaching me everything he knew about sex. It was fun and weird but I lived with it.

The next time I visited him, I was ready but very shy still. Who wouldn’t be? I was about to show him my naked body. I was really hesitant at first and I kept tilting my head the other way when he tried to kiss me. The moment our lips finally met, I freed myself more and decided to let him do whatever he wanted.

His kiss was much more intense than the last time. The way his tongue danced in my mouth, the way his hands groped my boobs, I was feeling hazy. I had trunks underneath and he slid them off my shoulders.

My bare boobs came into view. His palm gave them a firm grip, he looked into my eyes and gave a satisfied sigh. Of course, he should, my boobs are firm and perky (yay). I cradled the back of his head and kissed him, I wanted his lips more and he gave them to me real good. It was OK when he unzipped my trousers and pulled them to my knees.

When he tried to unbuckle my trunk between my thighs however I was scared and shy. He was about to see my most private part, a thousand thoughts ran through my head.

CLICK, that sound made me understand that he had successfully unclipped my trunks, I was naked down there now. Stupid boy came up and whispered “no panties eh” it made me blush.

Of course, I went with no bra and panties, I came prepared. I was expecting something to poke my pussy now and make me feel crazy pain cause the first time hurt, right? I expected something wrong, it was something slimy and soft instead, running over my pussy mounds, it got to my clit and the shockwaves it sent to my brain made me grab his head with my hands. FUCK I whimpered.

I don’t know why but my toes curled. This boy is crazy. One minute he is licking and poking my clitoris, the next, his tongue is sliding in and out of my pussy like a dick. I felt like shedding tears from all the pleasure. When he asked that I sit on his face, I thought he was clowning me. He was on his back and I hopped on his face with my pussy in his mouth.

Written by Reezy Sama


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