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Last School Day, Seducing Ms. Benita III (18+)

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Last School Day, Seducing Ms. Benita III (18+)

The second her lips parted I could push my tongue in between them; I would taste the inside of her mouth, drawing her own tongue into my mouth so I could close my lips around it, sucking it.

(I had seen a porn movie a few days ago and it had appealed to me very much.)

Then maybe I will tear open her shirt and slip my hand inside her bra, cupping her breast as I continue my assault on her beautiful lips. By then, she would be totally up for it,

(not likely but fuck it, it was my fantasy after all.)

She could reach around my waist and pull my little sister’s skirt up before sliding her hands down the back of my underwear to cup my buttocks. Then, she would take hold of the waistband of my panties and roughly pull them apart, tearing the soaking wet garment away from my damp skin. Then, she could pull me closer and guide my head down towards her breasts.

I would kiss all around her pert nipple first, and then guide the tip of my tongue around it, making her shiver and squirm, then I would give her what she wanted, my lips would part then close down, sucking the little nipple into my warm mouth. While I ever so slowly tease her nipple with my tongue, I would take hold of her other breast and gently give it a squeeze lest it would feel left out as I continued to arouse its twin.

Finally, her hand would glide over my clean-shaven, and now fully exposed, pussy. Her fingers would lightly brush against my slit first, and then she would gently stroke up and down, with each stroke she will push a little harder and part my wet lips a little wider, and then, at long last, I will feel Miss Benita’s finger on my clitoris and…..oh fuck!!!

I snapped back to reality and the beautiful imagery dissolved into the noisy dining room, which seemed much hotter than before. I don’t know how long I had been lost in the fantasy but now I really could feel fingers on my pussy, unfortunately, they were my own.

Somehow, probably while my mouth was full of my teacher’s breasts, I had allowed my hand to slip under the table and into the waistband of my skirt, my sister’s skirt and finally my panties. The first thing to do was obvious, I quickly scanned around the room to see if anyone had noticed what I was doing, Toyin had her head turned away from me and was talking to some guy on the table next to ours.

For a couple of seconds, my head was on a swivel, I must’ve looked like some kind of nervous and horny owl! I was relieved to see nothing that indicated I had been watched and breathed a sigh of relief. Now there were a couple of other things to do.

My hand was still down there and very wet, I slowly withdrew it while trying not to touch the now ultra-sensitive lips of my pussy. I grazed them with my fingernail and nearly squealed out loud; instead, I just closed my thighs together and tensed up until the over-the-top reflex action gave way. My school bag was at my feet and I had a few clothes in there as well as my school books and pencil case.

I’d brought a pair of my normal trousers, some spare panties and a sweater in case something happened and I needed to look respectable in a hurry, it also contained the pair of white knee socks I had tried on that morning. I leant down and unzipped my bag and dried my hand on the sweater. I know it wasn’t very ‘lady like’ but it was the best I could do.

In recent masturbation sessions, I would have actually started tasting myself, again it was something I had seen on the internet where a girl is finger fucked by another girl and then she licks her partner’s fingers afterwards. It seemed a bit ‘icky’ at the time but I was curious so I figured what the hell? It wasn’t the taste that got me more turned on though; it was the thought of where the juice had come from.

Anyway, as I couldn’t exactly lick my hand clean here I did the next best thing and dried it off.

It was while I was leaning down that I noticed my breasts, I’d left a couple of buttons open because of how warm it was but now, after my little ‘episode’ my nipples were straining against the thin shirt and poking through, not only that but at some point during my fantasy I must have touched my breasts or pulled on my shirt because now they were almost spilling out of the top of my shirt! It was a lot more cleavage than I was comfortable showing in public, so I quickly tucked them back into the shirt and buttoned it up to the top while slightly wishing I had worn that bra after all.

Now all I needed to do was remove my wet underwear and put on the spare panties that were in my bag, I couldn’t risk walking to the bathroom like this so it had to be done there and then.

I pulled the sweater out and smartly used the sleeve on my thighs, then, after a quick scan of my surroundings I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and pulled, slightly raising my buttocks off the seat, I did it quickly and wrapped them up in the sweater after I had used the other sleeve to wipe myself. I was doing really well, I put the sweater in my bag and started clawing around inside to retrieve my spares.

That’s when the bell rang and everyone stood up.


“Are you coming Ada?” Toyin asked just as I was about to pull them out.

“Uh, yeah I’m coming,” Despite my predicament, I couldn’t help smiling at the irony of that statement. Now that she was looking at me I couldn’t pull them out and put them on so instead I shoved them back in and zipped up my bag.

I stood up and smoothed my skirt down; I will have to find a moment during the next hour to get changed anyway because after that it would be time for the final reckoning, so to speak.

That opportunity never came because the next class was in an open room with no tables so there was no way I could discreetly pull my replacement panties on. To make matters worse we all sat in a semicircle with me at the end so pretty much everyone could see me.

I could hardly sit still; I felt like everyone knew I was naked beneath my skirt and I constantly smoothed my dress down and tightly crossed my legs. Even though I was terrified that someone might see up my skirt I couldn’t help feeling slightly empowered in a strange way. I felt so sexy!

My knee-length skirt was the regulation length and I wasn’t the only girl wearing one but, somehow, I felt so different. My hair was settled around my face, I had cute lipstick on and my breasts and legs were much more on show than they had ever been before today.

I wanted to explore this feeling a bit more but it would have to wait, it was hard enough trying not to think about Miss Benita in case I phased out and came all over the floor without also thinking about the new thrill of exhibitionism I would have suddenly felt.

So I tried to focus on whatever the fuck the teacher was droning on about and watched the clock tick around until, at last, it got to 1.55 pm and the bell rang. In five minutes I will be sitting down in Miss Benita’s classroom for the last time and, about an hour from now, I would know whether all of this had been worth it.

Again those two little words that had been haunting me for the last few weeks entered my mind.

What If…?

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

As we made our way out of the classroom I told Toyin that I will meet her in the next class because I needed to go to the ladies bathroom. I was stiff with tension but I had come so far, I couldn’t chicken out now. I put on my replacement panties. I had considered leaving them off and flashing my pussy from under the table at her but I decided that it would be too extreme. After all there was a fair chance that this could all come to nothing and I didn’t want her to think I was a slut or something.

No, this had to be subtle, I had most likely given her an eyeful of my panties from time to time during the ‘lesson,’ whether I intended to or not considering the skirt I would be wearing. I pulled on the knee socks until they were about an inch or so over my knees.

The effect will be more profound when I would have swapped skirts because now only a tiny amount of flesh was visible between the top of the socks and the hem of the skirt. I pulled the waistband of my skirt up slightly so a tiny bit of thigh was on show, I did consider just swapping skirts and arriving in the classroom with Titi’s skirt on but, again, I felt that would be too much too soon.

I checked out my reflection in the large bathroom mirror and made some final adjustments, stroked my hair back so it was nice and straight, it reached to about the middle of my shoulder blades when I straightened it like this. I arranged my fringe so it nicely framed my face, then I quickly touched up my lipstick (I had brought a spare, of course) until my lips got to the same colour and moisture as this morning.

There were only 2 minutes left for me to get up to the English class for the final lesson of the day, I looked at myself in the mirror once more.

“This is it,” I told my reflection. I picked up my bag and slung it over my shoulder, took a deep breath, then strode out of the bathroom and made my way to the classroom.

On the way there I had seen one or two people with raised eyebrows as I briskly walked past, it was nice being checked out and I wondered why I had been so conservative with my appearance in the past, again that confidence I had discovered earlier surged through me and lasted right until I got to the door of the room.

The last few people were entering the room and just as I stepped through the door and saw her standing at the front of my class I suddenly became that pathetic little girl with a crush on her teacher.

As I walked towards the specially designated table I had picked earlier I noticed Miss Benita turn her gaze towards me, then away again, then she looked for a second time, I turned to her and weakly smiled.

She looked at me and was clearly surprised, obviously she had seen me this morning in my jacket and skirt but now my jacket was open and fully displaying the cleavage that was hidden earlier, also my skirt had gotten a little bit shorter from when I had pulled up the waistband and, finally, I was now sporting a pair of white knee socks and, in turn, showing off a little bit of thigh.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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