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Last School Day, Seducing Ms. Benita II (18+)

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Last School Day, Seducing Ms. Benita II (18+)

Every step I took on the way to school made me even more nervous, it was quite windy outside and my hair was being blown all over the place, eventually, I smoothed it down and tucked it into my jacket.

The wind served as a constant reminder of why I never liked wearing skirts, the hemline of my sensible pleated skirt was being lifted and blown, it was like God was being pervy and using the wind to see up my skirt.

I rounded the corner at the end of the street and suddenly became short of breath as my school came into view. It began to dawn on me that things were getting real, I was wearing the standard school uniform on top but underneath I was dressed like a whore.

Could I really do this? Was it worth it? I slowed my pace and for the hundredth time that day, I considered forgetting the whole thing.

“Ada? Hey Ada!”

I turned around and saw one of my friends approaching me. There are quite a few routes to get to the school but they all sort of converge on a single street, like many different streams flowing into the same river.

“Wait up!” she called. It was Toyin, we had been friends since the first day of school, we always sat next to each other when we were in the same lessons and we were often scolded by many teachers for messing around and giggling in the back of the class. You could say we were just the stereotypical schoolgirls. I forced a smile as I waited for her; it actually made me feel a little better knowing that I wouldn’t have to walk there on my own. So my mind was finally made up, for now at least, I will just go with the flow and see what happens.

“I wasn’t sure it was you at first,” Toyin said as she drew level with me. “Don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a skirt before.”

“I know, but my normal trousers weren’t ready so I just threw this on,” I lied. I couldn’t tell her the truth of course.

We linked arms and chatted as we walked to school for the last time. I couldn’t have been very good company because my mind was dead set on the day ahead and what might happen. I would see Miss Benita in the morning for registration and again at 2 pm for our final ’round up’ with her. It was meant to be a sort of last-minute advice session or something. Then, at 3 pm, the final bell would go and we will leave for the last time, that’s when I would make my move on her.

We arrived in the classroom just before 9 am and took our seats near the middle of the class, there were 3 rows of 5 tables and, looking forward from the teacher’s big desk, we were on the right-hand side and three tables up, I sat on the outside of the table and Toyin sat on the side closest to the wall.

The reason I had chosen this position was so I will get an unobstructed view of the teacher and, more importantly, from her position she could see above and below the table, this meant she would easily see my legs and my shirt without having to move.

I knew this because a few days ago I had sat in her chair and looked around to see where I would best be able to show off my cleavage and my legs at the same time. I had put a lot of thought into this whole set-up, I just hoped it would be enough.

As I sat down I pulled the hem of my skirt up and stretched my legs out under the table. That’s when the door opened and Miss Benita breezed into the room.

She’s around 5 feet and 11 inches tall although I guess about 3 inches of her height was down to her shoes which had pretty thick soles and heels. She was wearing a beautiful silky blue shirt which showed off a bit of her chest but, of course, it wasn’t showing any of her cleavage.

Her breasts seemed quite small in that shirt but, as I had never seen them in the flesh, I couldn’t be totally sure about that. She also wore a long black skirt with a hemline that danced around her ankles as she walked; at first, I was quite disappointed as I had hoped to see her legs.

She has the most beautiful legs I’ve ever seen, I had once seen her in a short skirt and I almost came in my panties, I watched every move she made that day, every gust of wind or movement that even slightly raised the hemline was like a personal gift from God to me and it had made my pussy weep.

It looked like today she had gone conservative but then as she turned to face the class I saw that the skirt had quite a long slit up the right-hand side, I got a brief flash of her exquisite thigh and my pussy immediately responded, please God let this be the day when everything goes right.

I repeated the sordid prayer several times in my head as I watched her read out the names of each pupil, when it got to my name she turned to me and smiled that epic smile I loved so much.

“Ada Ojefua,” Miss Benita called just as she turned to me with that smile.

“Present,” I responded. As I looked at her I noticed her eyes ever-so-slightly look down, I was certain she had looked at my legs! Just knowing that she had seen me was enough to make my head spin again. Almost immediately after she read the last name on her list the bell went and everyone stood up and made their way out of the room.

I felt the hem of my skirt fall back around my knees as I slowly stood and made my way out, I glanced in her direction and almost drowned my panties. She was sitting with her legs crossed and the slit on the skirt had fallen away to the sides of her legs, so I could see her bare legs right up to the tops of her thighs.

Her head was turned away so I lingered there for a moment, enjoying the sight of her bare skin. It seemed that no one else had noticed because they were all heading straight for the door without a second glance.

Oh how I yearned, ached, to reach out and feel her silky skin, to run my hand over her knee first, then stroke my way up and over her thigh before reaching between her legs and under what remained of her skirt. I never want to move from here, I wanted to stay and look at her, please just let this moment pass a little bit slower. Eventually, she turned towards me; she saw me standing there and smiled at me.

“You look nice today Ada, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a skirt,” she said looking down at the hemline of my skirt.

“Oh, ummm, thank you, Ma,” I replied with a foolish smile. “I guess I just felt like a change today, as it’s the last day.”

“Oh, I see,” she said. “Well, if I had a figure and a pair of legs like you I would want to show them off too.” Time must have frozen; I desperately wanted to tell her how good her legs were and how beautiful she was but the words wouldn’t come.

“You better go,” (no shit) “Or you’ll miss your lesson,” she said. I nodded and smiled at her then I almost ran out the door! Oh my God, she noticed me and she thinks my figure and legs are nice!

With this little confidence boost in the bag, I hurried after Toyin.

“See you all later,” Miss Benita called after us.

‘What if…?’


The rest of the day passed in a sort of blurry dream, I couldn’t focus on anything and I certainly couldn’t confide in anyone. Toyin knew I was into girls but I think she thought it was some kind of teen phase, I knew better.

I still liked guys but the thought of a man putting himself inside me was a real turn off, whenever I saw a porn movie or even when I heard people describing it to me it always seemed to be a little too invasive, most of my fantasies were centred around you-know-who.

At lunchtime I sat in the large dining room with Toyin as usual, it was a pretty big room full of noise, tables and heat from the kitchen. I wasn’t eating anything, the sheer thought of swallowing something made me feel nauseous. It was like I was waiting for a massive examination or a hugely important job interview, all I could think about was how things were going to pan out and how I would even begin to cope.

It was this train of thought that got me thinking about the best-case scenario, what if it all went well? What if, after the bell rang and the classroom was empty, I stood up with my tiny skirt and my newly discovered cleavage and stride towards her. She would open her mouth to speak and that’s when I would strike.

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