Le Booty Rant

Hello Mortals, This booty rant was proudly brought to you by @seuntomas, here is his blog (http://insanityfeedscreativity.wordpress.com) Enjoy! — “What if I told you, that your booty is a ghen...

Hello Mortals,

This booty rant was proudly brought to you by @seuntomas, here is his blog (http://insanityfeedscreativity.wordpress.com)


“What if I told you, that your booty is a ghen ghen”
For as long as we have existed, men have always been mesmerized by the contraptions behind women.
Le booty, as I like to call it is mystery to men, irrespective of “whatever” we may be doing sometimes we can’t help but be captivated by a powerful booty, sometimes time stops self in awe of a majestic booty, this very much I can tell you ….

One faithful day in my first year at university and I know any economics student of the 2012 graduating set can bear me witness, time froze in awe of one ghen ghen booty like this, for her safety.

I won’t call her name, she wore a brown top and skin tight white pants and she was sitting in front, the class was going on and she had left briefly for a reason made irrelevant by the awesomeness of the moment all we knew that we were in the presence of greatness, time stopped as she moved, the sounds of the lecturers incessant crooning faded into the background and every living soul male and female in that section was captivated, she walked to her seat slowly swinging her hair as she moved but who cared about that. Her pants were white and they were glistening, she was walking normally but that booty had a mind of its own and was just doing its own thing, swinging like it was the lead performer at an orchestra and it was being directed to do so.

That moment was epic…

And every year for four years at a period in time we would take time out to pay homage to that day and till now I doubt we would have forgotten or will ever forget….

That is the power of booty.. Whether its staring while walking into a gutter (I’ve seen that happen) or this “ikebe” putting us in trouble once or twice.

Man is susceptible to the power of the booty … we sing songs about it “aSs” “booty booty booty booty rocking everywhere”(excerpt from miss new booty) , “booty call” , there’s hardly a song nowadays that doesn’t involve a direct command by the artist to a girl to shake her ass, and those video vixens ..

Lord, have mercy!!! I hope I’m not the only one who wonders were all of them come from, because different musicians use different ones for different videos.
Either African, European, aAmerican or Asian. Men all over the world are captivated by le booty ..

But I’m sorry, a post about booty won’t be complete without me talking about Yoruba girls (This is the part where we give a standing ovation to the Yoruba woman’s ability to raise a booty)

Shet mehn!

I haven’t been to that many places but I’ve watched a lot of TV, Asian women are mostly flat , american women are confused being that America consists of so many nationalities.

European women…Well… are European

Brazilian women are regarded as the hottest in the world but when it comes to the booty!! Let’s leave it to our Yoruba shortys

Personally I think it’s in the moi moi, and boy does the yoruba man like the booty…

Sometimes inappropriately I stare and wonder with a big question mark hanging on my head and sweat dripping down my face.

How??? … How???? I wonder if sometimes if it serves as extra help when at home, you know…

Going to serve the husband food, drinking water in one hand, water bowl in one hand ,then the tray of food skilfully placed on the idi(I’m sorry but I feel it would be disrespectful to refer to these types a booty) ,that would definitely be a breakthrough in modern home management.
Le booty! No guy reading this post can honestly say there hasn’t been a time that he hasn’t been held captive by a booty . The power is frightening, and to cap it all in some parts of the world its worshipped.

Fasten ur seatbelts folks as I introduce u to “Bundaism”
“The word Bundaism literally means religion of the woman’s buttocks.

From the Portuguese word ‘bunda’ (of the woman); beautiful shapely buttocks, and the Greek word ‘ism’  meaning a distinctive religion, practice or system.

Bundaism is a religion of spiritual sexuality which believes in attaining wealth, sexuality and communion with God through the worship of the sacred buttocks of Johanna Elohbunda.

Bundaism teaches that pleasure and earthly prosperity are good basic fundamental truths and values of humanity which can be attained through the buttocks of callipygian (beautifully buttocked) women.”

(Excerpt from the tumblr page of the church of bunda)
That says it all… Silly as the religion sounds it exists and it only goes to further reiterate what I’ve been saying … There’s something about the booty.

I for one remain a member of the fan club 😉
And I sign out with a shoutout to all the bootylicious shortys out there ..

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    Lol. I liked this. very “inspiring” 😀

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