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Last School Day, Seducing Ms. Benita IV (18+)

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Last School Day, Seducing Ms. Benita IV (18+)

Her eyebrows rose slightly and then she hit me with her smile, it felt like being shot in the chest when she smiled at me, I wondered if she approved of my new dress sense.

Surely if she had been disgusted by it she wouldn’t have smiled so warmly, for the first time I had some real and genuine hope, she’d looked me up and down and smiled, that must have meant something!

I spun around and sat at the table next to Toyin and watched Miss Benita walk to the front of the room and begin speaking, once again I paid more attention to the clock than anything else.

I had been waiting for an opportunity to take off the skirt and stuff it in my bag for about half an hour. It had been a pretty informal chatting session where we talked about what we would do after school and what options were open to us.

I had been hoping that there would either be a quiet time where everyone was concentrating on something or that there would be some kind of other distraction and that chance finally came a few minutes later. There was a large TV in the corner and there was a short 10-minute film for us to watch, it was one of those boring educational things where some guy goes on about university and so on.

It was quite a bright day so the lights were turned off and some of the curtains were closed, this would be as good a chance as any, the only problem would be Toyin, even with the lights off and the TV on she would easily see what I was doing.

That’s when I got another piece of luck; we were friends with the two girls who were sitting at the table behind us and one of them, Favour, tapped Toyin on the back and they started talking to each other. I waited until she had her back to me then slipped my thumbs into the waistband of my sensible skirt; I had to do this quickly.

I raised myself very slightly off my seat and gently tugged the waistband down, in one swift motion I guided it down my legs, over my knees and let it fall to my ankles.

After a quick scan of the room to make sure I hadn’t been seen I lowered myself back onto my seat, suddenly feeling the texture of the moulded plastic on my thighs, I leant down and took the skirt off the floor and shoved it in my bag. After I sat up straight I looked down at my legs and, oh my God, I had forgotten just how short this thing was!

Because I was sitting down the skirt had ridden up to the point where it barely covered my underwear, I adjusted it until it covered as much as possible but that meant lowering the waistband down to the point where it was right on my hips, just a little bit higher than my panties!

Now, at least, the skirt was covering my rear but I could still feel the cold plastic chair on my upper thighs, I pulled the knee socks up as far as they would go but they only just reached a little bit higher than they were at, to begin with. As I continued adjusting myself I noticed that the TV had fallen silent and Miss Benita was heading towards the light switch.

Now I had passed the point of no return, there was no way I could put my other skirt back on in the time it took the lights to come on and certainly no chance to pull out the trousers or the sweater, so I just crossed my legs and nudged my chair further beneath the table, when the teacher sat down at her desk she will have a clear view of my new look, now that I was all in and fully committed I would try to stick as close to my plan/fantasy as possible.

The lights flickered back to life and the first thing I noticed was the clock. 2.45 pm.

Miss Benita muttered something about the video to the class and a few people laughed, most likely it was a reference to the boring idiot on the video we had just watched. She moved towards her chair and asked the class if anyone had any questions or concerns about life after school.

One or two hands went up and Miss Benita patiently answered the questions, at this point I was stretching my legs so far under the table I would probably trip someone up but it seemed that this piece of planning would not go my way. 2.50 pm.

Finally, she sat down and crossed her legs, unfortunately, the parting in her skirt revealed nothing to me. They were all still talking but to be honest all I could hear was the sound of my own heart beating. It thumped inside my chest so hard that I began to worry it might push my breasts out of my shirt, happily that didn’t happen.

What did happen was what I had been waiting for, she briefly looked in my direction and I saw her eyes lower, my legs began tingling in a funny way as if they knew they were being looked at. She looked for a couple of seconds then turned away; there was no smile this time. 2.55pm.

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. 2.58 pm.

“Anyway, I wish you all the best of luck in the future whatever you decide to do with it, it’s been a pleasure to see you all grow up, and an even bigger pleasure to see the back of you,” said Miss Benita to a chorus of laughs from everyone in the class. Well, almost everyone, I had other things on my mind, and those same two words circled in my head like some kind of insect in my mind. ‘What if?’

3.00. The bell rang.

From this moment onwards I was no longer a student at this school and Miss Benita was no longer my teacher. Now we were just two women, Ada Ojefua and Benita Adebanjo. As people stood up and began saying their goodbyes to their classmates I pretended to be messing about with my bag, Toyin kissed me on my cheek and I told her I will call her later. Maybe I will have something very juicy to tell her about, or something very depressing.

She left and said a quick goodbye to Miss….to Benita and disappeared through the door followed by the girls who had been sitting behind us earlier. The room was clearing quite slowly so I continued to pretend I was rummaging in my bag, I was hoping that no one else would stay for too long.

After a few moments, I peeked over the table and saw just two more former students making their way out. They shouted a final goodbye as the door swung shut. Now it was just me and Benita.

“Everything ok there Ada,” she asked.

“Yeah, fine, I just uh, thought I lost something,” I lied. “But it’s ok, I’m almost done.”

“I noticed that you were dressed a little differently today, if this had been a regular school day I would have been obliged to give you a warning.” She was smiling as she spoke so I knew she was just playing around. “Why the sudden change in attitude?”

“I don’t know,” I lied again. “It’s a nice day and I was tired of always wearing the same outfit.”

“Ah, I see.”

If she thought that my other skirt was a little bit too revealing I wondered how she would react when I got the courage to stand up. She had been sitting on the edge of the table while we were talking but now she stood up and walked away from me towards her desk. This was it.

I got to my feet and smoothed the skirt down as best I could and walked unsteadily towards her, she still had her back to me.

“I’ll miss you,” I said rather more pathetically than intended.

“I’ll miss you and everyone else too,” she replied in her soft voice. She had begun to turn around towards me again. I stepped closer so that when she turned around I would be about a foot away from her.

When she turned to face me I saw her flinch a bit, I had obviously startled her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you,” my voice was as shaky as the rest of me; I trembled as if the temperature had dropped several degrees.

“It’s ok,” Charlene replied. “I just didn’t expect you to be there.” I could see she was a bit bemused by my behaviour. It seemed to grow when she noticed what I was now wearing, when I had made her jump she stepped back and now she had a good full frontal view of me. She opened her mouth to say something, in my fantasy I kissed her at this point but I just wasn’t brave enough, instead, I just put my arms around her waist and laid my head on her shoulder,

“I’ll really miss you,” I said softly. I was surprised and delighted when I felt her arms around me, even more so because her hands were touching my bareback between my skirt and shirt.

“Hey, it’s ok sweetheart,” Her lips were so close that I felt her breath on my cheek. I was so close! “I didn’t realise how short that skirt is,” she said in a lighter tone. “I guess you really have grown in confidence.”

“Yea, I guess that’s it, but I wanted to look nice for the last day,” I almost told her the truth, that I had dressed this way in an attempt to look appealing to her, but I stopped myself.

“Well it suits you,” she said. It’s difficult to explain exactly what those words meant to me, I got a massive surge of confidence that went through me like a tidal wave. I had dressed to impress and it had worked, she thought I looked good wearing such revealing clothes which must mean she thinks I have a nice body. That brief surge made my mind up, I knew what I had to do.

I loosened my grip around her waist and lifted my head up off her shoulder; I moved very slowly and didn’t say a word. As I moved back I felt her hands fall away from me but she couldn’t step back because of the desk behind her.

As I moved my head away I purposely grazed my cheek against hers, very slowly I moved back, enjoying the feeling of her skin on mine until I got to the required position. I turned a little to the side so we were facing each other; we were so close that our noses were almost touching. I didn’t dare to look into her eyes, instead, I lowered my gaze to her lips, it was pretty difficult to be sure but for a moment I thought I saw her smile.

My mind was screaming at me, ‘do it, Ada, do it now!’

I closed the gap between us so my nose rubbed against hers, her lips were so close to mine, and every part of my body was shaking. Please don’t reject me, please don’t. Our lips were literally millimetres away and finally, after all this time I would do it. I moved forward just enough so my lips would brush against hers at first and then, with a little prayer I took a leap of faith and pressed them firmly against her, gently planting a sweet kiss on her beautiful lips.

Now, at this point I would give pretty much anything, I would do anything just to feel her kiss me back.

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