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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S0302]

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S0302]

Fati wanted to cry at this point, she wanted to be fucked to tears, like that, till she goes dry and cannot go on anymore but uncle is not even looking towards her. Her fingers were doing such a sloppy job and it was really hard for her to concentrate or bring herself to a climax.

She was so wet, what Auntie Muinah just said heightened her cravings for uncle, she wanted him more now and she knew she would one way or the other, not caring if Auntie Muinah feelings would be hurt.

Uncle petted his wife till she fell asleep, Fati was amused listening to everything they did amongst each other, lovers sha, she thought as she tried to sleep.

Fati was already dozing off when another sound from the other side of the room woke her again at first she thought they were about to have sex again but she clearly heard a set of feet touch the floor, she knew one of them was definitely awake.

She kept her cool and feigned sleep as quiet, slow footsteps approached her bed. With her eyes shut, she still noticed a palm swipe across her face. All indications pointed to uncle, he was trying to check if she was asleep so he could return to fucking Auntie Muinah. Her thought was so wrong, she knew this when she heard a sharp opening of Uncle’s zipper.

She was terrified and excited at the same time. Terrified that uncle was about to fuck her in a room when his wife, Auntie Muinah, slept barely 15 feet away.

She however was excited that it was happening, she had been trying to formulate a plan on how to have a taste of uncle’s penis but now he was bringing it to her and also, if they got caught, it would be clear that it was uncle that made the move.

Therefore, she would not be blamed. She lay there still, waiting for uncle’s next move. She could not believe it after 3months, a fully hard throbbing dick was on her lips seeking permission to penetrate.

Uncle continued to massage Fati’s lips with his dick and she slightly parted it so his dick could go into her mouth. It tasted a bit salty yet very sweet. That was her Auntie Muinah juice.

She liked how her juice tasted on Uncle’s dick and quietly wished she could get it from the main source. Uncle kept thrusting into her mouth and she made sure her tongue massaged his shaft. He was hitting her throat frantically searching for a release, Fati lay there receiving him in her throat not wanting the moment to end soon, it had been so long that she had been in this mood.

Her jaw ached and she drooled on both sides of her mouth, yet she found pleasure in uncle’s assault of her throat.

When uncle started to grab the back of her head she knew he was close already and it made her sad, she wanted him to fuck her, she wanted him to make her climax, she had a strong feeling that he would leave as soon as he cums.

Fati’s eyes opened with a start, uncle had pushed his dick far up her throat and with a low grunt, he deposited a large load of cum into her lungs.

Fati could not see his face in the dark but she knew he was so gone in pleasure with the way he held onto her head. His flaccid dick fell out of her mouth and was followed by some of his cum that pooled out of the corner of her mouth.

Uncle peered into her face to check if she was awake but Fati had her eyes closed, he sighed out of relief and she closed her mouth. After Fati heard uncle’s body land on the bed, she opened her eyes again to recollect all that had just happened.

Uncle had just fuck her mouth for over 30mins and he thinks she has no knowledge of it? Fati was horny as hell but on the bright side, uncle had just fucked her in the mouth, it should not be too hard for her to get him to fuck her now, she thought in her mind as she licked her lips loving the taste of his dick that had her Auntie juice on it.

The entire family woke up the next day and exchanged pleasantries. Fati started to sweep, her Auntie put her wares together and uncle dressed up for the day’s work.

Everyone left as though nothing happened the night before. Fati was happy, finally, there is a dick for her to fuck and it is not that far from her.

It did not take long for Fati to realize that the dick she thought is close to her is nowhere near close.

Uncle is not the stay home kind of person, if he is not working at the factory, he is on the farm. He comes home only at night to eat and have sex with his wife. He leaves home very early in the mornings too leaving Fati lost on how to seduce him.

How do you seduce someone that is not even available? After that night of fucking fat in the mouth, she stopped putting on her panties to sleep covering herself with only wrapper.

Fati decided on that so that on their next encounter she would lose her wrapper and entice him with her body. Alas, four days after, Uncle just fucks Muinah and goes to sleep with his wife leaving a sex-starved Fati very frustrated.

She listens to the couple fucking each other crazy and she desperately finger fucks herself in frustration. On two different occasions, she broke into quiet sobs. She never thought for once in her life that she would be this sex-starved. She remembers her life in the city.

The first time she was fucked by Mr folabi, the way she grabbed the table, how her big boobs pressed so tight into the table and how he had fucked her from the back. Tony, the ever gentle Tony, likes to make her comfortable and then take her in many ways till he tires out.

He licks her pussy gently, it tickles her and makes her eyes roll, her toes curl and her hands would push his head farther up her pussy urging him to eat all of her cookies.

He always fucks her into submission, pinning her to a spot and making sure she had nowhere to run to while he dealt with her with his long whip of a dick.

Theo, that rough boy almost damaged her young pussy. She might be a sex-maniac but still, she is a young girl, Theo never treated her like a young girl and she loved that. How he takes her on the bench or the bare floor, how he thrusts rough and deep into her, she loves every bit of it.

The way Theo squeezes her big boobs as if he meant to burst them, it was always painful but the pleasure that spreads round her body after is always too heavenly to make her tell him to stop. How many times did they break the bench?

That silly Theo boy, that would drink all sorts of mixtures and pound her pussy till it becomes sore and he continues to fuck her like his life depended on it, only to cum late and sleep off. That type of Theo fuck is what she really needs now. A rough, hard and long fuck she thought to herself as she sobbed herself to sleep.

Life continued the next day, Fati just sat home alone, thinking about when Iya Fati would come and take her back to the city where she is sure to see some serious sex action.

She remembered her English teacher, Mrs Benji. What about Mrs Benji? Her favourite closet hoe. How that woman could switch from the holier than thou English teacher to a Bi-sexual bitch is something that still amazes Fati.

Many nights she had spent with Mrs Benji, she explored every inch of Fati’s body showing her the glory of woman-on-woman sex. Her pussy watered as she remembered their sexcapades. Her train of thoughts halted when her younger friend, Jenrola, busted in without knocking.

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