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January 15, 2021

Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 1] (18+)
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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 1] (18+)


Kunle is a naive teenager who is stuck at home most of the time with his adult maid called Blessing, she is his only influence and confidant. When he begins to discover new things about his body, he has no one to turn to than his horny maid. Read about their adventure and all the trouble they manage to get into.

Written by Armadillo Reezy

Funmi was now feeling uncomfortable, in pains but there was no going back for her and Kunle, they had come this far, and they had both agreed to finally have sex today and be done with it.

She had been looking forward to today as the day she becomes a woman, she knew it would hurt so she had braced herself for it. Kunle, on the other hand, was a novice at this. It was his first attempt to have sex with someone else asides his nanny and his third attempt with Funmi. 

He had chickened out during the first attempt after they made out, he got a few pointers from Blessing, the maid who also doubles as his nanny, he was ready to go all the way on their second attempt.

He had kissed and got her to lie down just like he does with Blessing but when he tried to insert his dick, she was very tight and he just kept pushing it. It felt very painful, and he could see the pain in her eyes, he got up from her, and everyone got dressed. They had both failed at it again. 

Kunle knew Blessing would tease him again, he was not a big boy yet, he could not have sex with any other girl apart from her. He remembered how he had lost his own virginity to Blessing.

His parents were always too busy to mind him, he had an older sister who was in the university, she is rarely ever at home, talk less of having time for her little brother. This always left him at home with Blessing. 

She was a nice Edo girl with huge tits, a well-rounded butt, thin waistline, and a beautiful face to go with it. She was very popular among the boys on the streets for reasons Kunle was ignorant of. 

His family was just never around. His father was a business tycoon who’s always jumping from a country to another sealing deals and sending money home. 

The mother is a party animal that is always moving from one party location to another and barely comes Home, Funke his sister led a life not much of the family knows about, as she rarely comes home from school even during holidays, when she does come home, she is either locked up in her room doing with no one knowing whatever she’s doing or she’s out at her numerous friends’ place. 

Kunle and Blessing always had the house to themselves and they make quite a nice team. Since Kunle’s Family were always absent, he filled the void they left in his life with gadgets and books. 

He had multiple video game consoles installed in his private room and the sitting room, he was never bored, and if the game wasn’t giving him the results he wanted he’d catch a gist or two from Blessing as she always had a story from her days in Benin. 

Kunle was also a very brilliant boy, a nerd, in fact, he was so different from the rest of his folk as his social relations was way, way low. 

Apart from his gaming gadgets and his books, the only other person he is comfortable around is Blessing. This started to take a turn after his 16th birthday, his body had started to go through more changes, it was all weird to him so he made inquiries from his confidant, Blessing. 

He tells her all of his secrets as he was more comfortable with her than his own family, she always has an answer to all of his questions. 

He was shy to ask her why he wakes up with an erection in the mornings but he asked anyway and her answer slightly caught him off guard, she asked if he had a girlfriend already to which he answered no. She told him he’s already getting to that stage and ended their discussion there. 

Since his family was always never around and Kunle was old enough to take care of himself, Blessing had the freedom to disappear at different intervals and return home with no one to question her. 

Kunle never bothered about it until one night when he had a boner again and this time he was going to show it to Blessing to enlighten him on what to do about it. As he got close to the door of her room, he started hearing strange faint sounds, he put his ear to the door for clarity and he heard slushing sounds coupled with moans. 

No mistakes, it was Blessing’s voice that was doing the moaning, his curiosity got the best of him and he peeked through the keyhole only to see a naked guy moving his waist in an odd manner around Blessing’s crotch. 

Blessing grabbed the bedsheets as tight as she shut her eyes while the guy just kept slamming away at her pussy. Kunle’s erection was stronger now from watching his nanny getting fucked by a strange guy. 

She seemed to be in pain, yet she was urging the guy to fuck her harder, Kunle could not comprehend why Blessing would want the guy to hurt her more and he noticed some wetness around the tip area of his dick. He peeked in once again and this time, it was the guy on the bed and Blessing sat on his crotch, moments later she inhaled deeply and started to rise from his crotch then drop back on it. 

She kept going at it slowly for some time, she started to slam herself on him in fast motions. Uhn, Uhn, Uhn, she kept moaning as the guy tugged at her nipples with both hands and after while he pulled her closer and replaced one of his hands on her nipples with his mouth. 

Blessing was sent into overdrive as she started slamming into him harder and her body was shaking. She kept calling unto God, shouting, eh God, ughhh Goodddddd, don’t stop please don’t stop and then a thunderous “Ahhhhhhhh” followed as both lovers stiffened in throes of a nerve-wracking climax. 

Kunle who couldn’t watch his Nanny get hurt anymore burst in and yelled, PLEASE STOP IT! Stop hurting her, please. 

The guy didn’t acknowledge Kunle’s presence as he started to put on his clothing as fast as he could while Blessing was doing her possible best to catch her breath. 

No sooner than the guy left, Blessing caught her breath and gestured that Kunle comes closer to her. 

He was busy checking her out trying to see if she was hurt anywhere, they had spent a lot of time together but this was the first time he was seeing her naked, it was the first time he was seeing a lady naked. 

“Aunty Blessing, are you OK?” he asked after seeing there was no wound anywhere on her body the only thing he didn’t understand was the liquid that was coming out of her pussy. 

“Kunle, I’m fine, thank you for caring for me” Blessing said with a smile. 

“That guy wasn’t hurting me, he was just making me happy and I was giving him something sweeter than all of the games you play”. 

“Something sweeter than my games?” Kunle wondered cause he was sure nothing was sweeter than PES 2020. 

“You doubt me right?” Blessing asked Kunle who nodded affirmatively. 

“OK, let’s do it like this, I’ll give you what I gave to that guy, you will decide whether it’s sweeter than your games or not, if it is not as sweet as your games, I promise to give you all of my allowances for 7days straight, deal or not?” Kunle readily agreed and asked,

“Aunty Blessing, what if it’s sweeter than my games, what will I give you?” Blessing answered, 

“Simple, you’ll just have to give me that something sweet back” It sounded like a fair deal to him and he agreed to it. 

With all that put in place, Blessing pulled Kunle closer, got up and smashed her lips against his, it was his very first time doing it and he tried to back away but Blessing firmly held him in place and kept on kissing him, he soon started to imitate Blessing’s movements and gradually he started to get it. 

Blessing stopped for a while and said; 

“That’s not bad at all, you’re doing great, just play along with me, OK?” Before Kunle could say OK, Blessing spun and pushed him into her and mounted him in a split second then she resumed with the kissing. 

Kunle learned real quick as he also started to probe Blessing’s mouth with his tongue and was gently biting her lips at intervals. 

During the course of their kissing, Blessing started to toy with his nipples as, as she was flicking and tweaking them Kunle was getting more excited and terribly hard but he kept on kissing till Blessing asked him to play with her nipples too. 

He noticed that Blessing’s look changed when he started to play with her nipples, her eyeball was rolled all the way up, 

“She must be feeling what I’m feeling,” Kunle thought to himself and he started to increase pressure on her nipples. 

“Suck it, Baby please” Kunle, wasn’t sure heard her right but the words were confirmed when she lowered her breast into his mouth. 

He instinctively started to suck it with his left hand still playing with the now very hard nipples, Blessing was moaning into his ears so he was quite sure he was doing the right thing since this was the same sound she was making with that strange guy earlier. 

Blessing soon extracted her boobs from his lips and he started to wonder if he had done it wrong. She started to suck on his own nipples too and a moan escaped his lips before he could stop it, this must be what she was feeling too that time, he thought to himself 

She was sucking them real hard moving from right to the left while her fingers played which whichever one she wasn’t sucking at the moment, Kunle was unable to stop the moans now. 

He now understands how she felt when he was sucking her nipples before and he wished she would give him another chance to make corrections. She got up and smiled a Kunle whose heart was not beating very rapidly, 

“Are you enjoying it?” she inquired and shook his head to say yes. She told him to calm down as the next part would be more intense. 

She slid down and smeared her hand with the pre-cum that has pooled out of his dick, she rubbed it on his dick head and he jumped but she pushed him back down and asked him to remain calm. 

Kunle knew it would be hard, but he made up his mind to do as she asked so she won’t get angry and stop this. 

He watched in disbelief as she opened her mouth and swallowed his dick in one swoop, he groaned UGHHH and tried to hold his breath as she sucked retracted her mouth only to swallow him once more 

She then took her lips off his dick that was now buried in her saliva but before he could take a breather, her lips were replaced with her palm as she started to move it up and down very slowly, his head went blank and his eyes rolled up into his eyes, this is heaven, he thought.

The pace at which she was stroking him had now increased and he just couldn’t lie down anymore so he propped himself up on his elbows with uhh sounds escaping his lips at intervals. 

“Kunle, this or PES 2020?” Kunle replied 


Even before he could think. Blessing saw he was getting to his limit already and she also still needed to cum so she quickly lowered her pussy on his dick with no warning. 

She slammed hard on him, Kunle’s heart missed a beat, he had never experienced this before and one, two, three slams in, Kunle couldn’t take anymore as he grabbed her very tight and pushed his hips up releasing his very first cum deep into his nanny’s pussy. 

After emptying himself, he fell back down trying to catch his breath and he started to doze off. Blessing smiled to herself seeing that her little Kunle had now become a big boy, all thanks to her, she hadn’t had that orgasm she wished for yet but she was sure she’d get it soon as she lay on Kunle’s chest.

Written by Armadillo Reezy

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