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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S0303]

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S0303]

She was in uniform showing that she had just returned from school, she soon started to question why Fati was looking moody and she lied about being OK.

Jenrola soon lets Fati know that she has come to give her gossip about what happened in their school that day. Two students were caught having sex in the toilet, Jenrola gleefully narrated the story with bright eyes, Fati, on the other hand, was already lost in thoughts again.

How many times did she and John do it in the toilet or those times that she sat on Mr Folabi office desk with her legs on his shoulder, her hands grabbing the table edges and John dick roaming in and out of her pussy.

The experience was always a thrilling one, she didn’t even wear panties to school and he would rub her inner thighs in class, his fingers would soon make their way to her pussy, teacher in class, classmates around.

Two fingers in her steaming pussy, her eyes rolling about and she doing everything within and out of her power to stop herself from moaning or screaming. The fear of being caught made it all more thrilling.

She enjoyed it, the risk of being caught added some sort of rush to the pleasure she was feeling and she never always wanted him to stop.

“Are you a virgin?”, Fati asked, cutting Jenrola off. She stood there transfixed, shocked, Fati had never asked her that kind of question before. Don’t lie, Fati said, encouraging Jenrola to speak. She smiled sheepishly, threw her hands over her eyes…
“No”, Jenrola said. She tried to explain that It was her boyfriend that did it and they hadn’t done it more than five times but all that was information that Fati did not need.

She just wanted to know if Jenrola had any sexual experience and that information she has now, she needs to show Jenrola that part of her she did not know exist, she most importantly needs to get sexual relief before she goes mad.

Fati stood, unzipped her gown, pulled her hands out, it fell to her ankles and she stepped out of it. Jenrola sat there looking with her mouth wide open, Fati’s body was so sexy, she wanted that kind of body.

Fati sat and threw her legs apart, her pant was so wet, it was so evident and Jenrola could see it, she could smell it in the air. Fati asked if Jenrola had ever had sex with a lady and Jenrola nodded her head to say no. She gestured to Jenrola to come close to her.

Fati turned her around and unzipped her gown, once Jenrola was left with just her brassiere and cotton pant, Fati spread her legs wider making room for Jenrola to sit between them.

Don’t be scared, we will fuck each other now, you will enjoy it, just do anything I ask you to do. Jenrola nodded in agreement, her breathing had started to become shallow from just the whispering Fati did.

When she felt Fati’s tongue licking the edge of her ears, she grabbed onto Fati thighs. It tickled, then Fati’s tongue went into her ear lobe, Jenrola almost jumped, no one ever did that to her before, she never knew she had nerves in there. Fati smiled and asked the girl to relax.

Jenrola kept squirming as Fati switched from earlobe to earlobe, licking her ears clean, sweat gathered in her brows beneath her nostrils, she was so turned on now.

Fati squeezed Jenrola’s petite boobs through her bra, drawing a moan from the girl, she realized the boobs were the weak points for Jenrola and she exploited it.

Continued to squeeze it through her bra even when Jenrola desperately tried to make her touch her skin. When she eventually put her hands inside the bra and grabbed Jenrola’s very firm boobs, the poor girl cried for joy and her pussy cried for pleasure as she wet her pant more.

Her nipples were so hard, Fati teased them using her fingertips to gently scratch on her nipples making Jenrola go crazy. Jenrola thought that was the height of it until she felt something go into her pussy.

Her panty was still on, while she was far gone from the assault on her nipples, Fati had shifted her panty to the side and pushed two fingers up her pussy. She felt so full, Fati could feel Jenrola pussy grabbing her fingers so firmly, the girl is damn tight.

Fati gently finger fucked her, she could not stop moaning now, the sound of her moans were so sweet to Fati’s ears but Fati also wanted to enjoy some pleasure. She lay Jenrola on the floor and discarded their panties.

Without warning, she shoved her face in Jenrola’s pussy and started to eat her wet pussy.

Aunty Fati, I want to eat your pussy, Fati thought she heard wrong and asked Jenrola to repeat what she said. When she did, Fati did not waste time before covering Jenrola’s face with her fat pussy.

Both girls ate each other but Fati made a point to grind her ass into Jenrola’s face from time to time filling her entire face with juice. She was glad Jenrola knew how to properly eat pussy, she enjoyed how her tongue pushed into the depths of her pussy, making Fati scream into Jenrola’s pussy.

Both of them were left with pussy cream on their faces and Fati got off to kiss Jenrola.

The kiss was so hot, Jenrola was such a good kisser. They licked pussy juice off each other’s face as they kissed. When all was done, they both lay on the floor, panting and satisfied, Fati asked if Jenrola enjoyed it and she said yes.

They both giggled and cuddled for a whole before Jenrola left for her place. Fati just lay there with a smile, finally, some action, at least this would keep the wolf at the door and ease her frustrations till she finds a dick here or returns to the city.

When night came, she helped Auntie Muinah prepare dinner and serve the food to her uncle. They all ate in silence and prepared for the night’s sleep.

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