June 27, 2022

Last School Day, Seducing Ms. Benita [Finale] (18+)

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Last School Day, Seducing Ms. Benita [Finale] (18+)

That’s when two other teachers stepped into the room, one was an overweight man in his forties wearing a grey suit and the other teacher was a woman in her fifties in very thick glasses, a blue jumper and a pair of red trousers. Essentially, Mr and Mrs ‘ugly-as-fuck’ had interrupted the most sensual moment in my life.

“Oh, Miss Tolani, I’m sorry I had forgotten all about our chat, I was just having a one-on-one discussion with Ada here,” Benita had slipped back into teacher mode quickly.

“I’m sorry Miss Benita; I didn’t mean to take up your time,” I said in the cutest voice I could manage. I turned towards the two intruders, “would you like me to leave?”

“Oh, no honey, that’s ok,” the woman said. “We can leave this until tomorrow, it’s nothing vital.” I suddenly felt very guilty for my original assessment of her. “We’ll see you tomorrow, Benita.”

“Ok, that’s fine,” Benita answered. “Ada and I will finish up here soon anyway but we can do the meeting tomorrow.” As the two people turned around to leave, Benita briefly glanced at me and gave me a little wink; I almost came in my panties!

Benita closed the door behind them and waited for a moment, and then she turned to me and burst out laughing!

“That was close,” said Benita between giggles. “Ada, we can’t do this, not here but…if you like you could come home with me and…”

“Finish what we started?” I asked hopefully. It was a strange moment, we both knew what we were referring to, that we wanted to have sex, but neither of us seemed able to actually say it.

“Yea,” she replied awkwardly. I wondered if it was starting to really sink in for her, that she was going to take home a girl who, only twenty minutes ago, was her legal pupil! It seemed like the more she thought about it, the more she was put off by the idea.

“Are you sure it’s ok?” I asked, dreading the answer.

“Yea…it is, I don’t live too far away, do you want to come with me now? Or do you want to come later; it’s only on Opebi Road (about a 20-minute walk from my house.) It’s up to you because I assume you’ll be expected back at home?” I really wanted to go with her but if I went home first I could get changed and freshen up, then tell my parents I was going to a friend’s house.

“I guess I should go home first but…” I hesitated.

“What is it?” She asked.

“I’m just a little worried that you might…change your mind later,” I admitted.

“Oh, don’t be silly,” she said with a warm smile. I wondered if she had thought the same thing about me. “Get your things together and I’ll drop you off.”

Benita took hold of my hands and pulled me to my feet; we shared a quick kiss then got ready to leave. I took off the mini skirt and put the longer one on then zipped up my bag and got my coat on. Benita grabbed her bag and threw her coat on.

“Let’s go quickly before the other teachers go to their cars,” she said with an urgent tone.

We didn’t say much during the walk through the school on the way to the car park; we walked briskly and didn’t see anyone on the way. We quickly arrived and Benita hurriedly unlocked the car and slid in, unlocking the passenger side door for me once inside. No sooner had I closed the door behind me and locked the seat belt in, we were moving out onto the street. I had already told her where I lived and it was a short car journey.

We didn’t talk about the coming night, or make any plans; much like in the classroom earlier we seemed to avoid saying anything too revealing.

“Drop me off here,” I told her when we pulled onto my street. “I live a little further up but I don’t think my parents should see us, I’m not ashamed of you but I don’t want them ringing up school or anything.”

“That’s good thinking,” she said as she brought the car to a halt. There was no one around so I guessed most people were home by now. “Listen, Ada, you’ve got my number, if you don’t feel comfortable about anything give me a call.”

“Yea…ok,” I said. “If you change your mind or something…”

“Ada, I won’t do that, nothing has to happen. We can just hang out and watch TV or something,” Benita said earnestly. I know that I did want something to happen but, strangely, knowing that there was still an option took a lot of pressure on me.

“Ok, ok then,” I said. “So, I guess I’ll see you later Miss… (‘FUCK’!!)…I mean, Benita.” I couldn’t believe I’d slipped up again but Benita seemed to find it funny.

“Yea, see you then,” she said.

Benita quickly scanned the street and then leaned towards me, still with that wonderful smile on her lips, she reached out to me and cupped my cheek in her hand and guided me towards her. Then, right there in the car, Benita slipped her tongue between my lips and covered my mouth with her own.

We smooched as our tongues danced with each other in my mouth and then in hers, then all too soon she began to slowly withdraw, her lips were on my tongue and as she moved back they dragged along it.

Benita gave me one final peck on the lips and ran her fingers through my hair.

“I’ll see you tonight then…”


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